Hackmon (Adventure tri.)

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For the Hackmon in Digimon Adventure (Game), see here.
Kanji/Kana ハックモン
Master Homeostasis
Voice Actor Japanese Takeuchi Shunsuke (武内 駿輔)
English Aaron LaPlante

Hackmon is a supporting character in Digimon Adventure tri.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Hackmon
Adult Bao Hackmon[1]
Perfect Savior Hackmon[1]
Ultimate JESmon


Hackmon is a servant of Homeostasis and works to further its agenda of maintaining the stability of the Digital World. His main duty is to observe Meicoomon and keep track of her movements. He also replaces Gennai, who is missing, as Homeostasis's messenger to those who can help preserve stability.



Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Hackmon appears periodically through "Reunion" and "Determination" keeping an eye on Meicoomon from the shadows and not interfering in events. He briefly encounters Meicoomon when Alphamon emerges into the Real World in "Reunion", but does nothing to help her and retreats into the Digital World.

In "Confession", Hackmon is searching for Meicoomon after she turned feral and disappeared, but cannot find her. He reports to somebody that he believes she is not in the Digital World and that he will continue his search. After the Reboot occurs, Hackmon - in the form of JESmon - briefly appears in front of the Chosen Children in the reformed Digital World, fighting Alphamon.

In "Loss", Hackmon appears in Nishijima Daigo's office late at night. He tells Nishijima about Yggdrasill's plans to use Meicoomon for its own ends, who Gennai is, and that Himekawa is working with Yggdrasill and is in the Digital World before disappearing.

In "Coexistence", Homeostasis has decided that Meicoomon has become too powerful and must be destroyed, and that the Chosen Children are not up to the task and must no longer interfere with Homeostasis's will. Hackmon appears again before Nishijima and Professor Mochizuku to warn them of this. When the Chosen Children and their Digimon corner Meicrackmon in Tokyo, Hackmon appears - evolved to JESmon - to fight them. However, his appearance unwittingly scares Meicrackmon even more, triggering her evolution into Raguelmon, exactly what Yggdrasill and the Mysterious Man wanted to happen.

JESmon engages in a long battle with Raguelmon, Omegamon, and the other Ultimate-level partner Digimon, attempting to kill Raguelmon and keep the partner Digimon out of the way of this. He takes Raguelmon into a distortion, where Alphamon attacks them and knocks all the partner Digimon except Omegamon out of the fight. JESmon attempts to destroy Raguelmon with Un Pour Tous, but is foiled when Alphamon tackles him and redirects the blast. The two disappear in the aftermath, leaving Raguelmon and the Chosen Children behind to deal with the fissure created by the attack.

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