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Kanji/Kana ウィザーモン
Dub Name Wizardmon
Voice Actor Japanese Ishida Akira (石田 彰)
English Robert Axelrod

Wizarmon is a supporting character in Digimon Adventure, its sequels, and the Digimon Xros Wars manga.


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Owing to their shared past experiences, Wizarmon is fiercely loyal to Tailmon and has dedicated his life to supporting her at any cost, even if she does not realize, care, or even if she distrusts him for it. Tailmon is his sole motivation for aligning himself with Vamdemon, and he does not hesitate to turn on Vamdemon for Tailmon's sake.[1] He is so focused on his mission that he does not especially care whether others believe that his intentions are good, as long as they can all focus their attention on helping Tailmon. Similarly, if he is trying to help, he may ignore the objections or concerns of others, and get on with helping instead of attempting to explain himself first.[2]



Digimon Adventure[edit]

Wizarmon's origin and first meeting with Tailmon are depicted in flashback. He had spent his life unable to make friends and traveled the Digital World alone. His loneliness had given him, in his own words, a "heart of stone". At one point, he had collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration in a desert town, whose inhabitants completely ignored his plight. Tailmon, who had come to this town as well, was the only one who tried to help him; she gave him water, and brought him to an oasis campsite to recover. The two bonded over their loneliness and how it had hardened their hearts, and Tailmon told him about how, for all of her life, she had been waiting and searching for "someone" whose identity she could no longer remember. To Wizarmon, Tailmon represented the end of his life of loneliness, and her actions won his loyalty. He eventually joined Vamdemon's forces as well solely so that he could assist Tailmon. However, Tailmon totally forgot about this encounter and their conversation.[1]

In August 1999, Vamdemon mounts an invasion of the Real World to hunt for the eighth Chosen Child. Wizarmon is part of the forces that he brings with him to Tokyo. Like the others, he receives a duplicate of the Crest of Light from Vamdemon, to use to detect the child. At one time, he poses as a street magician to bring children nearby.[3]

Eventually, one night, Wizarmon follows the reaction of the Crest to find the eight Child's Digivice in a crow's nest, following a misadventure with Miiko some nights previously. He takes the Digivice and decides that he cannot let Vamdemon know about it, so when Pico Devimon appears and tries to speak with him, he disguises his discovery by pretending to be drunk. He suspects that Tailmon is the eighth Child's partner Digimon due to their conversation from when they first met.

Wizarmon tracks Tailmon down to a rooftop from which she is observing Yagami Hikari and shows her his discovery. Although she reacts with hostility, he tries to get her to remember what she once said about searching for someone, and then forces the issue by appearing before Hikari and presenting the Digivice to Hikari and Tailmon. It glows, confirming Hikari and Tailmon's identities as Chosen Child and Partner Digimon.

When Yagami Taichi and Agumon see Hikari with the two Digimon, still believing them to be Vamdemon's minions, they try to stop them. After talking Taichi down, Wizarmon and Tailmon decide that they need to keep Hikari's identity secret for a while longer, and they leave her Digivice with Taichi while they attempt to take the real Crest back from Vamdemon. They find the Crest inside Vamdemon's coffin, and Wizarmon takes it, but Vamdemon predicts that someone would try to steal the real Crest and attacks them for betraying him. Vamdemon uses his Night Raid attack to throw Wizarmon into the waters of Tokyo Bay, and he is believed to have been killed.[1]

Some days later, Kido Jo, Takaishi Takeru, Patamon and Zudomon encounter Wizarmon, clinging to a piece of driftwood, as they swim to Odaiba. He shows them the crest and asks them to take him to Tailmon, then passes out.[4] When he awakens, he explains the situation to them and identifies Hikari and Tailmon as the eighth Chosen Child and partner Digimon, since the two had not been in Odaiba or in contact with the others for any of those events.

Wizarmon, Jo, Takeru and their Digimon arrive at the Fuji TV station and join up with Ishida Yamato, Takenouchi Sora, Izumi Kōshirō, their Digimon, Lilimon, and Ishida Hiroaki, who are about to climb it to come to Hikari and Tailmon's rescue. The others all regard Wizarmon with suspicion as they still think of him as one of Vamdemon's minions but, ignoring them, he notices that Lilimon has been afflicted by Vamdemon's Dead Scream and uses his magic to cure her. Wizarmon accompanies Lilimon and the humans into the station, but since is still weak from his injuries, Hiroaki offers to helps him along.

While Vamdemon is busy fighting the partner Digimon, Wizarmon takes him by surprise with a blast of energy to his back, and throws the Crest of Light to Hikari. Vamdemon retaliates by hitting him with an energy blast that throws him against the wall, taking him out of the fight. Later, at the climax of the fight, when Vamdemon launches a Night Raid attack directly at Hikari and Tailmon, Wizarmon throws himself in front of them and takes the entire attack. As he dies, he tells Hikari and Tailmon that he is glad that it ended this way, as meeting Tailmon gave his life meaning. Hikari's grief at Wizarmon's death activates her Digivice, and Tailmon Super Evolves into Angewomon, who counts his killing of Wizarmon as one of Vamdemon's crimes for which she will punish him.[2]

After the Chosen Children return to the Digital World, following the defeat of Metal Seadramon, Tachikawa Mimi erects a set of memorials for four Digimon who died trying to protect the group, including Wizarmon.[5]

Wizarmon sacrifices himself for Hikari and Tailmon.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Wizarmon's spirit still lingers in the Fuji TV station. Around the third anniversary of Vamdemon's invasion of Tokyo in August 2002, the station is afflicted with strange paranormal phenomena, such as multiple employees (including Ishida Hiroaki) witnessing a ghostly apparition walking the corridors, technical difficulties with television show production, and hearing a voice emanating from the building. All of these are Wizarmon attempting to call for Tailmon.

On August 3, Tailmon and the Chosen Children come to the station and follow the phenomena, and Wizarmon's spirit appears to them. He warns the group that the Digimon Kaiser is not their true enemy, and they do not have the power to fight that true enemy yet. He tells them that "kindness will release the golden light" to turn the Kaiser back into his true self. He then disappears.[6]

Wizarmon's ghost speaks with Tailmon.

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Wizarmon briefly appears to Yagami Hikari in a vision which she has while she and Takaishi Takeru are being attacked by the Mysterious Man's Devimon in the Real World. She sees Wizarmon silently walking away through the darkness, and she follows him to a space of light where, after Wizarmon disappears, she communicates with Tailmon and Meicoomon from inside Ordinemon.[7]


Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Wizarmon works as a scholar who studies the state of the Digital World and the links between it and the Real World. Tailmon acts as his "bodyguard".[8] He has no stable memories of his past.[9]

A few months after the fight with Millenniumon in Rain Zone, Wizarmon and Tailmon travel to Corridor Zone in the hope of speaking with Kudou Taiki. They are present for both Tactimon's siege of the Zone, and Xros Heart's arrival and defeat of Tactimon's forces. After the battle, Wizarmon asks Taiki if he can take them to the Real World, to test his own hypotheses about, among other things, why the Digital World split into Zones. Taiki agrees, as he sees the answer to that question as a potential way to find an end to the war other than fighting.[8]

When Taiki, Hinomoto Akari, Xros Heart, Wizarmon and Tailmon arrive in the Real World, they flee to a rooftop in Odaiba that Tailmon knows to hide from the sight of humans who do not recognize the Digimon. To prevent this from happening again, Wizarmon uses a spell of transformation that Tailmon had previously made him learn to give all of the Digimon human disguises (except the Starmons, who are turned into ducks). He uses the spell on himself as well and takes the appearance of a nerdy man whom he saw on the street, but at Tailmon's insistence, he abandons that disguise and takes on a cooler appearance based on individuals on the street that Tailmon and Akari point out to him.[10]

Taiki and Akari realize that the day is April 3, 20XX, over two months before the day that they had had left for the Digital World, and that they have inadvertently traveled back in time. Wizarmon examines the logs in Taiki's Xros Loader and identifies changes in the flow of time between the worlds at different points, and that there is no evidence that any unusual change in the flow of time occurred in their transfer into the Real World. He and Taiki conclude that when Taiki, Akari, and Tsurugi Zenjirou first entered the Digital World, they had in fact traveled into its past.[11]

When Xros Heart and Blue Flare return to the Digital World, Wizarmon and Tailmon stay behind and are joined by Zenjirou, Amano Kotone, and Sparrowmon. They work to erase all traces of Digimon appearances in the Real World, including memory manipulation and altering footage. While they are in the Real World, Wizarmon also produces three new Xros Loaders using Taiki and Kotone's Xros Loaders as a reference. The five return to the Digital World and rejoin Xros Heart and Blue Flare at the Bagra Pandemonium, shortly after the armies had forced Lilithmon's forces into retreat.[12]

During the next stage of the battle between the Bagra Empire, the Xros Heart/Blue Flare alliance, and Dark Knightmon's forces, Wizarmon and Tailmon lead a small infiltration team (Lilimon, Jijimon, a Monitamon, Sunflowmon, the two Mushmon) into the castle to find any evidence of a connection between Bagramon's plans and "the two-headed dragon". They witness a fight between Bagramon and Dark Knightmon and learn that the two are brothers, and he observes that Dark Knightmon's is becoming mentally unstable due to the strain of all the DigiXrosses that he has undergone.[13] They witness Dark Knightmon fusing with Lilithmon, and learn that Bagramon was the original inventor of the Xros Loader, confirming Wizarmon's suspicions.[14]

When all of Xros Heart stands up to support Shoutmon in his fight with Tactimon, Wizarmon notices that two of his blank Xros Loaders react and gain colors for Akari and Zenjirou as they cause Dorulumon and Ballistamon to evolve.[13]

After Bagramon's castle is destroyed by the shockwave from the formation of Zeed Millenniumon, Wizarmon and his group awaken to witness Zeed Millenniumon looming over the Zone. He concludes that since Zeed Millenniumon was formed via Forced DigiXros, there are vulnerabilities in its fusion that could be exploited. Zeed Millenniumon notices them and attacks them with Time Destroyer. Wizarmon gathers the others in one spot and uses Blink Breeze to send them all clear of the blast, and instructs Tailmon to pass this information onto Taiki. He is initially presumed dead in the Time Destroyer attack, but Jijimon tells Tailmon that, according to legend, Time Destroyer sends those hit by it to somewhere else in space-time, so there is a slim chance of finding Wizarmon. Tailmon admits that she had already spent "hundreds of years" searching for Wizarmon's data once, so she could certainly find him again.[15] After the defeat of Zeed Millenniumon, Tailmon resumes her journey across the worlds to re-gather all of Wizarmon's scattered data, hoping to bring him home to Yagami Hikari.[16]

At some point after, Wizarmon awakens in the super-dimensional space-time void, where Time Destroyer had sent him. He realizes that the third blank Xros Loader that he still carries is protecting him, and that he might be able to use its logs to find a way out. At that moment, a fissure in space-time opens and he witnesses Taiki and Shoutmon in the moment before their first meeting, and he realizes that all along, he had been the mysterious voice that had spoken to Taiki and given him his Xros Loader. In order to fulfill his role and set up the events of Taiki's adventure, he casts a spell to cause Taiki to have the dream about the Digimon army, then uses his magic and the blank Xros Loader together to connect his void with the Real World and give the Xros Loader to Taiki. He sets out to travel through the void and find Tailmon, and as he goes, he reflects on Bagramon's philosophical struggle and on how the adventures of children from many other worlds that he glimpses as he goes consistently bring out the potential of children.[9]

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Digimon Adventure[edit]

Wizarmon first appeared in Episode 43, "Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon", on Vamdemon's Base, snapping Tailmon out of her thoughts by asked her if she was reminscing on old times which annoyed Tailmon who realized he had read her mind. Tailmon then left to search for the eighth Chosen Child.

Wizarmon found himself outside Yagami Taichi and Yagami Hikari's apartment at night in Episode 45, "The Bond of Destiny! Tailmon", as his fake Crest of Light was reacting to the eighth Child's Digivice there. Wizarmon wondered if a crow picked it up and carried it there, but his thoughts were interrupted by Pico Devimon's arrival. Wizarmon tried to pretend he had found nothing, though Pico Devimon didn't believe it, so instead he switched his lie to him being drunk, which worked and Pico Devimon left afterwards, sure that all of Tailmon's friends were good-for-nothings. Wizarmon refused to hand over the Digivice to Vamdemon, but still didn't know where the eighth Child was.

The next night, outside the apartment, Wizarmon showed Tailmon the Digivice he found. He pointed out that the eighth Child wasn't around it, but should be inside Tailmon's heart and she shouldn't be afraid of recovering her memories. Wizarmon then remembered how he had no friends and had always travelled alone before meeting Tailmon, how he thought his life would come to an unsatisfying end before she saved him from his loneliness, and how back then, she had told him that she had always been waiting for someone. Tailmon, however, had no recollection about any of this and angrily asked who she had been waiting for. To answer said question, Wizarmon took her to Hikari, who was still looking for Miiko. Wizarmon introduced himself to Hikari, and she recognized Tailmon. Wizarmon then gave her the Digivice, which reacted to Hikari, proving her as the eighth Chosen Child. Tailmon then assked who was her Partner Digimon, and Wizarmon once again begged her to remember who she was waiting for. Tailmon remembered how, ever since she was Nyaromon, she was waiting for someone who never came, then after she evolved into Plotmon, decided not to wait anymore and left on a journey to search for them instead, but instead she was found by Vamdemon, which started her days of despair which made her forget she was searching for someone. Hikari did not understand what an eighth Chosen Child was, and then Taichi and Agumon arrived. Wizarmon begged them to listen, but Taichi saw them only as dangerous enemies and Agumon shot a Baby Flame at them. Tailmon took the hit for Hikari, but wasn't hurt by it. Taichi was shocked at this, and Wizarmon wondered if she had recovered her memories. Tailmon confirmed she did, how she had been waiting for Hikari, the eighth Chosen Child. Taichi accepted this, but refused to accept Wizarmon as her friend. Wizarmon didn't care, however, and merely asked him to take Hikari's Digivice, as it would be dangerous if Vamdemon found out about Hikari and Tailmon. Taichi accepted the task and asked what Wizarmon would do from there on. Wizarmon knew they needed the real Crest of Light, so Tailmon and he would go and retrieve it. Taichi asked where Vamdemon's base was so they could go as well but Wizarmon refused. Tailmon and Wizarmon then left.

Wizarmon and Tailmon then returned to Vamdemon's base to recover the true Crest of Light. A Bakemon refused them entrance as the base was to be closed until Vamdemon returned. Wizarmon lied, saying they were there to switch out the guard, then brainwashed Bakemon into believing it, who then left. Wizarmon then found the Crest, but Vamdemon was there and not out until dawn as they thought. Vamdemon asked them if they had allied with the Chosen Children and disparaged Tailmon's eyes, as he always felt they were like daggers pointed his way. They then fought, with Vamdemon easily beating the duo. During this fight, Wizarmon joins the player's team but isn't controllable, instead using his Thunder Cloud (damages one enemy), Magic Game (damages one enemy) and Magic Heal (heals one party Digimon and increases their hit rate) attacks on his own. Vamdemon decided to kill Wizarmon first, but Tailmon challenged him instead, and Vamdemon once again fixated on her eyes, which shone with the light of hope that believed in dreams, which allowed Tailmon to get to where she was today, and she'd make those dreams come true and recover her true self by beating Vamdemon, which made him realize she was the eighth Partner Digimon. With this knowledge, he used his Night Raid on Wizarmon, throwing him into a river.

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