Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 01

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"Xrosroad!! The Boys' Paths Cross"
Japanese "Xrosroad!! The Boys' Paths Cross"
Kanji/Kana クロスロード!! 少年達の道は交わる
Romanization "Kurosurōdo!! Shounen-tachi no Michi ha Majiwaru"
Release Date June 21, 2010
"Xros Heart! Our "King"!!"

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The first chapter of Digimon Xros Wars



The chapter starts off with Taiki having a dream about leading a Digimon army with himself as its "General" against one consisting of several Mammon, Rhinomon and Valvemon amongst other Digimon. He then fuses Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon into Shoutmon X4 who effortlessly takes out most of the opposing army.

Oversleeping, Akari wakes him up with a "move" she calls "Akari Strike".

After finishing a soccer match and a basketball match, he is encountered by Tsurugi Zenjirou, a fellow classmate and No. 1 middle school kenshi in Kōtō. He has been trying to track him down in order to have a rematch, having previously been beaten by the amateur-ranked Taiki in a kendo tournament. Taiki suddenly hears a melody from out of nowhere along with Shoutmon crying out and about to die at any moment, overhearing that he wants to become the Digital World's future "King". Taiki starts searching for the source of the voice in order to save him. Chasing after him, Akari and Zenjirou witness a car about to fall on top of Taiki, but he narrowly escapes its path thanks to hearing Shoutmon's warning telling him to "dive ahead". Suddenly, the buildings and surrounding space begin to distort, causing electronic devices to malfunction.

Afterwards, Taiki discovers a light along with a melody, then a mysterious voice says "do you want to save this meldody?" and a Xros Loader appears in front of him. Following further instructions from that voice, and once the melody is absorbed by the Xros Loader, Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou fall into a wormhole-like digital space which emerges on the ground, transporting them to the Digital World. Once there, they land in the middle of the Bagra Army, the same army Taiki saw in his dream.

Just as the Bagra Army are about to attack the group, Shoutmon, stored inside Taiki's Xros Loader, calls out to him saying that from the moment he was stored on his Xros Loader, they were "Soul Brothers" and he then instructs him to shout out "Reload" in order to release him. Once emerged, Shoutmon uses his Rowdy Rocker attack, taking out a significant number of Bagra Army soldiers. Shocked at his strength, a Commandramon orders a group of Tankmon to open fire on Taiki and his friends with the intention of eliminating them, as well as being attacked by several Missimon. However, Ballistamon, Shoutmon's companion, appears and protects them from harm's way. Shoutmon and Ballistamon then use their respective attacks Soul Crusher and Heavy Speaker against the Bagra Army until a Digimon emerges from the shadows.

Identifying himself as Mach Leomon, the Bagra Army's Green Zone Area Army commander,

Xwchpt01 machleomon.jpg

Taiki remembers his dream and how Digimon were able to evolve and at his command, both Shoutmon and Ballistamon fuse into Shoutmon X2. This was the instant that a DigiXros, a form of Unified Evolution special even in the Digital World, occurred. Shocked by this, Mach Leomon mentions that the power of this evolution is said to be solely feared by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Bagramon. Zenjirou thinks that the new fusion is cool much to Akari's disagreement. Taiki realises this is different from what he saw in his dream and wonders what could be missing. Unimpressed by the so-called legendary DigiXros, Mach Leomon attacks Shoutmon X2 with Sonic Thrust, but after grabbing his tail and taking him on further, Shoutmon x2 defeats Mach Leomon with its Body Blaster attack as he utters the name "Bagramon".

Witnessing this, a group of Monitamon report back to a mysterious girl named Nene about someone using DigiXros in a remote region and then she ponders on Taiki's red Xros Loader. Directly above her, Kiriha, accompanied by Greymon and Mail Birdramon, also witnesses this and is suprised that someone else besides him possesses a Xros Loader.