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For the virtual pets based on this item, see Digimon Xros Loader Toy (Bandai Japan) or Digimon Fusion Loader Toy (Bandai Asia).

Digimon Xros Loader
Digimon Xros Loader
Kanji/Kana デジモンクロスローダー
Dub Name Fusion Loader

The Digimon Xros Loader (デジモンクロスローダー Dejimon Kurosurōdā; Dub: Fusion Loader), commonly just referred to as the Xros Loader, is a model of Digivice that is used by Generals and Digimon Hunters in the Digimon Xros Wars anime and manga.



The Xros Loader is a large, bulky, and elongated model of Digivice with metallic detailing. Like an early-model iPod and some other MP3 player brands, it is controlled by a mechanical wheel with a central button. Along its top is a cover that pops open when performing a DigiXros or evolution to reveal a golden V sigil. There are connectors mounted to its top that can be plugged into the connectors on another Xros Loader to peform a Double Xros, and it has a slot for external memory media on its lower left side that accepts Code Crown and DigiMemory cards.

Some Xros Loader users, like Kudou Taiki, store their Xros Loaders in special carry cases mounted on their belts when not in use.[1]

When Xros Loaders are new and do not have an owner yet, they are a blank white color. When a human adopts one, it changes color to match them, with the color sometimes being said to reflect qualities of theirs (for example, the yellow color of Amano Yuu's second Xros Loader is said to represent his determination,[2] while the deep crimson color of Akashi Tagiru's is said to reflect the fierceness of his coming fights[3]). In the first two seasons, the color change happens when the human speaks their name into the Xros Loader as prompted to by the Digimon who is giving it to them,[1] but in Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time, it automatically happens when they touch the Xros Loader.[3]

A blank Xros Loader, turning red to accept Kudou Taiki as its owner.
Kudou Taiki's Xros Loader in its carry case.
Kudou Taiki operating his Xros Loader's wheel control.


  • Performing DigiXrosses to temporarily combine multiple Digimon together[1]
    • Undoing a DigiXros through the Xros Open command[4]
      • Forcefully undoing a DigiXros with the Forced Xros Open command; requires three other Xros Loader users, and is performed by connecting all of the participants' Xros Loaders[5]
    • In DigiQuartz, only two Digimon can be DigiXrossed at a time due to Quartzmon's influence[6]
    • Performing special types of DigiXros:
      • Performing a Double Xros with one other Xros Loader user with whom the user has a bond, by plugging the two Xros Loaders into each other. This allows Super Evolved Digimon to be DigiXrossed with each other[7]
        • In DigiQuartz, this allows Hunters to DigiXros up to four Digimon at once[8]
      • Performing a Grand Xros with one other Xros Loader user whom the user has a bond, after a Double Xros has been performed[9]
      • Performing a Great Xros with two or more other Xros Loader users with whom the user has a bond[10]
        • In DigiQuartz, this allows Hunters to DigiXros up to eight Digimon at once with four Hunters participating[11]
      • Performing an Evolution Xros with four other Xros Loader users with whom the user has a bond, when all five of their Partner Digimon have undergone Super Evolution[12]
      • Performing a Final Xros with nearly every Digimon in existence, using the power of the completed Code Crown[2]
  • Channeling emotional energy to temporarily:
    • Super Evolve a Digimon into the form that they will have in the future[13]
    • Mode Change a Super Evolved Digimon into its "Superior Mode"[14]
  • Storing an indefinite number of Digimon inside for ease of travel[1]
    • Calling stored or Captured Digimon out with the Reload (リロード Rirōdo) command[1][6]
      • In DigiQuartz, only one Digimon can be Reloaded at a time due to Quartzmon's influence[6]
    • Automatically healing the wounds of any Digimon stored inside[1]
      • The more Digimon are stored in the Xros Loader, the slower the healing process is (only confirmed in the manga)[15]
    • Digimon who are stored inside a Xros Loader can speak through it to communicate with others outside it[1]
    • Being stored inside a Xros Loader protects Digimon from the harm caused by traveling the Digital Space between Zones[16][17]
    • Hosting Wisemon's laboratory within[17]
  • Using the Zone Transfer (ゾーン移動 Zōn idō) command, together with a Code Crown inserted into the Xros Loader, to open a gate between Zones[16].
    • Moving between the Real and Digital Worlds through the use of the Corridor Zone and Factory Zone Code Crowns[18]
    • Keeping logs of previous inter-Zone or inter-dimensional travel, which can be used to chart courses back to previously visited loctions[19]
      • Reading travel logs from the bodies of Digimon[19]
    • After the Zones are converted into Lands, the Gate Open command is used instead and no Code Crown is needed, instead, the Death General of the Land needs to be defeated first[20][21]
  • Using a DigiMemory inserted into the Xros Loader to temporarily summon a legendary Digimon[22]
  • Entering the consciousness of another General through connecting a Xros Loader with another or with a Darkness Loader[23]
  • Using the Time Shift (タイムシフト Taimushifuto) command to open a gate to travel between timestreams, i.e transfer between the Real World and DigiQuartz[3]
  • Projecting a viewscreen to track Digimon in the Real World, or in DigiQuartz when in an equivalent area of the Real World[3]
  • Capturing (捕獲 Hokaku) Digimon and adding them to the Xros Loader's storage[3]
    • Captured Digimon are immune to DigiQuartz's berserk effect[3]
    • Projecting images of Digimon who are currently in a Hunter's collection inside the Xros Loader[24]
  • Transferring Digimon to and from the Xros Loader between DigiQuartz and the Digital World (enabled by a machine developed by by Wisemon)[6]
  • Reacting to the presence of another Xros Loader or Darkness Loader, and using this reaction to track the other Loader's location[25]
Shoutmon inside Kudou Taiki's Xros Loader, healing his critical injuries.
Kudou Taiki projecting a screen from his Xros Loader to track Metal Tyranomon between timestreams.
Tobari Ren projecting images of his hunted Digimon collection from his Xros Loader.


Digimon Xros Wars anime[edit]

Owner Color Episode Notes
Kudou Taiki Red "Taiki, Go to Another World!"
Aonuma Kiriha Blue "Bagra Brothers! The Bonds of Darkness"
Amano Yuu/
Amano Nene
Black, later
Light violet
"Taiki's Determination! Surpass the Strongest Apollomon!" Originally meant for Yuu. Adopted by Nene when she becomes Yuu's replacement.
Changes color to Nene's lavender in "Leftover Monitamons, Hang in There!"
Amano Yuu Yellow "Glorious DigiXros, Seize It! Our Future!!" Transformed from the original Darkness Loader.
Old Clock Shop Man Black body
Gold highlights
"Us, the Digimon Hunters!"
Mogami Ryouma Green "Us, the Digimon Hunters!"
Suzaki Airu Pink "Us, the Digimon Hunters!"
Tobari Ren Gray "Us, the Digimon Hunters!"
Akashi Tagiru Crimson "Us, the Digimon Hunters!"
Mashimo Hideaki Purple "The Digimon Hunt is Thriving! The Virtuoso Hunter of the Shopping District!!"
Funabashi Kiichi Light blue "A World Trip Only For Kids! The Digimon Train of Dreams"
Mizuki Dark blue "Great Undersea Adventure! Find the Treasure of Dreams Digimon!"
Noboru Brown "The Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!"
Hinomoto Akari Orange "The Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!"
Tsurugi Zenjirou Pale blue "The Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-star Showdown!!"

Digimon Xros Wars manga[edit]

Owner Color Episode Notes
Kudou Taiki Red "Xrosroad!! The Boys' Paths Cross"
Aonuma Kiriha Blue "Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beauty Nene!!"
Amano Nene Black (original)
Unidentified (final form)
"Xros Sweets!! The Girls' Sweet Trap!!?" Transformed into a Darkness Loader in "Xros Revolution!! The Guide to Miracles!!" .
Transformed back into a Xros Loader, with a new color scheme, in "Xros Miracle!! Reel in a Sliver of Hope!".
Amano Kotone Unidentified "Xros World!! The Secret of the Two Worlds!?"
Hinomoto Akari Pink "Xros Warrior!! The Released Demon!!"
Tsurugi Zenjirou Green "Xros Warrior!! The Released Demon!!"



Digimon Xros Wars & The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

Omegamon presents Kudou Taiki with his Xros Loader.

The Xros Loader is an invention of Dark Knightmon's, who developed it following his rediscovery of the DigiXros ability as part of his efforts to rival and, eventually, surpass his brother, Bagramon, by DigiXrossing with him.[26][27] Seeking out humans strong enough to use DigiXros as a power to their benefit, he and Bagramon distributed the first two Xros Loaders to Amano Yuu (Dark Knightmon's choice),[28] and Aonuma Kiriha (Bagramon's choice).[29] Yuu is never actually given the chance to use his Xros Loader, as Dark Knightmon's plan is for him to use the Darkness Loader instead. Instead, Dark Knightmon gives it to his sister, Amano Nene, and manipulates her into assisting him so that she can find Yuu (unknowingly held by Dark Knightmon as a hostage), with the plan of abandoning her once the Darkness Loader is ready to use.[30]

A third Xros Loader comes into the possession of Omegamon, who chooses Kudou Taiki as its user.[26] When Taiki finds Shoutmon severely wounded in the Real World, Omegamon presents the Xros Loader to Taiki, to use to save Shoutmon's life, and takes him and his friends, Hinomoto Akari and Tsurugi Zenjirou, into the Digital World.[2]

When Xros Heart enters Dust Zone, a Gerbemon steals Taiki's Xros Loader, and Pinochimon steals it from the Gerbemon on the orders of Grand Locomon as part of a plan to use it to open a gate to escape Dust Zone. After Grand Locomon betrays and abandons him, and the inhabitants of Dust Zone team up to save him from Grand Locomon, Pinochimon has a change of heart, frees the Xros Loader from Grand Locomon's mechanism, and returns it to Taiki.[31]

Eventually, Dark Knightmon's plan is fulfilled when Kiriha touches the Darkness Loader, readying it for use. He then abandons Nene, and Yuu's old Xros Loader.[30] In the aftermath of this, Nene is temporarily unable to use the Xros Loader due to exhaustion.[17] Once she recovers and joins Xros Heart, the Xros Loader changes color from the original black color that Yuu had given it, to her own color, lavender.[32]

After his Book is destroyed by Arkadimon, Wisemon sets up a new laboratory inside Taiki's Xros Loader, which he uses to perform research that assists Xros Heart in figuring out obstacles and technology that it faces.[17]

When Taiki, Zenjirou, and Akari return to the real world and fight Tactimon, Akari and Zenjirou's courage and friendship grant a new power to Taiki's Xros Loader that enables Shoutmon to Super Evolve. Kiriha's Xros Loader also receives this power later when Dracomon cheers for Metal Greymon in the fight against Dorbickmon.[20]

In preparation for the final battle with Bagramon and his forces in the Real World, Taiki recruits Yuu and inspires him to make amends for what he had done as Dark Knightmon's pawn. In response to this, the Darkness Loader (which Dark Knightmon had abandoned when his loss of Yuu rendered it useless) transforms into a fourth, yellow Xros Loader of his own, signifying Yuu's determination. At the climax of the battle, when the completed Code Crown turns against Bagramon and chooses Taiki as its user, it enters his Xros Loader and unlocks the ability to perform a Final Xros.[2]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Akashi Tagiru accepts his Xros Loader from the Old Clock Shop Man.

In order to stop Quartzmon from stealing the data of Digimon that it abducts into DigiQuartz,[11] the Old Clock Shop Man (actually the reincarnation of Bagramon) recruits children to become Digimon Hunters and distributes Xros Loaders to them. When he finds Akashi Tagiru in DigiQuartz, he takes him back to his clock shop in the Real World, and recruits him and gives him a Xros Loader as well. He is intrigued by the crimson color that Tagiru's Xros Loader takes on, interpreting it as an omen of fierce hunts to come.[3]

The only new owner of a Xros Loader who is not an active Digimon Hunter is Funabashi Kiichi. He had still received his Xros Loader from the Old Clock Shop Man after his first meeting with his partner, Locomon, but he had not been inducted into the Digimon Hunt, and is content to just give other children rides on Locomon.[33]

When Mizuki first sees Dagomon in the oceans of the Real World, the Old Clock Shop Man appears in front of her, fishing on a rock in the middle of the ocean, to recruit her to be a Hunter and give her a Xros Loader.[34]

In the final battle with Quartzmon's forces, the Old Clock Shop Man gives Xros Loaders to Hinomoto Akari and Tsurugi Zenjirou so that they can use members of Xros Heart to help in the fight.[11]


Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)[edit]

The Xros Loader is an invention of Bagramon's. His motivation for developing them was to get the measure of the hope and despair that humanity feels, and therefore their potential. The Xros Loaders that he released into the Real World were programmed to seek out children who demonstrated evidence of a potential Xros Code and bring them into the Digital World. This resulted in Aonuma Kiriha and the Amano sisters, Nene and Kotone, being brought into the Digital World.[19][25] Common Digimon are aware of the existence of Xros Loaders and consider them to be "legendary" items.[35]

On June 21st 20XX, when Kudou Taiki finds Shoutmon severely wounded in the Real World, a mysterious voice presents the Xros Loader to Taiki, to use to save Shoutmon's life, and takes him and his friends, Hinomoto Akari and Tsurugi Zenjirou, into the Digital World.[36] When Nene examines Taiki's Xros Loader, she sees the color as representing fierce, refreshing boldness, overflowing with fire.[37]

During the fight in Snow Zone, Zenjirou uses the Chibick Sword to knock Kiriha's Xros Loader out of his hands, as part of Taiki's strategy to prevent Kiriha from DigiXrossing so that he could gain the advantage.[15]

Dark Knightmon's original plan is to create a Darkness Loader by transforming a Xros Loader, which he expects to achieve by having Shademon consume the Xros Code of three Generals.[19] Instead, Nene's Xros Loader transforms into a Darkness Loader when she initiates a Forced DigiXros of herself with Shademon.[38]

Within a few months after Nene fuses with Shademon, Kotone acquires a Xros Loader of her own.[18]

During his time in the Real World, Wizarmon manufactures three new Xros Loaders based on Taiki and Kotone's.[39] Two of them react to Hinomoto Akari and Tsurugi Zenjirou's support for Taiki and Shoutmon in the fight with Tactimon, and change color to become theirs.[40]

Taiki, Kiriha and Kotone enter Zeed Millenniumon's core in an attempt to save Nene, and use their Xros Loaders to track the location of her Darkness Loader.[25] While Taiki distracts Bagramon, Kiriha and Kotone use their Xros Loaders on Nene's Darkness Loader to try and commune with her soul. When they restore Nene's sense of hope and cause Shademon to transform into Luminamon, Nene's Darkness Loader also transforms back into a Xros Loader, with a different color to her original black. The four of them use their Xros Loaders together to perform a Forced Xros Open that splits Zeed Millenniumon back into all of its constituent Digimon.[5]

Wizarmon holds onto the third Xros Loader until after he is hit by Zeed Millenniumon's Time Destroyer and sent to the super-dimensional space-time void. Having the Xros Loader with him keeps his data stable and protects him from being destroyed by the noise data in the void. He considers examining its logs to find a way back, but when a fissure in spacetime appears nearby and shows him Shoutmon and Taiki close to the day that they met, he realizes that all along, he had been the mysterious voice that had given Taiki his Xros Loader, and that the third Xros Loader he possesses was always meant for Taiki. Using his magic and the Xros Loader's abilities, he opens a connection between the void and the Real World, casts the Xros Loader into the Real World to appear in front of Taiki, and instructs him on how to use it to save Shoutmon.[41]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Xros Arena[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Digimon Fusion Fighters[edit]

Digimon New Century[edit]

A Xros Loader, alongside a Digivice, D-3, D-Ark, D-Scanner, and Digivice Burst (incorrectly stated to be the Digivice iC), is displayed on a desk in the real world.

Virtual Pets[edit]

Digimon Xros Loader Toy[edit]

The Xros Loader is the basis for the Digimon Xros Loader line of LCD quest toys, produced for the Japanese market. Until the release of the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster, it was the most sophisticated Digimon LCD device, featuring a large color screen, support for new content via Digimon Code Crown SD cards, compatibility with Digimon X Arena arcade machines, and MP3 player functionality.

Digimon Fusion Loader Toy[edit]

The Xros Loader is the basis for the Digimon Fusion Loader line that was produced for Asian markets. This line is totally different from its Japanese counterpart, with simpler technology, no external support, and card-based gameplay.


Hyper Colosseum

Super Digica Taisen[edit]

Digimon Xros Arena[edit]

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Digimon Xros Wars
(control art)
Taiki's Xros Loader Kiriha's Xros Loader Nene's & Yuu's Original Xros Loader
Digimon xros loader nene new.png Digimon xros loader yuu new.png Digimon xros loader akari anime.png Digimon xros loader akari manga.png
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Airu's Xros Loader Ren's Xros Loader Hideaki's Xros Loader Kiichi's Xros Loader
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Mizuki's Xros Loader Noboru's Xros Loader Old Clock Shop Man's Xros Loader Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)
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Digimon Xros Wars
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Digimon Xros Wars
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Digimon Xros Wars
Digimon Xros Wars

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