Digimon Xros Wars - Chapter 04

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"Xros Rival!! The Blue Hound Kiriha!!"
Japanese "Xros Rival!! The Blue Hound Kiriha!!"
Kanji/Kana クロスライバル!!蒼き凶犬キリハ!!
Romanization "Kurosu Raibaru!! Aoki Kyouken Kiriha!!"
Release Date September 21, 2010
"Xros Pride!! The Pride of a Warrior!!"

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"Xros Girls!! The Mysterious Beautiful Girl, Nene!!"

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The fourth chapter of Digimon Xros Wars



Kiriha Reloads Greymon, and he immediately attacks Tactimon. Tactimon deflects his Horn Strike and flinging him backwards. Much to everyone's surprise, Greymon bursts into laughter, throwing his head up and spraying blood into the air. As he speaks to Kiriha, it becomes evident that he is delighted to find a worthy opponent. He starts to charge back into the fight, but Cutemon tries to stop him, saying that his heavy bleeding is putting his life in danger. Greymon looks to Kiriha in confusion, and Kiriha dismissively says that the weak's way of survival has nothing to do with them. He DigiXroses Mail Birdramon with Greymon, creating Metal Greymon. When Metal Greymon attacks, Tactimon notes the casualties among his army and decides to retreat, though he is unharmed.

Kiriha tells Xros Heart that he heard they were in the Snow Zone from Nene, and then demands Taiki become his subordinate. Taiki flatly refuses, despite Kiriha's promises that he will grow and become stronger with training. Kiriha decides to eliminate all of Taiki's Digimon in order to convince him he will lose everything if he doesn't train with Kiriha.

Taiki orders a retreat, rationalizing that his Digimon are injured, and he doesn't want to fight Kiriha like this anyway. Ballistamon uses his Arm Bunker attack to fill the air with a snow cloud, and when it dissipates, Xros Heart has vanished. Kiriha says Taiki must have used a very fast Digimon to escape, and leaves the area.

As soon as he's gone, Taiki, Akari, and Zenjirou burst out of the snow. The Mushcoats they were wearing allowed them to hide under the snow, and the Digimon returned to Taiki's Xros Loader. They set up camp in a cave, and Cutemon starts using his Kizunaol to heal the injured Digimon. Dorulumon begins to leave, and Akari says his wounds need healing immediately. Dorulumon says he only wanted a ride to the next zone, and he wonders aloud if Cutemon will even be willing to heal him, after finding out Dorulumon could have been the one who destroyed his village. Cutemon bursts into tears and runs away farther into the cave. Dorulumon charges Xros Heart with Cutemon's safety, and then walks out into the snow.

Taiki tries to rush after him, but trips on a mostly buried Ochi Musyamon. They realize that Ochi Mushyamon deserted from the Bagura Army. He tells them that he knew Dorulumon in the army, and that Dorulumon deserted because he was ordered to leave his troops to die, so that the Bagura Army could win. He disobeyed his orders, and told his squad to get to safety. After hearing this, Cutemon runs towards the exit to find Dorulumon and apologize, but the way is blocked by Mail Birdramon, who notes that they really shouldn't talk so loud in a place where the only natural sound is falling snow.

Taiki tells Akari to go with Cutemon and bring Dorulumon back while they hold their ground against Kiriha's team.