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Tsurugi Zenjirou
Tsurugi Zenjirou
Kanji/Kana 剣ゼンジロウ
Dub Name Jeremy Tsurgi
Age 12[1]
School Shinonome-Chūō Junior High School (東雲東中学校)[1]
Partner Digimon Ballistamon (manga and Boy Hunters only)
Army Xros Heart
Digivice Light Blue Xros Loader
Voice Actor Japanese Kishio Daisuke (岸尾 だいすけ)
English Derek Stephen Prince

Tsurugi Zenjirou is a protagonist in Digimon Xros Wars.


Taiki's classmate who calls himself his "eternal rival". He practices kendo and is said to be the strongest middle school kenshi in Kōtō. After being defeated by the amateur Taiki during a certain kendo tournament, he has been following him around in order to set the score straight. His parents are businesspeople in the field of machinery and because of that, he has the unique talent of being very knowledgeable about machines, and so he also does things such as repairing Ballistamon.



Digimon Xros Wars & The Evil Death General and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

After recovering from playing in a basketball match, Zenjirou appproaches Taiki who doesn’t seem to recognize him much to Zenjirou’s annoyance. He has been trying to track Taiki down ever since he was beaten by him, an amateur at the time, during a certain kendo tournament in order to set the score straight. As Akari and Zenjirou get into an argument, Taiki hears a melody along with a mysterious voice a starts searching for the source of the voice.

Zenjirou, along with Taiki and Akari, witness a strange phenomenon in which a car crashed into a multi-storey building. Just as the car is about to fall, Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou jumped out of the way, narrowly escaping the car from falling on them. When Taiki receives his Xros Loader, Zenjirou abd Akari both try to prevent him from touching it until they are eventually hurled into a cyber tunnel-like space, transporting them to the Digital World.

Tactimon unleashes a Drimogemon that triggers gigantic bamboo shoots to emerge from under the Village of Smiles, causing Zenjirou to be stranded at the top of one of them. After Digixrossing Starmons into a modified version of the Star Sword, Taiki uses his Wrister to instruct Zenjirou to throw it into the light in order to defeat the Digimon beneath the ground to get rid of the bamboo shoots. He proceeds to do so, using a move named "Kōtō Slash" 「江東スラッシュ」, eliminating Drimogumon and restoring the village.

After Taiki obtains a fragment of Green Zone's Code Crown, Nene appears before the group, explaining to them what a Code Crown is, and Zenjirou is instantly captivated by her beauty. When Xros Heart assaults the Mantaraymon fleet, he wields the Star Sword again, this time using a move called "Kōtō-kiri" 「江東斬り」 against a group of Hangyomon.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]


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