Beelzebumon (Xros Wars)

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Kanji/Kana ベルゼブモン
Dub Name Reapmon
Army Bagra Army (Baalmon)
Xros Heart
Voice Actor Japanese Kishio Daisuke (岸尾 だいすけ)
English Matthew Mercer

Beelzebumon is the reincarnation of Baalmon, who was previously a member of the Bagra Army.


Base Baalmon
Evolution Beelzebumon
Digi Xros Shoutmon X4B
Any configuration of Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Starmons + Beelzebumon
Digi Xros Shoutmon X5B
Any configuration of Shoutmon + Ballistamon + Dorulumon + Starmons + Sparrowmon + Beelzebumon
Digi Xros Beelzebumon + Starmons
Beelzebumon + Starmons
Digi Xros Beelzebumon + Revolmon
Beelzebumon + Revolmon
Digi Xros Xros Up Mervamon (Beelzebumon)
Mervamon + Beelzebumon


Baalmon was a member of the Bagra Army. He was often referred to by his nickname, "Reaper" and appeared to act as an assassin. Neither he trusted the Three Generals nor did they trust him.

The Goddess' Warriors[edit]

XW13 young baalmon.jpg
Baalmon killing several Karatenmon

Baalmon grew up among The Goddess' Warriors, an order that lived in and governed the former capital of Sand Zone, Sandoria. He trained under their leader, Angemon, to become a Warrior himself. However, no matter how hard he tried he was still not acknowledged by the Goddess and thus was never chosen. When the Bagra Army invaded Sand Zone, an unknown Digimon put a spell upon the Warriors, controlling them and causing them to view anyone around them as an enemy. They descended upon Baalmon. In an act of self-defense, he killed every one of them, including Angemon. ("Taiki, The Goddess' Warrior!")

Bagra Empire[edit]

XW03 baalmon.jpg
XW08 baalmon.jpg

Baalmon joined the Bagra Army as an assassin, but his true goal was to find the Digimon responsible for the mind control spell put on the Warriors and to avenge them. When he intruded one of the Three General's meetings with Bagramon, he was attacked by Blastmon, but he was quick enough to dodge his blast. ("Rival Kiriha, Appear!")

As Tactimon advanced to Magma Zone so that he could execute Dorulumon, Baalmon appeared warning him to watch his back. ("Fierce General Tactimon, Close In!")

XW10 baalmon.jpg
XW11 baalmon.jpg

Later, Baalmon reappeared at the Bagra Army headquarters to inquire the other Generals of Lilithmon’s whereabouts. Although Tactimon refused to give away such details, Blastmon revealed her location to him. Upon finding Lilithmon, he flattered her in asking for his assistance. As Ice Devimon and his army of Icemon attacked Bastia Castle, Baalmon found Xros Heart and attempted to assassinate Taiki, who he and Lilithmon referred to as the “Boy with the Xros Loader”, only to be attacked by Kiriha’s Metal Greymon. ("Taiki, Become a Knight!") After returning back to Lilithmon's base, Baalmon began spying on her to investigate the power behind her magical ice mirror. ("Xros Heart, Burn!")

After Taiki obtained Sand Zone's Code Crown, Baalmon shot his Xros Loader out of his hand just as he was about to attack Blastmon. Several shots managed to cause the nearby cliff wall to collapse, revealing the Goddess Statue. In astonishment, Baalmon ceased firing at Taiki and kicked his Xros Loader back to him. Taiki grabbed it and immediately Digi Xrosed Shoutmon and the others into Shoutmon X4 to fight him. During the skirmish, Zenjirou noted that Baalmon’s attacks were less like his reputation as a Reaper and more like that of a majestic warrior.

XW13 baalmon.jpg
XW13 baalmon 2.jpg

Meanwhile, as Blastmon was being attacked by Kiriha and Nene, he created a fissure in the ground by using his Diamond Tail and the accompanying shock waves formed a crevasse near where Taiki was, causing him and Baalmon to fall into it. As Baalmon approached Taiki after seeing him receive in the Warrior’s Light, Baalmon questioned as to whether he was the new chosen Warrior so he decided to help Taiki return back to his friends. He lead Taiki down the underground ruins of Sandoria, during then he quickly sniped several Kodokugumon that resided there before they managed to ambush Taiki. He informed Taiki of his past, in particular his burden of the tragic event which lead to the fall of the Goddess’ Warriors. Upon reaching a dead-end, he attempted to blast through the rubble using his shotgun but Taiki intervened by using the Guilmon DigiMemory as an alternative method of passage.

XW13 baalmon 3.jpg
XW13 baalmon 4.jpg

Once they had reached the surface, Baalmon and Taiki were attacked by Shoutmon and the others who had a mysterious mark on their foreheads, the same mark that appeared on the members of the Goddess's Warriors on the day that Baalmon killed them. Recognizing the mark from before, he used his Dǎshénbiān to smite them, taking the opportunity to reunite Taiki with Akari and Zenjirou. Baalmon then tried to kill Shoutmon and the others while they were still under control but Taiki stopped him, telling him that he would never attack his friends. As Lilithmon arose from the sand atop a Scorpiomon, assisted by Ebemon, she explained to Baalmon that its spell can cause others to attack each another. Realizing that Ebemon was responsible for the Goddess's Warriors' collapse and that the Bagra Empire was the source of it, he shot at Ebemon, freeing Xros Heart from its control. However, he was injured by Lilithmon when she used her poisonous nails to stab him in the chest, causing him to collapse. ("Taiki, The Goddess' Warrior!")

Sacrifice and Reincarnation[edit]

XW14 baalmon.jpg
XW14 red book of appin.jpg

As Taiki made a desperate bid to help Baalmon, despite being restrained by Zenjirou, Pharaohmon's spirit appeared, telling him to release Sand Zone's Code Crown so that he could borrow its power. Taiki shouted out "Code Crown, Release" which invoked the formation of the Pyramid of Revival where Baalmon lay unconscious at its apex. Pharaohmon also instructed Taiki to download the Goddess' power onto his Xros Loader if he were to have a chance of saving Baalmon. When he began the download, the Goddess appeared and initiated a system start, unbinding Baalmon's Red Book of Appin from its chains, unlocking it and writing onto it.

XW14 baalmon 2.jpg
XW14 baalmon 3.jpg

After Baalmon regained consciousness, he told Taiki to go so that he doesn't lose his friends, terminating the download and causing the Red Book of Appin to fall along with the Goddess' mask. At that point he truely realized that becoming a warrior isn't just about wanting power, but using it for one's friends and that that along with their bonds is the Warrior's Light.

As a final act, Baalmon, wearing the Goddess' mask, saved Shoutmon X4K's life from Hi Mugendramon's attack at the cost of his own. However, at that moment he was finally accepted by the Goddess as a warrior and because of that, he was reincarnated into Beelzebumon. ("Warrior Beelzebumon, Dance!")


Using his Death the Cannon technique, he helped X4K defeat Hi Mugendramon but disappeared immediately afterwards. ("Warrior Beelzebumon, Dance!")


Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

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Super Digica Taisen[edit]

Beelzebumon is a character in the Super Digica Taisen card game.


  • Baalmon's sacrifice is reminiscent of Wizarmon's death in Digimon Adventure
  • The Red Book of Appin resembles and functions like a hard disk drive