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D5 (DIMENSION DELETE and DEADLY DESTRUCTION DAY), referred to as the "Day of Ultimate Destruction" (究極の破壊の日, Kyūkyoku no Hakai no Hi), is the day in which dark energy will destroy all dimensions and merge them together in Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms. It is Bagramon's attempt to bring the Real World to ruin as well as to make the whole of space-time fall into his hands. It is based on the Judgement Day from the Abrahamic religions.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

After Bagramon gains possession of all the Code Crowns and reformats the Digital World into his own image, he deploys the seven Death Generals to gather vast amounts of negative energy from each Land to accelerate the completion of the Dark Stone. Once completed, Dark Knightmon hands it over to Bagramon, telling him that now is the time to activate it, and later absorbs it. After explaining the intentions of D5 to Taiki and the others, Bagramon activates the Dark Stone within him, initiating the beginning of D5. He extends his artificial arm into the sky, opening a superdimensional portal to the Real World, appearing directly above Kōtō, hovering over where Tactimon's Jatetsufūjin-maru lay at the bottom of Tokyo Bay. After embedding his hand into the earth, surrounding the Rainbow Bridge, he causes everything in the vicinity to be drained of energy and be completely suspended in animation. Bagramon then states that Tactimon's purpose was to show him the way to the Real World.

Meanwhile, in the Digital World, as Omega Shoutmon and Zeke Greymon attack Bagramon, whose left hand remains free, Dark Knightmon uses this as the perfect opportunity to stab him from behind and uses his Darkness Loader to DigiXros the two of them into Dark Knightmon (Bagramon).[1]