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Aegiochusmon: Green
A God Man Digimon which synthesized the abilities of various species, with a human body as the base. The synthesis of species is said to be the result of having sought the extreme called omnipotence, and adapts it to its surroundings, dramatically altering its appearance. This form is composed of data taken from the Plant-tribe, so the data of the Plant-tribe sleeping within its body establishes itself as an upper body and arms, centered upon the crystal in its chest. Because it is based on the Plant-tribe, its weight is especially light compared to the other forms. It is able to fire sturdy thorns from the Busters equipped to both of its arms, and perform tricky movements that hook its thorns in various places similar to Rope Action, or perform others that are used for offense and defense. Its keen movements which capitalize on its equipment and agility can definitely be said to be this form's greatest distinction. Its Special Moves are summoning thorns transformed into an evil spirit, which snaps at the opponent (Bramble Bite), and shooting numerous thorns from its entire body, tearing the surrounding opponents to pieces over a wide range (Plant Zone Cradle). Also, as a Standard Move, it has a technique called "Charging Strike" which pierces the opponent's head with its horn using a high speed charge that capitalizes on its legs. read more
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Darkness Bagramon
The digixrosed form of Dark Knightmon and Bagramon. By uniting the dark knight and the fiendish demon lord it became the greatest emperor of evil. Its "Imperium Vicious", the evil power spilling out of its body, symbolizes that strength, and if a weak evil is bathed in it then it immediately becomes a grovelling subordinate. Even if you try to resist, it is considered difficult to maintain your sense of self if you are glared at by Dark Knightmon, who exists within its chest. According to one theory, it appears to be planning on destroying all good, in order to fill the world with evil and obtain a world that it can manipulate at will. Even though there are probably some Digimon whose strength is not outdone even by Darkness Bagramon itself, it is said that in order to designate its plan as something guaranteed, it expands its power by bringing useful Digimon under its control, and watches out for opportunities for the opposition. Even if the opponent seems to be keeping their distance, when it becomes aware of them it will rip their soul out with its "God of Death Snatcher", one of its Digimon-manipulating techniques. For an opponent whose existence has no worth, it instantly destroys all of their data with its "Eternal Darkmare", in which it flaps its jet-black wings. The darkness held within the hearts of humans and Digimon is intensified and fused with Darkness Bagramon's own fathomless power. If that power is released from the red eyes in its chest with its "Balefire-Eyes", then all of its surroundings will be transformed into nothingness. read more

El Doradimon
A Mutant Digimon that once wandered into the research data for ancient ruins on a neglected computer, and over a long period time unified with that data. If it retracts its head, arms, and legs, it looks like nothing more than the ruins of an ancient fortress. Due to the enormous quantity of research data it holds, it has become a slow-witted Digimon with a large build, but it is probably difficult to bring down even if it is attacked by scores of Digimon. It is definitely an impregnable Digimon. Its Special Moves are charging the opponent with its large body and breaking through, even if it suffers an attack (Golden Road), and striking with its gigantic foot, shaking the earth (Meteor Earthquake). Also, it can bite through the opponent with the power of its mighty jaws (Giant Nipper). read more


A Digimon that possesses power over Darkness which bears the might of one of the legendary Ten Warriors. It has the appearance of a monstrous, gargantuan bird, and due to its baleful appearance and nature it is called the "Corpse Swallower". It transforms from Duskmon into fine particles, then comes flying out of a sky shrouded by the massive black fog they became. The intensely proud Duskmon hates transforming into the ugly, irrational Velgrmon, so it doesn't show its Velgrmon appearance unless under extreme circumstances. In normal battles, its main tools of combat are its claws which have a tendency to blind the opponent, and its fangs which can crunch even metal. Its Special Moves are flapping its wings with all its power, blowing away the opponent and all of the space around them to another dimension (Zone Deleter), and changing the opponent's nature to darkness and manipulating them to its heart's content (Master of Darkness). read more


The ultimate form of god beast Digimon. Its heroic appearance is reminiscent of a ruler of the sky. There are few who have seen its appearance, and it has not even been entirely confirmed where it usually is. However, it is said that it suddenly appeared out of nowhere once when a gigantic evil energy was generated in the Digital World, and laid waste to the evil with its vast power. Its Special Move is striking the opponent with the light energy of all justice (Holy Flame). Those who suffer this technique have their forms instantaneously erased. read more