Blue Flare

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Blue Flare
Blue flare emblem.png
Kanji/Kana ブルーフレア
General Aonuma Kiriha

Blue Flare 「ブルーフレア Burū Furea」 is the name of a Digimon Army lead by Aonuma Kiriha in Digimon Xros Wars. (under construction)





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Blue Flare is a Type given to both Digimon and Tamer cards in the Digimon Card Game, introduced in BT-10 Xros Encounter. It is given to Digimon (such as BT10-019 Greymon) and Tamers (such as BT10-088 Aonuma Kiriha) that were part of the Blue Flare army in the Digimon Xros Wars anime and manga. Blue Flare cards focus on stunning the opponent Digimon, disallowing them from attacking or being untapped, though they're also capable of performing DigiXros for easier access to their stronger Digimon.


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Blue Flare Xros Wars.png
Blue Flare from
Digimon Xros Wars


Digimon Xros Wars Big Digimon Collection Poster.png Digimon Xros Wars Big Digimon Collection Poster Blue Flare.jpg Digimon xros wars promo art3a.png Blue flare digimon tcg vjump.jpg
Big Digimon Collection Poster from
Digimon Xros Wars
Big Digimon Collection Poster from
Digimon Xros Wars
(Blue Flare)
Promotional artwork for Digimon Xros Wars featuring Xros Heart, Blue Flare and Twilight Digimon Card Game teasing in V-Jump


Blue Flare rough sketch.jpg Digimon xros loader toy blue.jpg Toy digimonwrister.jpg
Early Blue Flare
(rough sketch)
Digimon Xros Loader Blue Flare Side Digimon Wrister Toy

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Digimon Mini (Xros Wars)

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