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Bagra Army
Bagura logo.png
Kanji/Kana バグラ軍
General Bagramon

The Bagra Army 「バグラ軍 Bagura-gun」, also known as the Bagra Empire and sometimes romanized as the Bugra Army[1], is a now-defunct Digimon Army in Digimon Xros Wars. The army was under the command of Bagramon, the Emperor of the Bagra Empire, and sought to conquer the Digital World by collecting all of the Code Crowns, a feat it eventually achieved. After restructuring the entire Digital World into the Lands, its goal shifted to collecting negative energy to fuel D5.

While the Bagra Army was under the command of Emperor Bagramon, its massive size and its decentralised goal led him to delegate to a structured chain of command, including Admiral Dark Knightmon, the three Head Officers, the seven Death Generals, and the human General Amano Yuu, under whom separate field commanders operated.




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