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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Supersonic Voice [7] スーパーソニックボイス Sūpā Sonikku Boisu Solo Roar/Supersonic Voice/Legendary Blade/SP Sonic Voice Produces an extremely high-frequency sound wave to destroy the opponent's configuration data.
Moebius Bite [7] メビウスバイト Mebiusu Baito
Bites the enemy with its tail.


Evolves From[edit]

Evolves To[edit]



Digimon Tamers[edit]

Griffomon was among the many Ultimate digimon who gathered to fight the D-Reaper.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

Griffomon was part of a group of Digimon which included 6 Airdramon, a Pteranomon, a Gran Kuwagamon and led by a Zanbamon which tried to fight the Royal Knights. Unfortunately, he was killed along with Pteranomon and Gran Kuwagamon by Lord Knightmon.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Saiba Neo rode on a Griffomon's back during the attack on Holy Angel Castle.

Digimon Next[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

A Griffomon is part of the group defending Bagramon's Palace in Jupiter Zone.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer[edit]

Digimon World 2[edit]

Can evolve from Piccolomon (0+ DP) or Delumon (0+ DP).

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

An enemy digimon that can be encountered in Amaterasu Server's Noise Desert.

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

Griffomon is #330 Digimon and is a Mega-level, Speed-class, Bird-species with a resistance to the Wind element and weakness to the Thunder element. Its basic stats are 301 HP, 325 MP, 158 Attack, 140 Defense, 117 Spirit, 134 Speed, and 68 Aptitude. It possesses the Heroic Move, Silphy Air, Sleep Ward 4, and Critical 4 traits.

It dwells in the Task Canyon.

Griffomon evolves from Garudamon. In order to evolve into Griffomon, your Digimon must be at least level 47, with 8000 Beast experience and 240 attack.

Griffomon can also jogress from DORUguremon and Tocanmon, if the base Digimon is at least level 41, with 7000 Beast experience, and 250 attack.

Griffomon can be hatched from the Rainbow Digitama.

Digimon Championship[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

Griffomon is a Ultimate-form Digimon with Data Attribute and its Elemental Attribute is Wind, it is quick attacker and family belongs to Wind Guardians and Nightmare Soldiers.

Attacks: Moebius Bite (937-1154 DMG, 3 sec cooldown, 57 DS, Lv. 41), Supersonic Voice (1915-2223 DMG, 5 sec cooldown, 115 DS, Lv. 46)

Griffomon evolves from Blossomon over 25 Lv. It requires 6x Evoluters in order to unlock the evolution.

It can be also be ridden, it requires x2 ModeSelectors in order to ride.

Griffomon can be found in Infinite Ice Wall.

Digimon Life[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

Digimon Collectors[edit]

Digimon Crusader[edit]

Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon All-Star Rumble[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Griffomon is available as a Digimon Medal.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Virtual Pets[edit]

Pendulum 4.0[edit]

Griffomon is a Jogress Digimon. It is obtainable by Jogressing Blossomon or Delumon with a compatible Digimon.


Digimon Fusion Loader[edit]

Griffomon is an unobtainable Leader Digimon.

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th[edit]


Hyper Colosseum


Card Game Alpha

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Virtual Pets[edit]

Griffomon vpet pen.gif Griffomon vpet dv.gif
Digimon Pendulum D-Terminal

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References Notes
  1. In this episode Ruki's D-Ark displays this Digimon's name as Gryphomon, but she reads it as Gryphonmon.