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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Mjölnir Thunder [2] ミョルニルサンダー Myoruniru Sandā Sonic Destroyer[3]/Parrot Thunder[4]/Mjollnir Lightning[5]/Mjölnir Thunder[1] Generates electricity in the feathers growing on its head, and looses thunderbolts at the enemy.[1]
Sonic Destroyer [2] ソニックデストロイヤー Sonikku Desutoroiyā Sonic Destroyer[1] Flies at the speed of sound to mow down the enemy with a shock wave.[1]


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Digimon Adventure (Movie)[edit]

A Parrotmon hatches from an enormous Digitama in the sky over Hikarigaoka one evening in spring 1995. "Koromon", an Agumon who hatched from a Digitama found by Yagami Taichi and Yagami Hikari, attacks it, and the two engage in a lengthy, vicious battle on the streets of Hikarigaoka (during which Koromon evolves into Greymon). Their battle causes massive damage to cars and street infrastructure around them, and Parrotmon destroys a bridge with its Mjölnir Thunder.

Although Koromon destroys both Parrotmon's lower beak and left wing, Parrotmon nearly wins when it knocks Koromon out with Mjölnir Thunder. Once Taichi awakens Koromon with Hikari's whistle, Parrotmon is consumed by Koromon's Mega Flame and vanishes, along with Koromon.

Parrotmon in the Digimon Adventure short film.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Parrotmon appears in flashbacks to its 1995 battle with "Koromon" in the aforementioned film.

In "Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!", the Chosen Children's forgotten memories of witnessing the battle are jogged when they witness a similar battle between Takenouchi Sora's Garudamon and a Mammon at the same site in Hikarigaoka. They mention that the media reported the destruction caused by the fight as a terrorist bombing, and that their families had all moved away from Hikarigaoka afterward.

In "The Clashing Ultimates! War Greymon VS Metal Garurumon", Homeostasis shows the Chosen Children a holographic record of the aftermath of the battle, which demonstrates that Parrotmon survived the encounter, as did "Koromon", and both were taken back to the Digital World.

Parrotmon with "Koromon" in a flashback in Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

In "The Great Free-for-all Fight in New York and Hong Kong!", a Parrotmon is one of the Digimon who are loose in New York City as a result of the mass Digital Gate opening in the Real World in late December 2002. On Christmas Eve, Maria and her Centalmon shepherd the Parrotmon and several other flying Digimon to Central Park, so that Motomiya Daisuke can send all of them back to the Digital World, together with all of the other stray Digimon rounded up by the other American Chosen Children.

Parrotmon, gathered with the other stray Digimon in Central Park, in Digimon Adventure 02.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

In "Ranamon's Tenacity! Female Digimon Personal Combat", a Parrotmon is the guardian of the Area of Thunder inside Sephirothmon. It attacks Kanbara Takuya while he is lost in the Area, but Takuya quickly defeats it in his Agnimon form and scans it.

Parrotmon in Digimon Frontier.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

The day after the aurora appears over Japan in 2010, a Parrotmon—who Izumi Kōshirō speculates has been driven to act unusually aggressively by its species' standards by the aurora—realizes in Nakano and threatens to cause major property damage. Yagami Taichi, Yagami Hikari, Takaishi Takeru and their partner Digimon, with remote support from Kōshirō, mobilize to send it back to the Digital World, but struggle to contain it until Ishida Yamato and Garurumon arrive to prevent it from destroying a building when it falls. Metal Greymon and Were Garurumon subdue it, and Angewomon pins it down with her Holy Arrows, in time for Kōshirō's Digital Gate to open underneath it and safely take it back to the Digital World.

Parrotmon in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

Digimon Adventure:[edit]

In "The Ultimate, War Greymon", a Parrotmon confronts Yagami Taichi and Metal Greymon while they are on the run in the jungle, during their search for Yagami Hikari. Together with the Allomon who had already been pursuing the two, it attacks them, and it and Metal Greymon are evenly matched until Parrotmon is struck by black lightning that evolves it into Crossmon.

Parrotmon in Digimon Adventure:
Parrotmon in Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

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Digimon Liberator[edit]

During their Friendly Battle in "DigitalGate Open", Kinosaki Arisa had her Tobucatmon attack Kazama Shoto's Security Shields. Said Security Shield was a Parrotmon[N 1]. A Security Battle was then triggered, but Tobucatmon won it due to its Jamming.

Parrotmon's first appearance

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story[edit]

Parrotmon is an obtainable Digimon. It can be found at Mangrove Forest.

Digimon Story Parrotmon stat data
Parrotmon's base stats
Level 29 HP 493 MP 299
Species Bird Gen. Perfect Battle Type Tank Type Grow. Type Normal
Attack 131 Defense 131 Spirit 81 Speed 98 Aptitude 40
Support Ability Agility Up 4
(Dub: Speed Up4)
In battle, fairly increases Speed of allies in adjacent zones
Trait Paralysis Reversal 3
(Dub: Numb Ward 3)
+200 resistance to Paralysis
Parrotmon's technique learnset
Technique MP Range Attribute Effect Learn at
Tai Atari
(Dub: Charge)
0 ░░▓░░ None 8 base damage LV1
Meteor Wing
(Dub: Meteor Wing)
38 ░▓▓▓░ Fire 33 base damage LV16
God Tornado
(Dub: Fatal Tornado)
52 ▓▓▓▓▓ Wind 20 base damage / Fixed range LV24
Mjölnir Thunder
(Dub: Mjollnir Lightning)
78 ░▓░▓░ Thunder 92 base damage / Fixed range LV32
Parrotmon's evolution unlock criteria
Devolutions Evolutions
Digimon Requirements Digimon Requirements
(No devolutions) Crossmon Level is 40 or higher; Bird EXP is 13000 or higher

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

Parrotmon is an obtainable Digimon. It can be found at Palette Amazon.

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight Parrotmon stat data
Parrotmon's base stats
Level 1 HP 218 MP 221
Species Bird Gen. Perfect Type HP Resists Wind Weakness Fire
Attack 119 Defense 104 Spirit 107 Speed 108 Aptitude 50
Psychic 4
Dub: Psychic 4)
+20 Spirit
Halo 4
Dub: Halo 4)
Significantly increases Light resistance
Thunder Sign 3
Dub: ThunderSign3)
Significantly increases Thunder resistance
Parrotmon's equip technique learnset
Technique MP Range Attribute Effect Learn at
Thunder Claw
Dub: Thunder Claw)
29 ░░▓▓░ Thunder 42 base damage / Inflicts paralysis status 26
Dub: Thunder)
34 ░░▓▓░ Thunder 50 base damage 28
Denki no Koromo
Dub: Electric Coat)
50 ░▓▓▓░ Thunder Increases allied Digimons' Thunder resistance 30
Air Thunder
Dub: Air Thunder)
70 ░▓▓▓░ Thunder 85 base damage 40
Parrotmon's special technique
Mjölnir Thunder
Dub: Mjollnir Ltning)
53 ░░▓▓░ Thunder 89 base damage / Inflicts paralysis status 1
Parrotmon's evolution unlock criteria
Devolutions Evolutions
Digimon Requirements Digimon Requirements
Akatorimon Level is 21 or higher; Friendship is 70% or higher; Bird EXP is 300 or higher Crossmon Level is 51 or higher; Defense is 265 or higher; Holy EXP is 7500 or higher

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Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Digimon Xros Arena[edit]

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

Digimon Collectors[edit]

Digimon Crusader[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

In Episode 34, "Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!", Yagami Taichi remembered the events of the so-called terrorist attack in Hikarigaoka four years ago, when he and Yagami Hikari watched a Koromon, who was now a gigantic Greymon, fighting a Parrotmon, and how Greymon was beaten by Parrotmon, but Taichi got him back to his senses using Hikari's whistle. Taichi then remembered the rest of that day, how a Koromon appeared at their house, and that Koromon evolved into Agumon and Greymon and fought Parrotmon, then they both disappeared.

Taichi and Agumon returned to Hikarigaoka in Sub-Episode 17, "A Mysterious Email", which happens after Episode 44, "Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon", following the eponymous email. The place had calmed down after Mammon's rampage, and there were no cops around, though Taichi also saw no clues. They were then suddenly attacked by a Parrotmon from the sky.

Parrotmon is the final boss of Sub-Episode 17, "A Mysterious Email". It can deal multiple hits and Shock to one Digimon with Sonic Destroyer, and an even greater number of hits to one Digimon with Mjölnir Thunder. After being defeated, it drops the Ambush DigiPiece, which increases the chance of making the first strike for the equipped Digimon.

After defeating it, Taichi realized he remembered it, though he couldn't remember where or when and Agumon had never seen it before. Taichi then found an SP Disk Ω, which he thought Parrotmon had dropped and could serve as a clue. They then returned home.

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Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Parrotmon is available as a Digimon Medal.

Digimon Soul Chaser[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Parrotmon is available as a Digimon Medal.

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  1. While not specified, this Parrotmon is likely ST18-11, as it's the Parrotmon in ST-18 Guardian Vortex, itself centered around Shoto.