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Digimon: The Movie
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Premier Date United States October 6, 2000
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Digimon: The Movie (released October 6, 2000) was an English dub production which compiled the first three Digimon movies together into one overarching film. To achieve this, significant editing of the story and footage as required to sew the three into one coherent movie, adjusting several plot points and extending the influence of characters between the films; for example, the creation of Diablomon was attributed to an awry experiment by Wallace and he participated in the fight against him by supplying Koushiro with much of his information, and the corruption of Chocomon was attributed to the same virus which turned Diablomon into Diablomon. Significant cuts in footage and plot were made for the purpose of time constraints; Hurricane Touchdown!! was affected the most, with almost literally half the film being completely discarded, including the backbone of the original plot: the kidnapping of the original Chosen Children by Chocomon in his search for Wallace.

Dub writer/voice actor Jeff Nimoy has since stated that were it up to him, The Movie would only have been an edit of the first two films and that Hurricane Touchdown!! would have been run separately later as a television special; it was his dissatisfaction with the conditions of working on The Movie which led him and Bob Buchholz to depart the Digimon dub production near the end of Digimon Adventure 02.

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