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For the movie of the same name, see here. For the video game, see here.
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Director Hiroyuki Kakudo
Studio Toei Animation
Network Fuji TV
Duration Jap.png March 7, 1999 - March 26, 2000
Usa.png August 14, 1999 - June 24, 2000
Official Site Digimon Adventure Official Site
Next Series Digimon Adventure 02
Previous Series N/A

Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー Dejimon Adobenchā) is the first series of Digimon.

This season aired on Sundays at 9:00 AM UTC+9 on Fuji TV, replacing the 1998 TV remake of Himitsu no Akko-chan (ひみつのアッコちゃん) commencing on March 7, 1999 and ending on March 26, 2000. It was replaced by Digimon Adventure 02 (デジモンアドベンチャー 02). (still under construction)


A group of seven children at summer camp are whisked to another world - the Digital World, a parallel reality inhabited by creatures called Digimon. There, they discovered that they were chosen to save the Digital World from the evil forces that threaten to destroy it. To do this, each child is partnered with a Digimon and is given the responsibility to help their Digimon evolve to the next level, growing stronger to defeat the enemy. As they fight to survive in the wild new world, they learn many things about the world and themselves.



Main Characters[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

Other Humans[edit]

Yagami Family[edit]

Ishida Family[edit]

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Theme Songs[edit]

Songwriter/Composer: Chiwata Hednori (千綿 偉功)
Arranger: Watanabe Cher (渡部 チェル)
Artist(s): Wada Kouji (和田 光司)
Songwriter: Miura Yoshiko (三浦 徳子)
Composer: Shirakawa Yoshihisa (白川 善久)
Arranger: Horī Katsumi (堀井 勝美)
Artist(s): AiM (Maeda Ai) (前田 愛)
Songwrtier/Composer: Kite Naoto (Kine Naoto) (木根 尚登)
Arranger: Kite Naoto (Kine Naoto) (木根 尚登) & Yuasa Kōichi (湯浅 公一)
Artist(s): AiM (Maeda Ai) (前田 愛)
Songwriter: Ōmori Shouko (大森 祥子)
Composer/Arranger: Ōta Michihiko (太田 美知彦)
Artist(s): Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎 歩)
Songwriter/Composer: Koyama Kōhei (小山 晃平)
Arranger: Watanabe Cher (渡部 チェル)
Artist(s): Wada Kouji (和田 光司)
Songwriter: Koyama Kōhei (小山 晃平)
Composer/Arranger: Ōta Michihiko (太田 美知彦)
Atrist(s): Fujita Toshiko


VHS Box Art[edit]

Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 1
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 2
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 3
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 4
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 5
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 6
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 7
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 8
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 9
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 10
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 11
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 12
Digimon Adventure VHS Volume 13

DVD Box Art[edit]

Digimon adventure dvd japan 1.jpg
Digimon adventure dvd japan 2.jpg
Digimon adventure dvd japan 3.jpg
Digimon adventure dvd america.jpg
Digimon adventure dvd america limited edition.jpg

Puzzle Set[edit]

Digimon adventure puzzle 1.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 2.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 3.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 4.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 5.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 6.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 7.jpg
Digimon adventure puzzle 8.jpg


Digimon Adventure promo art
Digimon Adventure promo art
Digimon Adventure promo art
Digimon Adventure promo
Digimon Adventure promo
Cover art of the Digimon Adventure novel (volume 1)
Cover art of the Digimon Adventure novel (volume 2)
Cover art of the Digimon Adventure novel (volume 3)
Digimon Adventure promo art
Digimon Adventure promo art
Digimon Adventure promo art

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