Etemon (Adventure)

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Kanji/Kana エテモン
Dub Name Etemon
Voice Actor Japanese Masutani Yasunori (増谷 康紀)
English Richard Epcar
Actor Japanese Ore-no-Graffiti (オレノグラフィティ)

Etemon is the second major villain of Digimon Adventure.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child ?
Adult Scumon[1]
Perfect Etemon
Ultimate Metal Etemon
King Etemon[2]
??? Etemon Chaos




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Etemon was the second enemy that Chosen Children faced after getting to the Server Continent. Etemon controlled the Dark Network, a mass of cables that ran under his territory which used dark energy and could be used as a way to monitor everything in the area. His main base of operations was an upside-down pyramid. The Dark Network was controlled by Nanomon, a machine type Digimon that Etemon had captured. When the Chosen Children freed Nanomon he sought to get his revenge on Etemon. When Etemon found Nanomon's lair underneath his own pyramid, he attacked Nanomon, but was dragged by Nanomon into the core of the Dark Network that Nanomon had infected with a virus. Nanomon was destroyed, but Etemon fused with the network, becoming even stronger. He then went after the Chosen Children, but Taichi succeeded in activating the Crest of Courage to super evolve his partner into Metal Greymon who destroyed the core of the Dark Network, sending Etemon into a vortex. Etemon would later evolve into Metal Etemon and escape.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Etemon was brought back to life thanks to Millenniumon, who he then served. He fights Akiyama Ryo twice in a row in Etemon's Palace, first alone and then alongside a Ganimon and either a Rukamon in Anode Tamer or an Octmon in Cathode Tamer, the second boss fought in the game. Defeating Etemon freed Takenouchi Sora, Takaishi Takeru, Piyomon and Patamon. He fights Ryo again in Milleniumon's Lair alongside a Gazimon, the second fight in the boss rush leading to Millenniumon, but is defeated once again.

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]

Metal Etemon is the third opponent of Deserted Island's Battle Arena. He gets angry at how the player looks at him and threatens to punish him for it if he doesn't apologise immediately. He uses the Steel Smile Heaven Gate deck, a Yellow/Rare deck with 3 attack, defense and evolution speed that's well-balanced. Upon being defeated, he reiterates how angry the player makes him, and exclaims that they will have a rematch.

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit[edit]

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5[edit]

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Etemon first appeared in Episode 20, "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil", after the Chosen Children defeated his Gazimon underlings and rescued the Koromon they had taken hostage, with his voice being loud enough to be heard inside the cave the Koromon were in. He seemed to be a giant, but Izumi Koshiro soon realized they were seeing a hologram. The Koromon recognized him, and Etemon congratulated his Gazimon for leading the Chosen Children to him. Etemon then said he'd make the whole Koromon Village disappear, which the Chosen Children doubted was even possible, but he soon proved them wrong. Yagami Taichi decided to fight him, but Etemon incapacitated the Partner Digimon with his Love Serenade. The Koromon then helped the Chosen Children run away into the cave, as a legend said that they could use the cave to do so.

In Episode 21, "Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon", Etemon reacted to something, namely Kido Jo, being caught in his Dark Network in the Colosseum, where he held his yearly concert. One of his Gazimon lackeys pointed out they were far from it, but Etemon wanted to go nonetheless as he had set up an "interesting live" there.

Etemon then showed himself as a hologram in front of the Chosen Children in the Colosseum. The Chosen Children and their Digimon then ran towards the goal Jo was close to to protect themselves, but Agumon could not get there due to eating too much, and Taichi ran towards him, which saved them from the trap that got everyone else, trapping them inside the goal's net, which Etemon explained had a high-voltage current running through it. Taichi then demanded Etemon let everyone free, but Etemon merely pointed out he couldn't fight him as he was too far, but he had prepared a special guest: a Greymon. To fight it, Taichi had Agumon evolve into Greymon. However, the enemy Greymon would win the match due to Taichi's Greymon's sluggish movements, caused by eating too much. Taichi tried to force Greymon to evolve so he could win, but his Crest of Courage would not react.

The Chosen Children then fell into some ruins below the Colosseum. When they came back, Taichi still was trying to force Greymon to evolve. Ishida Yamato wanted to have the rest back Taichi up, but Taichi stopped him, as that was his chance to get Greymon to evolve. To do so, he made himself a target of the enemy Greymon, which Etemon was fine with. This finally succeeded in evolving Greymon, but it triggered a Dark Evolution, so he became Skull Greymon, who then destroyed the enemy Greymon, a part of the Dark Network and a part of the Colosseum with a single Ground Zero. Due to that, Etemon lost his connection to the Colosseum.

A Gazimon alerted Etemon of a reaction in Area K1 in Episode 23, "The Fairy! Piccolomon". Recognizing said area as Tyranomon's territory, Etemon vowed to give the Chosen Children a pretty sight for their eyes.

After the Chosen Children, except Taichi and Agumon, met up to face Tyranomon, Etemon showed himself as a hologram and performed his Love Serenade, leaving the Partner Digimon with no power, making them easy prey for Tyranomon. Piccolomon accepted they could not wait for Taichi and Agumon and he would have to take on Tyranomon himself, but said duo then arrived. With newly found determination, Agumon evolved into Greymon once again to face Tyranomon. With Tyranomon defeated, Etemon left in anger.

In Episode 24, "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon", Taichi found Etemon after the Chosen Children went through the cliff sealed by the Crest of Hope and Nanomon's program. At the time, Etemon was complaining to a Gazimon that the Chosen Children had escaped, though he answered that they only had to fix the problems in the pyramid's host computer, and Etemon swore to make Nanomon pay. Etemon and two Gazimon then went inside the Inverted Pyramid.

Etemon found the Chosen Children inside the Inverted Pyramid after Nanomon kidnapped Takenouchi Sora and Piyomon. Realizing they had no chance to win, the Chosen Children ran away through a hidden passageway.

A team of Chosen Children entered the Inverted Pyramid once again through the front entrance, and they found a control room where Etemon, alongside many Gazimon, awaited. Etemon was confused as to why they were there, but quickly realized they wanted to know Nanomon's whereabouts, though he couldn't tell them as his own team was looking for him. Due to that, either Taichi or Yamato, depending on the player's choice, will challenge Etemon, arguing that Nanomon will free Sora if they win. Etemon accepted their challenge.

Etemon is the twenty-seventh obligatory boss of the game, fighting either Agumon, Tentomon and Gomamon; or Gabumon and Palmon; depending on the player's choice, in Episode 24, "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon". He can deal damage to one party Digimon with Grateful Knuckle, deal damage to one party Digimon and Shock with Dark Spirits, or deal damage, Shock and lower attack of the entire party with Love Serenade. After being defeated, he drops an EVO Boost I DigiPiece, which allows the equipped Digimon to stay combat one level higher than their base form.

After the fight, Etemon complained that the Chosen Children weren't really trying, which was true as they were just buying time. As the team was incomplete, Etemon realized they were plotting something. Tachikawa Mimi (if Yamato and her fought Etemon) then accidentally let out that there was a hidden room in the Inverted Pyramid and Etemon left to find it, with the Chosen Children pursuing him.

After defeating Nanomon, the Chosen Children rescued Sora and got her Digivice and Crest of Love back. Etemon and the other Chosen Children then arrived. Nanomon was not willing to give up his revenge on Etemon, however, and attempted to make everyone disappear into the power of darkness, which made the Inverted Pyramid shake. The Chosen Children escaped through Birdramon, while Etemon threatened to kill Nanomon and Nanomon returned the threat to him, grabbing him so he could not escape and both would die.

Outside, the Chosen Children watched the Inverted Pyramid sink and Etemon reappear, fused with the Dark Network as Etemon Chaos. Koshiro and Sora feared they would not be able to escape, but Taichi was determined. Taichi's Crest of Courage started glowing, causing Greymon to Super Evolve into Metal Greymon. However, Etemon was unimpressed, saying he couldn't win just because he evolved a bit further.

Etemon Chaos is the twenty-ninth obligatory boss of the game, fighting the Chosen Children at the end of Episode 24, "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon". As in the anime, Agumon will evolve into Metal Greymon for free and stay in the form for the battle. Etemon heals 1000 HP per turn with Auto Heal Ω, takes two actions a turn with Continuous Action, can deal damage to one party Digimon with Grateful Knuckle and deal damage and Shock to one party Digimon with Dark Spirits Chaos. Upon being defeated, he drops the Giga Heal DigiPiece, which allows the equipped Digimon to use the command with the same name to heal 2000 HP to one ally.

After being defeated, Etemon complained about how he didn't want to die, and was engulfed in an explosion of light which also swallowed Taichi and Metal Greymon.

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