Nanomon's Pyramid

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Nanomon's Pyramid
[[File:|Nanomon's Pyramid]]
Kanji/Kana ナノモンのピラミッド
Debut "Nanomon of the Labyrinth"
Type Pyramid
Part of: Server Continent

Nanomon's Pyramid (ナノモンのピラミッド Nanomon no Piramiddo), also known as the Inverted Pyramid is an area in the Server Continent. It is, as its alternate name states, in the form of an inverted pyramid, buried on the ground.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

The Chosen Children found the Inverted Pyramid after they went through the cliff previously blocked by the Crest of Hope and Nanomon's e-mail program in Episode 24, "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon". They also found Etemon and two Gazimon, who went inside the Pyramid, with the former vowing he'd make Nanomon pay. The next day, they went into the Pyramid themselves, though rather than entering from the front door, they did so from a hidden passage in one side of the Pyramid, which was concealed by data that looked like a wall. The Pyramid had damaging floors, pits disguised as different floor tiles, and buttons that opened deadends by revealing fake walls much like the one that hid the entrance.

Going deeper into the Pyramid, the Chosen Children found a net with high-voltage currents running through it. However, Koshiro pointed out that only part of it was real and part was surface appearance data. This didn't stop Kido Jo's fears, which Gomamon and Yagami Taichi called him out on, the latter pointing out they were just data. Koshiro then found the entrance and Taichi easily went through it, though Takenouchi Sora was not happy about Taichi's attitude. After that, they found their destination: a factory-like room where Nanomon was being held prisoner inside a transparent pyramid, which itself was inside another transparent, inverted pyramid. Nanomon thanked the Chosen Children for finding him, and explained how he fought against Etemon in the past and was defeated, and afterwards, was made the host of Etemon's network. He then recovered and, without Etemon noticing, was able to interfere in external affairs. However, he was unable to free himself. Sora asked him if he really knew about her Crest, which Nanomon confirmed, as he knew many things even Etemon did not. To free him, Taichi pulled down a lever as Koshiro manipulated a panel. They succeeded in rescuing Nanomon, however, he only laughed and attacked them, pointing out their role was over and they weren't needed anymore.

After the fight, Nanomon took Sora and Piyomon hostage then ran away into a hidden passageway, proclaiming he'd be able to use their power to its full potential, and the Chosen Children followed. This led them to another high-current net, which Taichi again didn't care about as they were data, and therefore they could just keep trying if they failed. Koshiro called him out on it, making him realize that death was no less real in the Digital World. Koshiro then said that the hidden passageway was a meter to Taichi's right but Taichi was now terrified for his life. Etemon then appeared, angry that the Chosen Children released Nanomon. Realizing they had no chances to win, the Chosen Children escaped through the hidden passageway.

Outside the Inverted Pyramid, Koshiro found out that Nanomon only pretended to run away and he, alongside Sora and Piyomon, was actually in a hidden room deeper into the Pyramid, below the basement. Taichi realized it was dangerous but he wanted to save Sora anyways, and the rest agreed. Koshiro then explained their plan: Tentomon would serve as their scout, to make sure that Etemon wouldn't find them. They would also split into groups, one entering from the front, another from the hidden passage, so if one group was found by Etemon, the other would still be able to rescue Sora. The groups would be formed by Taichi, Jou and Koshiro; and Ishida Yamato, Takaishi Takeru and Tachikawa Mimi, respectively, with Taichi deciding which team would take each entrance.

Meanwhile, Nanomon had Sora strapped to a table and an unconscious Piyomon to a wall. Nanomon proclaimed he had a duty to defeat Etemon, though Sora pointed out Piyomon could only evolve with her. Nanomon disagreed, however, as he could make a copy of Sora to use the Crest. Since the Chosen Children had been unable to draw out the Crests' full power, he'd do it through the copy. This made Sora realize that Nanomon had her Crest, and Nanomon explained that he lost most of his memories after his fight with Etemon, thus he'd do anything to get his revenge.

The team that went through the front found sticky floors that slowed them down and Etemon's Gazimon lackeys, which they wanted to avoid, as well as more buttons that revealed hidden passageways. Going through their path, they ended up in a control room where Etemon, alongside many Gazimon, awaited. Etemon was confused as to why they were there, but quickly realized they wanted to know Nanomon's whereabouts, though he couldn't tell them as his own team was looking for him. Due to that, either Taichi or Yamato, depending on the player's choice, will challenge Etemon, arguing that Nanomon will free Sora if they win. Etemon accepted their challenge.

After the fight, Etemon complained that the Chosen Children weren't really trying, which was true as they were just buying time. As the team was incomplete, Etemon realized they were plotting something. Tachikawa Mimi (if Yamato and her fought Etemon) then accidentally let out that there was a hidden room in the Inverted Pyramid and Etemon left to find it, with the Chosen Children pursuing him.

Meanwhile, the other team entered through the hidden passageway and found themselves in front of the electrified net once again. If Taichi was chosen for this team, Agumon offers to go through it first, but Taichi stops him, because he wanted to go first as something very important was past that wall, which wasn't only Sora, but also something he lost. Taichi went through it, unharmed. Afterwards, the team found themselves in Nanomon's room, with Nanomon standing alongside the Sora copy and Taichi demanded Nanomon let Sora go. However, Piyomon told Taichi that that Sora was a fake, a copy Nanomon made. Nanomon then proclaimed the copy was completed, and that, if given the original's Digivice and Crest, it would become real. Taichi refused to allow it, however.

After defeating Nanomon, the Chosen Children rescued Sora and got her Digivice and Crest of Love back. Etemon and the other Chosen Children then arrived. Nanomon was not willing to give up his revenge on Etemon, however, and attempted to make everyone disappear into the power of darkness, which made the Inverted Pyramid shake. The Chosen Children escaped through Birdramon, while Etemon threatened to kill Nanomon and Nanomon returned the threat to him, grabbing him so he could not escape and both would die.

Outside, the Chosen Children watched the Inverted Pyramid sink and Etemon reappear, fused with the Dark Network as Etemon Chaos.

Digimon New Century[edit]