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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Paralyze Breath [1] パラライズブレス Pararaizu Buresu Electric Stun Blast Breathes a paralyzing poison gas at the enemy, or paralyzes them with electricity.
Pitfall [4][6] 落とし穴/ピットフォール Otoshiana/Pittofōru Pitfall Digs a pitfall as a trap for an opponent, or burrows into the ground to attack the enemy from below.
Gazimon Claw [7] ガジモンクロー Gajimon Kurō
Attacks with the claws of its hands.
Booby Pit [2] ブービーピット Būbī Pitto


Evolves From[edit]

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Digimon Adventure[edit]

A group of Gazimon served Etemon.

Gazimon in Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

A Gazimon was the first of many Digimon to be captured by the Digimon Kaiser.

Digimon Tamers[edit]

A Gazimon was one of the many frozen victims of Ice Devimon.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

A Gazimon is the partner Digimon of an International Chosen Child. It evolves to Leomon to fight an Eosmon.

Digimon Adventure:[edit]

In "Clash, the King of Digimon", a group of Gazimon, alongside a group of Nanimon, followed Etemon and Volcamon as they clashed to be the King of Digimon, switching sides between both with ease. The Gazimon also dressed up as Etemon.

A group of Gazimon are part of a village formed by Digimon whose own villages were destroyed by Zanbamon before "The Gold Wolf of the Crescent Moon".

After Negamon was finally defeated in "The End of the Adventure", Machmon had a race against Rebellimon. Close to them, Etemon and Volcamon rode a Tankmon as two Kiwimon, who carried their Gazimon fans dressed as Etemon, followed them.

Gazimon in Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

In "The Land of Children", a Gazimon is seen in the Never-Ever Land of Petermon. It later evolves to Hanumon.

Gazimon in Digimon Ghost Game.


Battle!! Digital Monsters[edit]

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Gazimon is an obtainable Child level, Virus Attribute, Land Type Digimon. It can be found in Devimon's Castle. One also fights alongside Devimon in his first boss battle, and another does the same for Etemon in his final boss battle.

Digimon World 2[edit]

Gazimon is an obtainable Digimon. Can evolve to Nanimon (0+ DP).

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Gazimon appears as a Black Card.

Digimon Championship[edit]

Gazimon is an obtainable Digimon. Can be evolved from Pagumon or Moonmon if you have 20 Beast-AP. Can evolve further to Devidramon, Garurumon (Black), Numemon or Lynxmon.

Digimon Masters[edit]

Gazimon evolves to Devidramon and Deltamon.

Digimon Life[edit]

Digimon Crusader[edit]

Gazimon evolves to Dobermon.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Two Gazimon appeared in Episode 20, "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil", where the Pagumon that took over Koromon Village took the kidnapped Tokomon to them. The Pagumon explained that Tokomon came with a group of human children, which made the Gazimon realize they were the Chosen Children. One of the Gazimon left to warn Etemon about them, while the other one ordered the Pagumon to keep an eye on the humans, then took Tokomon with him.

During the morning after, Agumon tried to fight the Gazimon, who were now joined by a third, to save Tokomon. The Gazimon were unwilling to give up their hostage, however, saying how they'd sacrifice them all to Lord Etemon. Weakened, Agumon called for Yagami Taichi, who arrived soon after with the other Chosen Children. The Gazimon wondered how they were found, and Agumon explained he had secretly set off smoke signals by using Baby Flame on some dead trees. However, this was a good thing for the Gazimon, who could now deal with all of them at once.

The Gazimon trio are the twenty-first obligatory bosses of the game, fighting the Chosen Children at the end of Episode 20, "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil". They can deal damage to a single party member with Gazimon Claw or damage and Shock to a single party member with Paralyze Breath.

After being defeated, the Gazimon trio run away.

Gazimon appear as random enemies from Episode 21, "Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon" onwards. They can also use Gazimon Claw and Paralyze Breath.

In Episode 21, "Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon", Etemon reacted to something, namely Kido Jo, being caught in his Dark Network in the Colosseum, where he held his yearly concert. One of his Gazimon lackeys pointed out they were far from it, but Etemon wanted to go nonetheless, as he had set up an "interesting live" there.

A Gazimon appeared in front of the Chosen Children after they found the DigiPinecones they needed to make an invigoration medicine for Koromon in Sub-Episode 10, "Revisiting the Koromon Village". It claimed the DigiPinecones were theirs, as the tree they were from grew from the seeds they threw on the roadside a long time ago, which Takenouchi Sora called out as an obvious lie. It hurt Sora for that, which angered Koromon.

This Gazimon serves as the final boss of Sub-Episode 10, "Revisiting the Koromon Village". However, it is no stronger than any Gazimon before and thus is easily defeated.

After the Chosen Children defeated it, the Gazimon ran away.

A Gazimon that did not work for Etemon served as the producer of the namesake event of Sub-Episode 10, "DigiOne Grand Prix". He entered the Chosen Children in said event and explained to them that it was a three-round battle that happened once a year, with a prize for the winner, and gave said prize, a Lifeup, to them after their victory.

Piccolomon conjures three Gazimon to fight Jo and Gomamon as part of the former's physical training in Sub-Episode 11, "Jo's Training".

In Episode 38, "Meanwhile, with Yamato...", inside the TV Station where Ishida Hiroaki worked, going up the stairs, Ishida Yamato and Tunomon found two Gazimon who threatened him to leave everything he had to be allowed to continue unharmed. Yamato refused to, and one of the Gazimon retaliated by stealing his package. To get it back, Tunomon evolved into Gabumon and fought the Gazimon duo.

The two Gazimon are the 43rd obligatory boss of the game, fighting Gabumon at the end of Episode 38, "Meanwhile, with Yamato...". They're no stronger than the previous Gazimon fights, to the point that Were Garurumon should be able to defeat them in one normal attack each.

While they recovered the package, and the documents were fine, the lunch had gotten messed up.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Gazimon is available as a collectable card.

Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Gazimon evolves from Pagumon and can evolve to Gaogamon, Garurumon (Black), Chrysalimon, DORUgamon, Leomon, and Nanimon.

Digimon Soul Chaser[edit]

Gazimon evolves from Pagumon and can evolve to Dark Tyranomon and Dobermon.

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon Linkz[edit]

Gazimon evolves from Pagumon and can evolve to Gaogamon, Garurumon (Black), Chrysalimon, DORUgamon, Leomon, and Nanimon.

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Available as a collectable card.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Gazimon evolves from Pagumon and can evolve to Gaogamon, Garurumon (Black), Chrysalimon, DORUgamon, Leomon, and Nanimon.

A Gazimon is also one of the partner Digimon of Nogi Yu.

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Gazimon evolves from Pagumon and can evolve to Tyranomon and Raremon.

Digimon Encounters[edit]

Digimon RPG[edit]

Digimon New Century[edit]

Digimon Survive[edit]

Several Gazimon are part of Piemon's troops.

Gazimon is an obtainable Free Digimon.

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]

Virtual Pets[edit]

Digital Monster Ver. 5[edit]

Evolves from Pagumon. Can evolve to Dark Tyranomon, Cyclomon, Devidramon, Tuskmon or Raremon.

Digivice Version 1[edit]

Gazimon is an enemy Digimon in Area 01 and 02.

Digivice Version 2[edit]

Gazimon is an enemy Digimon in Area 01.





Gazimon is an enemy Digimon.

Digimon Catch Ganbare Monitamon![edit]

Digital Monster Ver.20th[edit]

Evolves from Pagumon. Can evolve to Dark Tyranomon, Cyclomon, Devidramon, Tuskmon or Raremon.

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th[edit]

Can be used as a Copymon from Digital Monster Ver.20th.

Digivice Ver.Complete[edit]

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster[edit]


Hyper Colosseum


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