Digivice Version 1

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Digivice logo.gif

Series Digivice Toy
Version Version 1
Colors Orange, Blue
Release Date July ??, 1999
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets

Partner Digimon[edit]

Area Details[edit]

  • Area 01: Gizamon, Gazimon, and Kunemon.
    • Step Count: 10,000
    • Boss: Kuwagamon
  • Area 02: Gizamon, Gazimon, and Scumon.
    • Step Count: 12,000
    • Boss: Devimon
  • Area 03: Bakemon, Shellmon, and Scumon.
    • Step Count: 14,000
    • Boss: Etemon
  • Area: 04: Bakemon, Shellmon, and Gekomon.
    • Step Count: 16,000
    • Boss: Metal Tyranomon
  • Area 05: Gekomon, Shellmon, and Airdramon.
    • Step Count: 18,000
    • Boss: Metal Seadramon
  • Area 06: Gekomon, Ogremon, and Airdramon.
    • Step Count: 20,000
    • Boss: Megadramon
  • Area 07: Dark Tyranomon, Ogremon, and Airdramon.
    • Step Count: 22,000
    • Boss: Mugendramon


  • Partner Digimon evolves into Adult with 10 victories, and to Perfect after 15 additional victories. (25 victories in total)
  • Connecting your Digivice with the Digimon Analyzer (Koushiro's Laptop) will evolve your chosen Partner into the Adult stage, skipping the battle requirement.
  • You will encounter the other Partner Digimon periodically from the HELP Wave, a victory will add them to your partner list. Only one HELP Wave will occur per Area.
  • HELP waves will appear during shaking, or after battles, indicated as a signal bar on the screen. You have three minutes to get the signal to fill up and press the button when "CATCH" appears on the screen. To fill the signal bar you must hold the black antenna of your device close to a device that radiates electrical current. (A power outlet with something plugged into it or an NFC scanning device and an NFC card both can work for this).
  • HELP waves will require you to fill the Signal Bar to be able to battle a Digimon that is guarding the Partner Digimon. If you win, the captive Digimon will join your team. If you lose, you may re-encounter the HELP wave later on in the Area. Only one successful HELP wave will appear per Area.


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Virtual Pets
Digitalmonster logo.png

Digital Monster

Pendulum logo.png


Pendulumprogress armageddonarmy logo.png

Pendulum Progress

Pendulumx logo.png

Pendulum X

Digimonaccel logo.png


Digimonmini logo.png


Digimontwin logo.png

Twin L & R

Xroswarsmini logo.png

Xros Wars Mini

Digimon catch ganbare monitamon logo.png


Digitalmonster ver20 logo.png

Digital Monster Ver.20th

Pendulum ver20 logo.png

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

Digitalmonsterx logo.png

Digital Monster X

Digitalmonsterx2 logo.png

Digital Monster X Ver.2

Digitalmonsterx3 logo.png

Digital Monster X Ver.3

Pendulumz logo.png

Digimon Pendulum Z

Pendulumzii logo.png

Digimon Pendulum Z II

Vitalbracelet digitalmonster logo2.png

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster

Vitalbracelet be logo.png

Vital Bracelet BE

Digitalmonstercolor logo.gif

Digital Monster COLOR

Digimonpendulumcolor logo.gif

Digimon Pendulum COLOR

Digivice logo.png


Digimonanalyzer logo.png

Digimon Analyzer

D3 logo.png


Dterminal logo.png


Darc logo.gif


Dscanner logo.png


Digiviceic logo.png

Digivice iC

Digiviceburst logo.png

Digivice Burst

Digiwindow logo.png


Xrosloader logo.png

Xros Loader

Applidrive logo.png

Appli Drive

Applidrive duo logo.png

Appli Drive DUO

Digivice : logo.png


Vitalbraceletdigivicev logo.png


Vitalbraceletbedigivicevv logo.png


Digivice ver15 logo.png

Digivice Ver.15th

D-3 ver15 logo.png

D-3 Ver.15th

D-ark ver15 logo.png

D-Ark Ver.15th

Digivice vercomplete logo.png

Digivice Ver.Complete

Digivice 25thcolorevolution logo.png

Digivice -25th COLOR EVOLUTION-

Pendulumcycle logo.png

Pendulum Cycle

Dgather logo.png


Dspirit logo.png


Digitalmonster dcyber logo.png


Digimonneo logo alt.png

Digimon Neo

Digimonfusionloader logo.png

Fusion Loader