Digivice Version 1

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Digivice logo.gif

Series Digivice Toy
Version Version 1
Release Date July ??, 1999
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets

Partner Digimon[edit]

Enemy Digimon[edit]

  • Area 01: Gizamon, Gazimon, and Kunemon.
    • Boss: Kuwagamon
  • Area 02: Gizamon, Gazimon, and Scumon.
    • Boss: Devimon
  • Area 03: Bakemon, Shellmon, and Scumon.
    • Boss: Etemon
  • Area: 04: Bakemon, Shellmon, and Gekomon.
    • Boss: Metal Tyranomon
  • Area 05: Gekomon, Shellmon, and Airdramon.
    • Boss: Metal Seadramon
  • Area 06: Gekomon, Ogremon, and Airdramon.
    • Boss: Megadramon
  • Area 07: Dark Tyranomon, Ogremon, and Airdramon.
    • Boss: Mugendramon


  • The Child Digimon evolves with 10 victories in battle into Adult, and the Adult Digimon to Perfect after 15 battles. You will encounter the Chosen Digimon periodically and a victory means you add them to your party.
  • Connecting your Digivice with the Digimon Analyzer (Koushiro's Laptop) will also allow you evolve your Digimon into the Perfect stage (on the version 1) or the Adult stage (on the version 2) unconditionally without the battle requirement.
  • To catch the extra Digimon you need to utilize the electric HELP wave. The HELP wave will appear randomly during shaking, or after battles. You have three minutes to get the HELP wave to fill up and press the button when "CATCH" appears on the screen. You must then fight a Digimon guarding the Digimon in the HELP wave. If you win, the Digimon being guarded will join your team. If you lose, you may re-encounter the HELP wave later on in the Island. Only one HELP wave will be encountered per island on the Version 1.


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