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The Digimon Analyzer (デジモンアナライザー Dejimon Anaraizā) is a toy based on Izumi Koushiro's laptop.

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Released along with the Digimon Adventure TV Series the Digimon Analyzer or Koushiro's Laptop. You can unlock all the Digimon on the Analyzer just by solving the puzzles. It starts with all Baby I and Baby II Digimon analyzed, and if you enter the puzzle mode, you unlock all Child, then all Adult, etc. The Digimon you can unlock are from the V-Pets Versions 1-5 and Pendulums Versions 1.0-5.0 (no Ver. 0 or .5 versions) as well as Digimon on Ver. S, Ver. WonderSwan, and the Adventure Digivice. If you analyze the .5 Pendulum Versions the Analyzer will read it as the .0 Version (Eg: Tortomon instead of Tailmon on the 1.5). Only the V-Pet and Pendulum Digimon have sprites moving around when you view their data.

The options in the Analyzer are as follows.




(play a de-scrambling game to unlock more Digimon) - Manipulating a scrambled picture of a Digimon in one of seven ways solves puzzles. Pictures of the different methods are numbered and printed to the side of the LCD screen. Pressing the corresponding number key will perform that operation on the picture. The operations are as follows:

    • Invert black/white
    • Flip vertically
    • Flip horizontally
    • Unscramble four horizontal slices
    • Unscramble four vertical slices
    • De-pixellate
    • Unscramble rectangular cross-section
    • (Although it's there, it's not used)

Picture Book (Zukan)[edit]

    • Version (look up Digimon by version)
    • Habitat (look up Digimon by habitat)
    • Other Categories.

Link to other pets for analysis[edit]

Analyzable Digimon Listing[edit]


  • Clock (look at the clock).
  • Alarm (set alarm).
  • Timer (set timer).
  • Minigame (Math Game) - Here a Digimon will appear along with two numbers. Solve the equation and a new Digimon will appear and your counter will go up.
  • Reset (Resets the clock)


(activates the "Address Book" function)

  • Data (Browse through your Address Book)
  • Register (Create a new entry)
  • Delete (Delete an existing entry)
  • Revise (Revise an existing entry)


  • Sound Option (On/Off)
  • Contrast Adjust and then something that doesn't seem to affect anything on/off
  • Help.

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