Digital Monster Ver. 2

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Series Digital Monster
Version Ver. 2
Colors white, black, clear, smoke
Release Date Japan December 1997
United States 1997
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets


Baby I[edit]

Punimon Punimon
  • Born from Egg

Baby II[edit]

Tunomon Tunomon
  • Punimon: Wait about 60 minutes.


Gabumon Gabumon
  • Tunomon: 0-3 Calls.
Elecmon Elecmon
  • Tunomon: 4+ Calls.


Kabuterimon Kabuterimon
  • Gabumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.
Garurumon Garurumon
  • Gabumon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.
Angemon Angemon
  • Gabumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
  • Elecmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.
Yukidarumon Yukidarumon
  • Gabumon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
  • Elecmon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.
Birdramon Birdramon
  • Elecmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Whamon Whamon
  • Elecmon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.
Vegimon Vegimon
  • Gabumon/Elecmon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.


Skull Greymon Skull Greymon
  • Kabuterimon/Angemon/Birdramon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.
Metal Mamemon Metal Mamemon
  • Garurumon/Yukidarumon/Whamon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.
Vademon Vademon
  • Vegimon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.


  • General
    • The counters are reset when the Digimon evolves. So, for example, nothing that happens to the newly hatched Digimon affects growth at all.
    • The requirements for Perfect Digimon are unknown at this time. Some battles are necessary.
  • Calls/Care Mistakes
    • When its hunger hearts run out, the call icon lights up. If you don't feed it for 20 minutes, it goes out again, and that's a care mistake. The same for strength. However, if BOTH hunger and strength run out, it's still only one care mistake. And if you leave it for a few hours before feeding it, and it bleeps again a few times, then even then it's only one care mistake.
    • Lights calls are straightforward - leaving the lights on for 20 minutes after it falls asleep is a care mistake.
    • Accumulating up to 4 piles of poop has no effect at all. (Larger quantities are unknown.)
  • Training
    • Only successful training is counted for evolution.
  • Overfeeding
    • To overfeed, stuff the Digimon with food until it won't eat any more. It is necessary to wait until it loses a hunger heart before overfeeding it again.
  • Sleep Disturbances
    • Wake the Digimon up by going into the Food menu, training it, or selecting the Battle option.
    • If you want to wake it, without this being counted as a wakeup, then set the clock to some time during the day. The Digimon will wake up, with no effect on the counters.