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The Digital Monster (デジタルモンスター Dejitaru Monsutā) is the first in the series of the Digimon Virtual Pet line. It has a roster of 14 Digimon and simple functions, behaving like a battling Tamagotchi. It evolves through 5 stages after hatching from the egg, beginning with the Baby I Stage and ending in the Perfect Stage.


Version Release Date Digimon
Digital Monster Ver. 1 June 26, 1997 BotamonKoromonAgumonBetamonGreymonTyranomonDevimonMeramonAirdramonSeadramonNumemonMetal Greymon (Virus)MamemonMonzaemon
Digital Monster Ver. 2 December 1997 PunimonTunomonGabumonElecmonKabuterimonGarurumonAngemonYukidarumonBirdramonWhamonVegimonSkull GreymonMetal MamemonVademon
Digital Monster Ver. 3 March 1998 PoyomonTokomonPatamonKunemonUnimonCentalmonOrgemonBakemonShellmonDrimogemonScumonAndromonGiromonEtemon
Digital Monster Ver. 4 May 1998 YuramonTanemonPiyomonPalmonMonochromonCockatrimonLeomonKuwagamonCoelamonMojyamonNanimonMegadramonPiccolomonDigitamamon
Digital Monster Ver. 5 August 1998 ZurumonPagumonGazimonGizamonDark TyranomonCyclomonDevidramonTuskmonFlymonDeltamonRaremonMetal TyranomonNanomonEx-Tyranomon

Set-Up and Game Play[edit]

Once activated, it will prompt you for a time to put on the clock. Input the times using the buttons and your egg will hatch shortly. You will see a total of 8 Icons on the border; here is a list:


To view the Digimon's status you will see numerous screens, which will include the Age/Weight, the Hunger Status, the Strength Status, the Win Ratio screen, and the Digimon Points (DP) Gauge. 1 Digimon Year = 24 hours. Weight variations will take place in the following way where G = Gigabytes.

  • Food +1G
  • Protein +2G
  • Training -2G
  • Battle -4G


Two options are given here. The top selection is a piece of meat which will increase the Digimon's Hunger. The second selection is the Protein Pill, which will increase your Digimon's Strength and replinish DP.


This is where your Digimon will train; a successful training session will increase your Digimon's strength naturally. Different versions have different types of training.

  • Version 1: Use A and B to select if the Digimon will attack high or low. Opening up the training menu already count as success even without finishing it or even losing.
  • Version 2: A Power bar will rapidly fill, and you must press A or B in order to stop the bar from moving when it is full.
  • Version 3: You must rapidly press B to build Power levels to 100%. This is similar to training on newer models such as the Mini or Twin.
  • Version 4: has a series of numbers rapidly counting to 100%, and you must stop the numbers at 100% by pressing A or B.
  • Version 5: This is a slowed-down version of the training on the Version 2.


This will allow you to fight another V-Pet to increase your Win Ratio. The more battles and higher your Win Ratio the more likely it will be you will reach the Perfect Stage. Baby I/Baby II Digimon cannot battle, and for the other Digimon, DP is necessary.


This will wipe the screen clear when your Digimon poops approximately every two hours. Your Digimon will become sick if it poops 8 times without being cleaned.


Select this option to turn the lights off when your Digimon is ready to sleep. You must do this within 20 minutes (or before the 'Call' light goes out), or it will count as a care mistake. A full 8 hours' sleep is necessary to refill the DP Gauge.


This is where you provide medical attention for your Digimon. Sometimes your Digimon will refuse the treatment, and you must keep selecting the option until it is happy again. If your Digimon gets the sickness/dying status too many times or is left untreated, it may die. Your Digimon can still get injured in battle even if it wins.

The "Call" icon[edit]

When it's lit up you have 20 minutes to respond before it goes out or you will get a care mistake. Your Digimon will only do this when its hearts run out. It will also do this when it is time to turn out the lights.

Other Options[edit]

  • Sound Option: To disable the sound press the A and C buttons at the same time.
  • Pause Option: While the V-Pets have no pause feature, you can keep it at the same time of day by bringing up the clock and hitting A and C to 'change the clock,' then leaving it so it says 'SET'. If your Digimon is sleeping, it will stay asleep so you can tend to other things. It will continue to age and evolve as usual, and when it evolves the clock will begin to advance again. This will only work if the Digimon is asleep when the clock is left on 'SET.'


  • Version 1: A training session is counted whether or not you complete all 5 rounds. It's counted if you win, if you lose, or even if you cancel in the middle. (Where there's an upper limit on the training requirement, be careful of this.)
  • Version 6 is Australia exclusives although it looks the same as any other normal Digital Monster Virtual Pet and is actually part of the Digimon Pendulum Cycle series instead.
  • In 2017 Bandai has release a remake of this original series called Digital Monster Ver.20th with plenty of new gameplay as part of the 20th Anniversary of the Digimon celebration.

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