Cyber Kowloon

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Cyber Kowloon
Cyber Kowloon
Kanji/Kana サイバー九龍
Type Town
Part of: Net Ocean (Deep Web)

Cyber Kowloon (サイバー九龍, Saibā Kyūryū), also known as simply Kowloon (九龍, Kyūryū) is an area located within the Deep Web.

In the Digimon Universe Appli Monsters manga, the city is surrounded by a magic barrier imposed by Leviathan known as Mirror Cage (鏡の檻, Kagami no Ori), which allows access from the outside, but prevents the inhabitants of the city from leaving the place. By doing so, Leviathan can select and infect any of the residents trapped in Kowloon and send them out to cause chaos in the Real World.

In the Digimon Universe Appli Monsters anime the inhabitants of the city wears white masks with hooded robes, which hide their identities from others. The Cyber Kowloon in the anime is also infested with Worms, these dangerous creatures are aggressive beasts that will attack anyone in sight.





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