Go! Go!! Digimon

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Go go digimon logo.png
Publisher Shueisha
Serialization V-Jump
Duration September 8, 1997
Volumes 1
Next Manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01
Previous Manga C'mon Digimon

Go! Go!! Digimon (ゆけ!ゆけ!!デジモン Yuke! Yuke!! Dejimon) is a four chapter manga contained in the book Digital Monster: I'll Become the Digimon King! which features the siblings Digi and Mon who aim to become Digimon Kings following the Coach's teachings. The chapters are divided into three sections, "Teach us, Coach!!" (教えて師匠!! Oshiete Shishou!!), which has the Coach giving instructions about the Digimon Pendulum, "Brother's doing!!" (兄やってんだ!! Ani Yattenda!!), and "A girl♥" (女の子だモン♥ On'nanoko da mon♥).



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