Digital Monster Ver. 5

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Series Digital Monster
Version Ver. 5
Colors skeleton green
Release Date Japan August 1998
United States 1998
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets


Baby I[edit]

Zurumon Zurumon
  • Born from Egg

Baby II[edit]

Pagumon Pagumon
  • Zurumon: Wait about 60 minutes.


Gazimon Gazimon
  • Pagumon: 0-3 Calls.
Gizamon Gizamon
  • Pagumon: 4+ Calls.


Dark Tyranomon Dark Tyranomon
  • Gazimon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.
Cyclomon Cyclomon
  • Gazimon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.
Devidramon Devidramon
  • Gazimon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
  • Gizamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.
Tuskmon Tuskmon
  • Gazimon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
  • Gizamon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.
Flymon Flymon
  • Gizamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Deltamon Deltamon
  • Gizamon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.
Raremon Raremon
  • Gazimon/Gizamon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.


Metal Tyranomon Metal Tyranomon
  • Dark Tyranomon/Devidramon/Flymon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.
Nanomon Nanomon
  • Cyclomon/Tuskmon/Deltamon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.
Ex-Tyranomon Ex-Tyranomon
  • Raremon: Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.


  • General
    • The counters are reset when the Digimon evolves. So, for example, nothing that happens to the newly hatched Digimon affects growth at all.
    • The requirements for Perfect Digimon are unknown at this time. Some battles are necessary.
  • Calls/Care Mistakes
    • When its hunger hearts run out, the call icon lights up. If you don't feed it for 20 minutes, it goes out again, and that's a care mistake. The same for strength. However, if BOTH hunger and strength run out, it's still only one care mistake. And if you leave it for a few hours before feeding it, and it bleeps again a few times, then even then it's only one care mistake.
    • Lights calls are straightforward - leaving the lights on for 20 minutes after it falls asleep is a care mistake.
    • Accumulating up to 4 piles of poop has no effect at all. (Larger quantities are unknown.)
  • Training
    • Only successful training is counted for evolution.
  • Overfeeding
    • To overfeed, stuff the Digimon with food until it won't eat any more. It is necessary to wait until it loses a hunger heart before overfeeding it again.
  • Sleep Disturbances
    • Wake the Digimon up by going into the Food menu, training it, or selecting the Battle option.
    • If you want to wake it, without this being counted as a wakeup, then set the clock to some time during the day. The Digimon will wake up, with no effect on the counters.


The pixel artwork of the Adult Digimon available on this device appear to pay homage to various monsters from the Godzilla franchise.

Digimon Godzilla
Dark Tyranomon Godzilla
Cyclomon Gigan
Devidramon Destoroyah
Tuskmon Space Godzilla
Flymon Mothra
Deltamon King Ghidora
Raremon Hedorah

Additionally, Metal Tyranomon may be based on Burning Godzilla, Nanomon may be based on the Oxygen Destroyer and Ex Tyranomon may be based on Showa Era Godzilla

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