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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Awa [2] Bubbles N/A Bubbles
Shinshukusei no aru Awa [1] Elastic Bubbles 伸縮性のある泡 N/A Bubble Blow/Elastic Bubbles Spits out elastic bubbles towards the opponent.
Shinshukusei no Awa [6] Elastic Bubbles しんしゅくせいのアワ N/A
Spits out elastic bubbles towards the opponent.


Evolves From[edit]

Evolves To[edit]



Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Mochimon is the partner of Izumi Kōshirō.

Mochimon from Digimon Adventure.
Mochimon and Kōshirō from Digimon Adventure.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

Digimon Savers[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Several Mochimon are among the pâtissières imprisoned by Matadrmon.

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Mochimon is the partner of Izumi Kōshirō.


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~New Courage~[edit]

A Mochimon is amongst the Digimon that celebrated the destruction of the polyhedron.

Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Mochimon is an obtainable Baby II Level, None Attribute, Land Type Digimon. It can be found in Continent's Fortress, Etemon's Palace, Temple of Darkness – Right, Shrine of Evil – Left, and Shrine of Evil – Right.

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers[edit]

Digimon Racing[edit]

Digimon Championship[edit]

Digimon Life[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Digimon Collectors[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Mochimon is Izumi Kōshirō's Partner Digimon. As in the anime, he first appears in this form in Episode 1, "Adrift? Island of Adventure!", then evolves into Tentomon before fighting Kuwagamon and stays in that form as his base. Mochimon is not playable, as no Digimon can be fought before Kuwagamon.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

After seeing everyone is pushing themselves to their limits, Mochimon declared that he's gonna fight to be like Taiga and the Royal Knights and warp evolved into Metal Greymon (Virus).

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Digimon Soul Chaser[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Digimon Linkz[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Digimon Encounters[edit]

Digimon New Century[edit]

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]

Virtual Pets[edit]

Digimon Pendulum Ver. 1.0 Nature Spirits & Ver. 1.5 Nature Spirits[edit]

Evolves from Bubbmon. Can evolve to Tentomon, Gottsumon or Otamamon.

Digivice Version 1 & Version 2[edit]

Mochimon is a partner Digimon. Can evolve to Tentomon.




Digimon Mini Ver. 2.0[edit]

Evolves from Bubbmon. Can evolve to Tentomon, Kunemon or Elecmon.

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th[edit]

Evolves from Bubbmon and can evolve to Gottsumon, Otamamon and Tentomon.

Digimon Pendulum Z[edit]

Appears as an enemy.



Digimon Card Game


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Virtual Pets[edit]

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Digimon Pendulum Digivice Digivice Ver. Portable

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References Notes
  1. In Digimon Xros Wars, Mochimon was one of many Digimon who were shown being converted into Raremon.