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"Asunaro Meat"
Japanese "Asunaro Meat"
Kanji/Kana アスナロミート
Romanization "Asunaro Mīto"
English "Cypress Meet"
Release Date Japan December 3, 2021
English July 9, 2023
"Orgemon Invasion"

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Chapter #3 of Digimon Dreamers



In the Real World, Kodo Ritsu went to WcDonald's as he was hungry and wanted burgers. However, before he could get there, he was summoned once again to the Digital World. Ritsu screamed at Pulsemon "my burgers!", which Pulsemon misunderstood as a human greeting, and Bokomon and Patamon started using it on each other, which got an annoyed Ritsu to correct them about it. Pulsemon then took Ritsu with him as he had good news of Asunaro Village, while a Chicomon, a Koromon, an Agumon, an Upamon, a Poyomon and a Tokomon admired Ritsu. Bokomon explained that Tanemon succeeded in selectively growing meat.

Over at the meat field, Tanemon confirmed that they had succeded at it, while Ritsu was shocked at seeing a field of meat, which was also observed by other Digimon from the village: on one side, two Agumon, a Penmon, a Mochimon, a Tunomon, and a Koromon; on the other, a Chicomon, a Betamon, a Tokomon, a third Agumon, and a Poyomon. Patamon explained that Tanemon worked hard to grow the best meat possible, and a hungry Pulsemon jumped at the meat, but Tanemon glued his feet to the ground with their Nenchakusei no Awa, as the meat was not yet ready. To cook it, an Agumon started a fire while Ritsu, Patamon, Bokomon and a Chicomon observed. Once it was ready, Tanemon allowed Pulsemon to eat it. Pulsemon found it both delicious and energizing, feeling he could evolve just by eating it. Tanemon was overjoyed at it and vowed to grow more crops so everyone could enjoy them and evolve. Pulsemon, Patamon, Bokomon, two Agumon, a Koromon and a Jyarimon kept eating the meat while exclaiming how Tanemon's meat was the best, which Tanemon found creepy as it sounded like they were eating Tanemon, so they instead offered to call it Asunaro Meat, which got Pulsemon to point out that Tanemon's meat was Asunaro Meat, which Tanemon didn't like. Bokomon and Pulsemon offered some Asunaro Meat to Ritsu, who also loved it. Pulsemon pointed out that eating the same thing would link them in mind, stomach, and soul, and indeed both were perfectly in sync while they ate and their bond kept growing stronger thanks to the Asunaro Meat, as Bokomon and Patamon pointed out. Tanemon happily wondered if their meat was the key to evolution. The full Ritsu and Pulsemon then fell asleep, to Tanemon's shock.

In another place, Koemon, flying thanks to two Pico Devimon, woke up their boss, Orgemon, and communicated to him how Asunaro Village had succeeded in growing Asunaro Meat. Meanwhile, the sleeping Ritsu and Pulsemon sleep-talked about how Tanemon's meat was the best, Tanemon wished they'd stop calling it that, and Bokomon pointed out how they were synchronized even in their sleep.

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