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"Indoor Tamer・Ritsu"
Japanese "Indoor Tamer・Ritsu"
Kanji/Kana インドアテイマー・リツ
Romanization "Indoa Teimā Ritsu"
English "The Shut-In Tamer Ritsu"
Release Date Japan November 4, 2021
English July 2, 2023
"Asunaro Meat"

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Chapter #2 of Digimon Dreamers



Kodou Ritsu was summoned once again to the Digital World, as an Agumon, a Koromon, a Chicomon, a Jyarimon and a Poromon played around in Asunaro Village. He ate and drank from a stall managed by an Agumon and a Burgamon, while Koromon, Poyomon, Bubbmon and Chicomon rode him. He found this very relaxing, and thought that it may not be so bad to be summoned into the Digital World. His relaxation was interrupted by Pulsemon, who had arrived alongside Bokomon and Patamon, shouting at him, as he hadn't called Ritsu so he'd lounge around. Instead, as his Tamer, it was his duty to make him evolve into the strongest Digimon ever. Ritsu confessed that, though he had offered to help Pulsemon, he didn't know how to. Pulsemon explained that a Digimon's bond with their Tamer could be the key to evolution, and that they'd go do some special training at the volcano. Ritsu didn't want to go, however, as he liked to spend his free time at home instead of going outdoors, which angered Pulsemon. Instead, he gave Patamon a selfie stick and a cellphone so Pulsemon could broadcast his training and Ritsu could give him advice remotely. This annoyed Pulsemon even further, making him question why he even summoned Ritsu at all then if he was going to do no more than gaming. Pulsemon then tied Ritsu up and forcefully took him alongside him, as breathing the same air would help deepen their bond, though Ritsu was against it.

Over at the volcano, Ritsu was terrified of the falling volcanic rocks coming from the erupting volcano, although Pulsemon, Bokomon and Patamon were unaffected. Pulsemon easily dodged the rocks then asked Ritsu for his advice, though that only convinced Ritsu he had none to give. Pulsemon got annoyed because he wanted to evolve, then tied Ritsu to himself so they'd bond more until their hearts became one, though Ritsu cried that he didn't want them to bond. Pulsemon then took a break because was hungry while volcanic rocks kept raining on them, which terrified Ritsu. Afterwards, Pulsemon smelled something sweet, which turned out to be Vegimon, who saw the group as a feast for themself, deep in the mountains. Patamon and Bokomon were worried as Vegimon was an Adult Digimon, but Pulsemon thought a real fight with Vegimon would give him experience to evolve. Vegimon was angry at being challenged by a Child Digimon, but Pulsemon was confident in himself because Ritsu was with him, and Digimon grew stronger with encouragement from their partners. Pulsemon and Vegimon rushed to fight each other, but Ritsu stopped Pulsemon. A volcanic rock then fell on Vegimon, defeating them instantly. Pulsemon celebrated his victory and how he was one step closer to becoming the strongest Digimon ever, although Patamon pointed out he didn't get any experience and Bokomon instead congratulated Ritsu for properly observing his surroundings, saying he had the markings of a master Tamer. From his part, Ritsu just wanted to go back to Asunaro Village and relax.

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