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"Orgemon Invasion"
Japanese "Orgemon Invasion"
Kanji/Kana オーガモン襲来
Romanization "Ōgamon Shūrai"
English "Ogremon Invasion"
Release Date Japan January 4, 2022
English July 16, 2023
"The Pulse of Evolution"

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"Asunaro Meat"

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Chapter #4 of Digimon Dreamers



As Pulsemon trained by punching a bag to become the strongest and evolve, Kodou Ritsu, who was watching him alongside Bokomon and Patamon, asked him what kind of Digimon he'd turn into after evolving. Pulsemon was confident he'd become a Bulkmon, and Bokomon pointed out they're macho and cool, though Patamon doubted if Pulsemon could evolve into one. Pulsemon was confident about it and punched the bag hard enough to send it flying, convincing himself that he was in perfect form and close to evolving, but he then got hit in the back by the returning punching bag, shocking the onlookers, with Patamon hoping he'd evolve soon. Jyarimon then interrupted their training, warning them that an Orgemon had entered Asunaro Village.

Meanwhile, Orgemon ate a big plate of Asunaro Meat, which Koemon handled, while Tanemon, Tokomon, Punimon, two Koromon, Chicomon, Poyomon, Penmon, two Agumon and Mochimon stared at them in fear. Orgemon proceeded to take the meat with him, but Tanemon tried to stop him, as the meat was made for the Digimon of the village so they'd grow strong and evolve. Orgemon easily flicked Tanemon away, and then the two Agumon, a Koromon, a Mochimon, a Chicomon, a Poyomon, a Bubbmon and a Tokomon gathered around them, trying to protect them even while terrified. Orgemon looked at them and realized that only a few of them had evolved at all, with Koemon explaining that a curse on the village prevented them from evolving. Orgemon then returned to eating the Asunaro Meat while assuring them that he'd evolve for them, with Tanemon crying due to that, however, he was stopped by a kick to the top of his head from Pulsemon, who declared that he'd keep Asunaro Village's meat safe to both Orgemon and Koemon, and the Digimon that had tried to defend Tanemon, who happily cried at his arrival. Orgemon was angry at Pulsemon, and only got more mad after the latter misunderstood his comment, so he went and punched Pulsemon in the head. Ritsu, Bokomon, Patamon, and the Digimon of Asunaro Village screamed at Pulsemon who had apparently been knocked out with a single blow, and Orgemon pointed out that, as a warrior, he made it a point not to go easy on anyone and they should not think badly of him, then tried to leave, only to stop in shock as Pulsemon got back up. Pulsemon taunted him to attack him again, claiming that he'd evolve, and Orgemon punched him in the head again, convincing himself that he must've accidentally held back earlier. Once again, Orgemon tried to leave, only for Pulsemon to get back up for a second time. Orgemon let loose a storm of blows on Pulsemon, to the fear of Ritsu, Bokomon and Patamon, but Pulsemon merely got up again. Furthermore, he was only getting more excited, as the more pain he endured, the closer he was to evolving, and laughed while ordering Orgemon to keep hurting him, freaking out the latter, while Ritsu just looked at him with a smile, accustomed to his partner's behaviour. Nonetheless, he tried to stop Pulsemon from pushing it too far, while Orgemon got extremely angry.

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