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The D-Terminal (D-ターミナル D-Tāminaru) is an electronic device released in conjunction with the D-3 Toy digivice, based on the same items used by the Chosen Children in Digimon Adventure 02. It was released in several territories and there are some differences between them.




Select this option to battle another Digimon. The Digimon's data will be added to the Picture Book and the opponent Digimon will register a normal battle, the D-Terminal doesn't battle.

Single Play[edit]


Starts a battle with a Digimon who will get added to your dictionary if you beat it. You battle using one of the five Digimon you place in your Cage and will be prompted to select one before each battle.


Two options.

           Analysis (Kaiseki): Solve the puzzles to unlock the specific Digimon.
           Translation: Translates Japanese to Digicode.
           Picture Book (Zukan):
               Digimon Zukan: It lets you page though your Digimon Picture Book. Scroll through the Digimon, if you find a Digimon with a down arrow press down and select that Digimon. Find another compatible Digimon and you can merge them to create a Digimental (combination details). Your Digimon will remain there, so you can create infinite Digimentals.
               Cage: Select 5 Digimon to battle with in the Coliseum.
                   Check the Data of your 5 Digimon.
                   Register (Touroku): Add Digimon to the cage.
                   Release (Kaijo): Remove Digimon in the cage. 
               Digimental: This is where you browse your Digimental and lets you combine them. Select three Digimentals to combine them (combination details). 

Data Communication[edit]

Connect and Battle other Electronic Toys. Transfer Items.

       T-Battle: Battles Digivices, D-3's, etc. Similar to a Coliseum Battle.
       D-Battle: Battle Digivices, D-3's, etc.
           DM: Digimon V-Pet
           DMP: Digimon Pendulum
           D.Vice: Original Digivice
           D-3: The D-3 Digivice
           DMT: Digimon Terminal 
       DM-Trade: Trades or Transfers Digimentals with the D-3 and D-Terminal 
   WS Communication: Battle and Trade with the WonderSwan games.
       D-Battle: Battle with a WonderSwan game.
       DM Trade: Trade/Transfer Digimentals with the WonderSwan.
       Transmission (Data Soushin): Trades Digimon entries with the WonderSwan games. 
       Clock (a clock)
       Alarm (turn on/off, set alarm)
       Timer (counts down, can be set for 1-60 minutes, can be stopped and started again)
       Reset (lets you set the time) 
       Sound On/Off

NOTE Should you for any reason want to reset your D-Terminal follow the next set of instructions.

   Turn off your D-terminal.
   Press reset while holding down A and B, and a black screen will come up.
   Press the arrow pad to the right to get the "Test Mode" menu.
   Select the new option with the 'A' Button. (It will have the letters "ROM" in English with some Japanese text)
   Allow it to go through all 3 or 4 screens.
   Press the B Button on the final screen to go back to the black screen.
   Turn the D-terminal off and on again.

Image Gallery[edit]


Dterminal 1.jpg Dterminal 2.jpg Dterminal 3.jpg Dterminal gold 1.jpg
D-Terminal D-Terminal D-Terminal D-Terminal
(Imperialdramon Color Ver.)
Dterminal gold 2.jpg Dterminal gold 3.jpg
(Imperialdramon Color Ver.)
(Imperialdramon Color Ver.)

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