D-3 Version 2

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Series D-3 Toy
Version Version 2
Colors white/red
Release Date September 18, 2000
Language Japanese, English
List of Virtual Pets

Partner Digimon[edit]



Enemy Digimon[edit]

Secret Digimon[edit]


  • If you clear all Areas within 130,000 steps or less, the Boss Digimon and others will become available to join your party.
  • Digimentals can be gained through the methods described.
  • Adult Digimon can only be gained by getting 4 specific Digimentals.
  • Perfect Digimon require a Jogress with another D-3 of the same version.
  • Ultimate Digimon require a Jogress with specific Digimon from the WonderSwan games; Tag Tamers or D-1 Tamers.
  • The Secret Digimon appear randomly in the designated area.