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Tagtamers logo.png

Box Art
Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers Box Art
Name Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers
System WonderSwan
Release Date August 03, 2000
Language Japanese

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers (デジモンアドベンチャー02 タッグテイマーズ, Dejimon Adobenchā 02 Taggu Teimāzu) is a video game.


Several months later since the event of Anode / Cathode Tamer where Ryo defeated Millenniumon. The story takes place around the event of Our War Game!, where Ryo and his friend Ken in Ken's house, watching Taichi's War Greymon and Yamato's Metal Garurumon almost losing against a Diablomon. With the help of everyone around the world, Diablomon is finally defeated thanks to the newly Jogress Evolution of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, Omegamon.

A few days later, V-mon appears from Ken's computer and have to bring Ryo and Ken to the Digital World. Piccolomon also already called out Taichi and Agumon for another help, while Gennai orders Ryo and V-mon to defeat an enemy that appears to be a Diablomon's clone. However, it soon proves to be a trap laid by Millenniumon to lure Ryo back into the Digital World. Milleniummon then creates a mirror site that not only separate Ryo, V-mon, and Piccolomon with the others, but also immobilize Taichi and Agumon. Meanwhile, Ken is able to meet his own partner Wormmon, and both of them are tasked by Gennai to help Ryo defeat Millenniumon by chipping away its wicked power of both original and replica worlds simultaneously.


Unlike its predecessor, Tag Tamers uses a more classic turn-based game that remove any grid-based movements in the battle mechanics. This time Ryo is able to evolve his Digimon depending on its Jogress Point, thus encourages players to Jogress their Digimon as many as possible in the Digitamamon's Jogress Room after Ken already obtained his own D-3.

Digimon's stats are purely determined by Rank and Evolution Line and a higher Rank will more likely influence the Jogress result than a lower Rank. Several Evolution Line can be only unlocked by Jogressing any two certain Digimon, and as the story progressed the player can find Digimoji tablets that list those required Digimon. However, only V-mon and Wormmon are unable to Jogress during the main storyline.

A Digimon species can only learn its signature Tech naturally and only have up to 5 different Techs. The Techs can be only added by Jogressing, and any Techs learned by the parents can be passed down to the Jogressed Digimon. After winning the battle, the Jogressed Digimon can remember the up to 10 Techs from its parents (including to its own Tech), but if the Tech is forgotten, the Digimon can no longer relearn it anymore.

The battle involves around 13 different kind of elemental attacks that is weak to or resisted by a number of Digimon species. In the dungeons, the players can obtain Digimentals that not only useful for enhance the resistance of a elemental attack, but also allow a certain Digimon to Armor Evolution and use its Techs during the battle. Some Digimental, however, only can be obtained by bringing any 3 Digimental pieces to the Centalmon's Digimental Room.



Obtainable Digimon[edit]


The First Pressing of this game came with an Anime Moon Millenniumon Card.

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