Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution

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Box Art
Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution Box Art
Digimon Rumble Arena Box Art
Name Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution
Usa.png Digimon Rumble Arena
System PlayStation
Release Date JapanDecember 6, 2001
United StatesFebruary 24, 2002
EuropeJuly 12, 2002
Language Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian

Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution (デジモンテイマーズ バトルエボリューション, Dejimon Teimāzu Batoru Eboryūshon) is a video game.



Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution is a fighting game. There are seven different fields which can be played on. By taking and dealing damage, characters can fill their evolution gauge and evolve to their Ultimate level for a short period of time. After going through each stage and beating the final boss, Gokumon, the player can unlock that character's evolution for play anytime. Some hidden characters can also be unlocked this way.

During battle, each player has a bar that measures their current HP left. Occasionally, Digimon Cards will fall onto the field and can be picked up by the players to be used at a convenient time. Some cards contain elemental attacks, while others power-ups which can increase the digimon's evolution gauge.

Between some stages, Culumon hosts small mini games.


Playable Characters

Playable characters[edit]

Unlockable Characters[edit]

  • Black War Greymon: unlocked by beating him when he challenges you in the story mode.
  • Gokumon: unlocked by beating the story mode.
  • Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode: unlocked by beating the story mode with V-mon and Wormmon. (Tamers: Motomiya Daisuke and Ichijouji Ken)
  • Impmon: unlocked by beating the story mode with Guilmon, Terriermon and Renamon.
  • Omegamon: unlocked by beating the story mode with Agumon and Gabumon. (Tamers: Yagami Taichi and Ishida Yamato (Our War Game))

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