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Box Art
Digimon Savers: Another Mission Box Art
Digimon World Data Squad Box Art
Name Digimon Savers: Another Mission
Usa.png Digimon World Data Squad
System Playstation 2
Release Date November 30, 2006
September 18, 2007
Language Japanese English

Digimon Savers: Another Mission (デジモンセイバーズ アナザーミッション, Dejimon Seibāzu Anazā Misshon) is a video game.


When children start to disappear, the DATS is called in to investigate. Upon being joined by Kagura Tsukasa (whose sister Yuma is one of the victims), the DATS end up facing the Seven Great Demon Lords and discover that the children have become an incarnation that they use to convey its will. After that, it is revealed that Tsukasa was the one who freed the Demon Lords in order to release and control the strongest of them, Lucemon Falldown Mode.


The Player is able to control the four main characters from Digimon Savers along with their Digimon. There is a new, exciting swing to the gameplay: Depending on how you treat your Digimon, it evolves differently. Because of this, the game is classified in the genre "Dramatic/Innovative".

Also, there is a new form of Evolution used. The Galactica Evolution System is intuitive, it determines to what a Digimon can evolve. Even right in the middle of a battle it can occur that a Digimon who has met all requirements evolves. Those Requirements are things like "Friendship increased to 70%", "Use command "guard" at least 40+ times", "STAT is at least 100" or "level is at 20". If the Digimon evolves outside of Battle, the Player can choose which Digimon it should evolve to.

The Digimon in "Digimon Savers: Another Mission" can tell the player how they like to be treated, or what they would like to do in battle. This emotional engine gives every Digimon its own Personality, strengths and weaknesses. The Digimon can communicate directly with the Player and they have their own voice actors speaking for them.

The Battle System is easy to learn and clearly defined. There are four commands called "Action", "Guard", "Support" and "Escape". Under these commands are different actions the Digimon may take, like "Flee" or "Warp" for "Escape", and the different attacks for "Action". You can see which buttons follow which command by their color.


Original Characters[edit]

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The First Pressing of this game came with a special Shine Greymon Battle Terminal card. This card does not feature an artwork but the in-game 3D model of Shine Greymon.

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