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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Foxfire [4][N 1] フォックスファイアー Fokkusufaiā Fox Fire[2], Howling Blaster Breathes high-temperature flames from its mouth.
Freeze Fang [6] フリーズファング Furīzu Fangu Freeze Fang Bites an enemy with icy fangs.
Ice Cannon [7] アイスキャノン Aisu Kyanon
Fires balls of ice from its mouth.
Wolf Cry [2] ウルフクライ Urufu Kurai Howling Wolf[2] Howls a powerful shockwave.[2]
Ice Wall [8] アイスウォール Aisu Uōru Ice Wall[2] Breathes out a wall of ice to repel attacks.[2]
Garuru Thrust [5] ガルルスラスト Garuru Surasuto
Attacks with its claws.


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Digimon Savers[edit]

In "The Masaru-Agumon Combo Dissolves?! Squalling Garurumon", an Elecmon that realized in the vicinity of the city district evolved to Garurumon. It was defeated by Geo Greymon.

Garurumon from Digimon Savers


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Garurumon (Black) is an unobtainable Digimon.

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Garurumon (Black) is a Hand-To-Hand Virus type, Adult level Digimon. It evolves from Gabumon, Gabumon (Black), and Tukaimon, and can evolve to Were Garurumon (Black), Doumon, and Etemon. If the poop gauge hits max, it will evolve into Platinum Scumon.

Kurorin is the partner of Kurocchi, rivals to Takuto or Shiki.

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References Notes
  1. Foxfire is a bluish or greenish bioluminescence given off by certain fungi.