Kurorin and Kurocchi

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Kurorin and Kurocchi
Kurorin and Kurocchi
Kanji/Kana クロりん/クロっち
Dub Name Blackie and Blackosaurus

Kurorin (Gabumon (Black)) and Kurocchi (Agumon (Black)) are two Digimon in Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition, that fight Takuto or Shiki on multiple occasions.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Gabumon (Black) and Agumon (Black)
Adult Garurumon (Black) and Greymon (Blue)
Perfect Were Garurumon (Black) and Metal Greymon (Blue)
Ultimate Metal Garurumon (Black) and Black War Greymon
Omegamon Zwart



Video Games[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Kurorin and Kurocchi first encounter Takuto (-next 0rder-) or Shiki at MOD Ship Cape. They lose three times in a row however and retreat.

The pair later reappear at Great Fault Ex Machina, having evolved to Garurumon (Black) and Greymon (Blue), and fight the duo once again, twice in a row. After their second defeat, they suddenly gain the power to evolve to Were Garurumon (Black) and Metal Greymon (Blue), but are still unable to defeat Takuto/Shiki's team. They then retreat once more.

The pair run into Takuto/Shiki one last time at the Infinity Cauldron, having evolved to Metal Garurumon (Black) and Black War Greymon. After yet another defeat, they Jogress into Omegamon Zwart in a final attempt to defeat their rivals, but they are only able to maintain the fusion for a few seconds and are forced to admit defeat, after which they flee the area one last time.

Image Gallery[edit]

Agumon black.jpg Gabumon black.jpg Greymon black2.jpg Garurumon black.jpg Metalgreymon virus.jpg Weregarurumon black.jpg
Agumon (Black) Gabumon (Black) Greymon (Blue) Garurumon (Black) Metal Greymon (Blue) Were Garurumon (Black)
Blackwargreymon.jpg Metalgarurumon black.jpg Omegamon zwart.jpg
Black War Greymon Metal Garurumon (Black) Omegamon Zwart