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Box Art
Digimon Linkz Box Art
Name Digimon Linkz
Usa.png Digimon Links
System Smart Phone
Release Date Japan March 24, 2016
United States Europe Korean (한국어) | Asia October 3, 2017
Language Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English

Digimon Linkz (デジモンリンクス, Dejimon Rinkusu) is a video game.

Worldwide service was terminated at the end of July 30, 2019.

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Dragon's Light Chapter 1
Part 1 - Disaster
The game's story begins when Linkz first logs into the Digital World and then meets Kurihara Hina. As she introduces the Digital World, an unexpected event, called by Hina "fragmentation", begins to occur. Hina asks Linkz to help them both get to the event before the world collapses. After the first fights, Hina thanks Linkz for helping to collect Clusters, material that helps restore the Digital World from fragmentation, but says she still has something to worry about. Then the warning signal, and Hina can detect a high level of fragmentation coming well below the Digital World. She asks Linkz to investigate and find clues, saying that she will always be there for him whenever he needs help.

Part 2 - Pursuit
Approaching the location indicated by Hina, Linkz receives a message of thanks from her saying that she is receiving plenty of underground data, with which she has managed to formalize an image of a magma river where data had been expelled. She reports that the place is a cave and that the local temperature is rising "astronomically". With the collected data, Hina discovers that Digimon is Fire-immune, which explains why he survives at that location, she also says he has an incredible power level and can use his Signature and Legacy Skills in series, alerting Linkz to fight against him can be extremely difficult.

Part 3 - Dragon's Silhouette
The alarm sounds again indicating that a Digimon has appeared. Hina deduces that it is the "underground Digimon", she manages to send an image of it to Payer: its Volcanicdramon, that comes from the river of magma roaring furiously! It comes very close to where Linkz is investigating, and Hina asks Linkz to find him.

Part 4 - Restlessness
Volcanicdramon flies away from the cave. Hina informs Linkz that he flew to another location, but warns it is extremely powerful and a fight with it was narrowly avoided. Even so, the effects of the appearance of Volcanicdramon begin to cause worrying signals in various locations, with several Digimon causing rampages and strange phenomena occurring, such as mutation of some Digimon (Shine Greymon, Sakuyamon, Gaioumon, Herakle Kabuterimon, Dianamon and Plesiomon). Hina again says that she will always be there for Linkz and relies on him to restore the Digital World.

Dragon's Light Chapter 2: Fire Blasting Dragon's Awakening

Hina asks to talk to Linkz about an independent investigation that she did on her own realizing that several powerful Digimon were causing problems. She discovers several "outbreaks" around where they first met Volcanicdramon. She identified data anomalies at outbreak centers that didn't appear to be simple fragmentations. She asks Linkz to investigate for her, telling her that she will be his guide.

Back at the volcano where the cave and the magma river were, Linkz begins to descend deeper for clues at Hina's request. Despite the problems, Hina can improve the connection signal between the two. She says that something down there generates a lot of noise that interferes with the communication connection between them. She asks Linkz to be careful, as something unbelievable awaits them soon after. Near where Volcanicdramon was seen before, the data signal starts to get even stronger, but it seems that nothing has changed there so far, but to Hina's surprise there is a huge amount of data in DigiTama form. At Hina's request, Linkz tries to collect the data for analysis, but some crazed Digimon appear to attack and stop them, but hey are easily defeated.

Before Linkz can collect the data, it begins to multiply, causing a tremendous tremor. Soon, the data in the form of DigiTama shock, and Vorvomon is born. Linkz takes care of Vorvomon and takes him to Hina. She wants to analyze it to find out if it has any connection with the riots and fragmentations.

After Vorvomon's "rescue", Hina detects that Volcanicdramon is approaching Linkz's Farm quickly, and informs him to prepare for battle, but Volcanicdramon is already too close. Another warning sign informs Hina that data around the Farm is being rewritten as volcano zone data, and starting to rewrite surrounding data as well, this is the true power of Volcanicdramon. Hina asks Linkz to try to push him away so she can restore local data, or the whole Digital World will have his data rewritten by it. After a tough fight, Volcanicdramon flies away and the Digital World slowly recovers, but Hina realizes that the connections between areas of the Digital World are still unstable with a lot of interference going on with each other. She regrets not finding a solution to the problem and warns Linkz that an area of ​​her Farm has had its data rewritten by the Volcanicdramon attack, this process used certain top-level codes that allow access and editing of the Digital World mainframe, but by using the "Key Codes", they can become able to control the data that interferes with the restoration and stabilize the situation! However, Hina could not locate the key codes because of powerful Digimon interference nearby. Hina again asks Linkz for help finding them and wonders how Volcanicdramon has access to Mainframe, wondering if he ever played a major role in Digital World...

Linkz then encounters each of the Seven Great Demon Lords... different? Volcanicdramon rewrote their data, making it Mutant Digimon! And each of them got a key code! Linkz decides to fight with everyone for the restoration of the Digital World!

With all key codes, Hina can stabilize Digital World links, but the restore program has a small problem starting up: she needs to have Administrator access to change data just like on a computer. Hina search the IP to execute the command but... the IP is Volcanicdramon!?

After a long investigation, Hina learns a few things about changing the Digital World data. Enabling key codes required Volcanicdramon IP authentication. She analyzed Vorvomon's data, but only part of the IP was in its data, the rest was lost, and could only be found in Volcanicdramon himself, who attacked Linkz Farm in search of the part of the IP that resided in Vorvomon's data. Hina discovers more underground data, deducing that Volcanidramon will attack again to "finish what it started", and they will need Vorvomon's help, so Hina asks Linkz to train him. After that, there is a new fight with Volcanidramon, in which Linkz collects new data for Hina.

She discovers that much data not used by humans is discarded in the Digital World. Even with this world being made in part by this data, much of it is generated for a long time. Hina found that unused data was broken and manipulated by Volcanidramon at the Lava Zone. However, the amount of data from the Human World surpassed the manipulative capacity, forcing the areas of the world to break apart. Because of this, Digital World security protocols were enabled and the countdown began: all the old date would be deleted and rebooted from scratch, but Volcanicdramon couldn't let it end like this...

To protect the world, Volcanicdramon continued to manipulate existing data to slow the countdown, Hina explains that this was the reason why she was able to restore the rewritten data too, but unfortunately, Volcanicdramon was unsuccessful. The Vorvomon Linkz finds was made up of data that Volcanicdramon was able to save through a backup before being rebooted. The reboot caused him to lose all its abilities, entering a state of rage that drifted aimlessly. He only remembered the mission of destroying data and the problem with the core data. That's why Volcanicdramon was attacking Hina and Linkz, in addition to restoring the data he was trying to destroy, they were accompanied by Vorvomon.

The day to activate key codes to restore the links has finally come! And with that, Hina and Linkz's goodbye too... Hina begins the restoration process so that the Digital World links won't break so easily again. During the process, Hina reveals herself to be an artificial intelligence programmed to act as a "tutorial" for newcomers to the Digital World. Hina activates the key codes and sadly says goodbye to Linkz. The world is finally restored...

Dragon's Light Side Story: Letter

Hina introduces herself to Linkz again after he logs in to the Digital World after his restoration, as she said, she's just a program. The Metallicdramon battle event serves as simulations of recalled data from Metallicdramon's past battles. In fights its possible to extract data to evolve Jazamon, and Hina will help Linkz to train and evolve this Digimon.

Hina tells Linkz that she can understand a little about Metallicdramon while collecting its data. It functions as a counterpart of Volcanicdramon: while Volcanicdramon rules the earth, Metallicdramon rules the heavens. Metallicdramon is also adept at manipulating old Digital World's data, reconfiguring Human World's data to assist in the development of the Digital World. The Digital World was able to grow and develop thanks to the data stream connecting the earth and the heavens. Hina then invites Linkz to evolve Jazamon to its Ultimate form.

Hina reveals that she had some of Jazamon's data, which was created from the data bytes reconfiguration of evolution that Linkz collected during the Metallicdramon fight. The data looked like a letter, Hina doesn't know the sender, but is addressed to Linkz:


If you're reading this, that means Metallicdramon has reclaimed its former power.
If I had told you then that we would hat to part ways, I know you wouldn't have activated the key codes.
I apologize for not saying goodbye.
But when the key codes were activated and my action logs were reseted to their default settings, and I went back to being just a navigation AI.
I realized there was still so much...
...I wanted to tell you...
In reality the data from that realization should have been deleted without a trace, too.
But this is the Digital World, the place where data no one use has use for anymore ends up...
And in that moment, Metallicdramon saved my deleted data.
It reconstructed my desire, and created a way for me to send you a message, if even just a small one.
I'm glad I choose your device back then, to back up the Digital World's data to...
I'm glad I choose you.
My data... my desire will soon become fragmented.
That data will be returned and integrated into different parts of the Digital World.
I hope that someday something that used to be a part of me encounters you again.
Until that time, goodbye for now!
Hehe, Linkz,
Being with you...
getting to know you..."

Hina says she doesn't know exactly who sent the message, but it's easy to know how she felt about Linkz. She smiles and invites Linkz to follow her so she can continue showing him the Digital World.






  • Recolored Digimon below known as Mutant Digimon are marked with asterisks.
  • Digimon with dot sprite appearances are marked with double asterisks.



Image Gallery[edit]

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Picture of the Digital World Picture of the Digital World


Kurihara hina.jpg Kurihara hina1.jpg Kurihara hina2.jpg Kurihara hina3.jpg
Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina
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Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina
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Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina Kurihara Hina
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Kurihara Hina



Meicoomon Linkz.jpg
Goldnumemon linkz.jpg
Gold Numemon


Machgaogamon Linkz.jpg
Mach Gaogamon
Meicrackmon vicious linkz.png
Meicrackmon Vicious Mode
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Alphamon linkz.jpg
Beelzebumon linkz.jpg
Diablomon linkz.jpg
Dukemon crimson linkz.jpg
Dukemon: Crimson Mode
Imperialdramon paladin linkz.jpg
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode
Metalgarurumon linkz.jpg
Metal Garurumon
MirageGaogamon burst linkz.jpg
Mirage Gaogamon: Burst Mode
Omegamon linkz.jpg
Ravmon burst linkz.jpg
Ravmon: Burst Mode
Rosemon burst linkz.jpg
Rosemon: Burst Mode
Shinegreymon linkz.jpg
Shine Greymon
Shinegreymon burst linkz.jpg
Shine Greymon: Burst Mode
Ulforcevdramon linkz.jpg
Ulforce V-dramon
Wargreymon linkz.jpg
War Greymon
Wargreymon linkz2.jpg
War Greymon
Wargreymon linkz3.jpg
War Greymon


Digimon Linkz poster
Digimon Linkz promo art
Digimon Linkz promo art
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Links English banner
Digimon Links English promo
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz poster
Digimon Linkz poster
Digimon Linkz poster
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz smart phone wallpaper
Digimon Linkz



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