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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Tekken Seibai [4] Furrow-sword Judgment 轍剣成敗 N/A Judgement of the Blade[6]/Tekken Seibai[7] Slices the enemy to pieces with the blades on its arms while moving at high speed.
Schwertgeist [4] Deu: "Sword Ghost" シュベルトガイスト Shuberutogaisuto Weltgeist[6]/Schwertgeist[7] Uses an omnidirectional counter technique alongside "Atho", "René", and "Por" that meets every enemy attack with their nine blades.
OS Generics [4]
アウスジェネリクス Ausu Generikusu Aus Generics[6]/OS Generics[8]
Temporarily rewrites its own data to perform actions that transcend the laws of nature.[4]
Zigzags in the air, leaving behind afterimages, then slashes the enemy in the shape of an X with the blades on its arms.[8]
Un Pour Tous [9] Fra: "One For All" アン プール ツス An Pūru Tsusu Un Pour Tous[9] Fires a beam of energy from a triangular shield formed by "Atho", "René", and "Por".


Fires energy balls from its hands.


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Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Jesmon is the evolved form of Hackmon, a servant of Homeostasis. Hackmon takes this form in "Confession", in a fight with Alphamon in the post-Reboot Digital World, and in "Coexistence" when Homeostasis tasks him with destroying Meicoomon. Hackmon evolves to Jesmon last in "Our Future" to prevent Ordinemon from running away. He cuts off one of her wings, releasing Tailmon from inside her body.

Jesmon in Digimon Adventure tri.
Jesmon in Digimon Adventure tri.


Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

Jesmon is one of the Royal Knights. It was tasked with helping Craniummon (X-Antibody) and Sleipmon (X-Antibody) in Old Digital World. It evolves in Jesmon (X-Antibody).

Jesmon in Digimon Chronicle X.
Jesmon sensing Anubimon's call for help in the Dark Area.

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Digimon ReArise[edit]

Jesmon is Mon's Partner Digimon and is also a member of the Royal Knights.

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