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Player (New Century)
Player male new century 2.jpgPlayer female new century 2.jpg
Kanji/Kana 剑道稽古 / 花蕾拉拉
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The Player's name defaults to the name set in the user's social media page used to access the game (WeChat or QQ) though the male's canon name is Jiàndào Jīgǔ (剑道稽古?) and the female's is Huālěi Lālā (花蕾拉拉?)[1].



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Player male new century 2.jpg Player female new century 2.jpg Player male new century.jpg Player female new century.jpg Player new century 2.jpg Player new century.jpg
(Jīgǔ) (Lālā) (Jīgǔ - Alternate design) (Lālā - Alternate design) (Models) (Models - Alternate design)
Old players new century.jpg Digimon new century protagonist halloween outfit b.jpg Digimon new century animal outfits.jpg Digimon new century protagonist christmas outfit b.jpg Digimon new century chiense new year protagonist.jpg Digimon new century valentines male.jpg
(Beta designs) (Halloween) (Animal) (Christmas) (Chinese New Year) (Valentines - Jīgǔ)
Digimon new century valentines female.jpg Digimon new century january 2023 art.jpg
(Valentines - Lālā) Illustration for the Digimon New Century Official Weibo

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