Digimon Adventure tri. - Chapter 5

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共生 ("Coexistence ")

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Title 共生
Translation "Coexistence"
Romanization Kyousei
Airdate September 30, 2017
Duration ???
TV Network English N/A
Opening None (cinematic release)

Butter-Fly~tri.version~ (Crunchyroll release)

Ending アイコトバ
Insert brave heart~tri.version~
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Act 1[edit]

The Mysterious Man attacks Mochizuki Meiko while she is separated from the other Chosen Children, deliberately provoking Meicoomon into releasing itself and becoming Meicrackmon Vicious Mode again. Meicrackmon's power creates massive distortions in the Digital World, opening portals to the real world through which many Digimon escape. When Meiko tries to call to her, Meicrackmon attempts to attack her, but misses when Yagami Taichi tackles Meiko out of the path of her claws. After a moment of hesitation, Meicrackmon flees into the real world through one of her distortions. Meiko and Takaishi Takeru tell tell the group what the Mysterious Man said about Meicoomon being "the key to destroying the world" and how she "should never have been born".

Elsewhere in the Digital World, Himekawa Maki witnesses the disruptions tearing the Digital World apart and continues her search for Bakumon, deluded into thinking that this time she and Bakumon will be chosen to save the Digital World.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Meicrackmon is rapidly traveling around the world through its distortions. Its presence causes malfunctions in electronic equipment around the world, taking down weather satellites and seismometers and triggering false disaster alarms, prompting evacuations. The Digimon that have escaped into the real world have taken up stationary positions in various places, while authorities hold emergency meetings. Hysteria about the Digimon and the threat they pose starts spreading around the population, even worse than after the Kuwagamon attack. Yagami Yuuko watches a news report on all of these incidents and decides to prepare lunch for Taichi and Hikari for when they return.

While discussing Meicoomon, her history with Meiko and her effects on the real world, Nishijima Daigo and Professor Mochizuki are visited by Hackmon, who warns them that Meicoomon has become so powerful that it threatens the stability and harmony of the worlds, that Meiko can no longer keep her in check, and that Homeostasis has decided to destroy her immediately. Nishijima receives a call telling him that the Japan Self-Defense Force is being mobilized, and Hackmon reveals that arrangements have already been made with the Japanese government for them to assist Homeostasis's agents in destroying Meicoomon, before leaving. This news enrages Nishijima, who feels as if the Chosen Children have been betrayed and cast aside as useless.

Act 2[edit]

In the Digital World, the Chosen Children are trying to find a way back to the real world to stop Meicoomon, but the Digital World itself begins attacking them. They are attacked by enraged Digimon, the terrain starts shifting and disappearing on them, and vines emerge from the ground to trap them. Hikari begins to think that the Digital World specifically hates them as a nuisance and is trying to remove them. The world suddenly turns to night and the Chosen Children make camp, where Meiko starts feeling guilty about having failed as a partner to Meicoomon and having caused all of this to happen. Taichi, Hikari, Sora and Yamato try to cheer her up and promise to help her save Meicoomon, reminding her that the Chosen Children are a team and that she doesn't have to deal with the problem alone.

In the real world, Meicrackmon attacks a geothermal power plant and causes an enormous explosion; a news report on the attack mentions that governments are now responding to the Digimon threat with force.

The next morning in the Digital World, after a sudden rainfall stops, the Chosen Children find themselves in the same woods where they first met their partner Digimon six years prior. A distortion opens beneath their feet and they are thrown back into Tokyo in the real world. A crowd of nearby people react negatively to the sight of their Digimon, drawing the attention of the police. They are pursued by the police for having Digimon and are cornered in a parking lot, where Izumi Koshiro sends the Digimon back to his private server to hide them from the police. The Chosen Children are apprehended by police and taken in for questioning about the threat Digimon pose to the real world, but are bailed out by Nishijima using his government credentials.

Because the Chosen Children's homes are being surrounded by the media after their identities were leaked to the press, Nishijima takes custody of the Chosen Children with their parents' consent and takes them to Taichi and Yamato's high school, since it is empty for the summer break. Nishijima updates them on everything Meicrackmon has been doing in the real world in their absence and on Homeostasis's decision. Though they disagree and argue about what they should do, Takeru and Koshiro realize that Meicrackmon might have been targeted by Yggdrasill's minions to begin with because, in addition to having immense destructive power, it could act as a "switch" to trigger the Digimon stationed around the world to start attacking. Koshiro suspects that Yggdrasill wanted the Chosen Children removed from the Digital World.

Act 3[edit]

The Chosen Children and their Digimon spend the night at the high school, and Nishijima brings them dinner. To cheer everyone up from being depressed about the crisis, Takeru and Patamon decide that they should tell each other scary stories by torchlight, to Yamato's dismay. Nishijima returns (slamming the door open right in the middle of Meiko's scary story, inadvertently terrifying everyone in the room) to tell them that he has a hotel booking ready for them, but they choose to remain at school. On Nishijima's advice, the children call home to tell their parents where they are.

Later that night, Taichi overhears Meiko ruminating to herself about Meicoomon and how she failed to help her and "be her hope". Taichi tries to cheer her up while the partner Digimon watch from above, but accidentally snaps at her when she starts wondering if her own existence is the only reason that Meicoomon ended up the way she did. Taichi apologises and leaves, but Agumon comes out to talk to Meiko and make up for Taichi at Piyomon's request. Although he starts off with a few stupid comments, much to the dismay of the other partner Digimon, his simple naivete cheers Meiko up and reminds her that Meicoomon probably still loves her.

Agumon then finds Taichi elsewhere, where he is thinking about everything that has happened and how he no longer has the same confidence in what he should do that he had as a child. Agumon advises Taichi that he should just act on his instincts.

Act 4[edit]

The next morning, Meicrackmon appears in Tokyo and causes Koshiro's laptop to go haywire. The Chosen Children and Nishijima confront her and Meiko tries unsuccessfully to plead with her to come back and share her pain. The eight partner Digimon all evolve to the Perfect level and confront her, inadvertently scaring her and thus powering her up even more. Meiko senses that Meicrackmon is scared and in pain, Koshiro observes on his laptop that the distortion surrounding Meicrackmon has increased, and Nishijima speculates that fear has been increasing Meicoomon's power all along. Even together, the eight Digimon are unable to stop Meicrackmon.

JESmon appears from a light in the sky, having come to kill Meicrackmon, but his arrival terrifies even further to the point of evolving into Raguelmon: that is, exactly what Yggdrasill and the Mysterious Man wanted to happen all along. Raguelmon's very existence starts eating away at the world and buildings around it. As she fights JESmon, the Chosen Children realize that Homeostasis has turned its back on them, and that it was the will of Homeostasis, and not Yggdrasill, that removed them from the Digital World. Taichi begins to question who their real enemy is.

The fight between Raguelmon and JESmon damages surrounding buildings, and the partner Digimon protect the Chosen Children from the falling debris. An attack from Raguelmon sends JESmon falling toward Meiko, but Raguelmon steps in at the last minute and knocks JESmon away. The Chosen Children take this as a sign that Raguelmon is still trying to protect Meiko, so the Chosen Children reaffirm their commitment to saving her. Seven of the eight partner Digimon evolve to their Ultimate forms (excluding Angewomon, who has not gained the ability to do so) and work to lure Raguelmon away to the ocean to get the fight away from the city.

While the group pushes Raguelmon toward the ocean, Homeostasis possesses Hikari and orders the Chosen Children to stand down, threatening to destroy them as well if they continue to interfere with JESmon's work. It insists that they should all forget about their friendship with Meicoomon, but they reject its insistence that sacrifices are necessary and remain determined to save her, and Hikari forces Homeostasis out of her. Their determination reminds Nishijima of his own childhood adventures in the Digital world, and of his bond with Himekawa and his own partner, Bearmon.

JESmon grabs Raguelmon and opens a distortion into the Digital World. Taichi and Yamato fuse War Greymon and Metal Garurumon into Omegamon, who reopens the distortion long enough for everyone to follow JESmon into the Digital World. Alphamon appears and joins the battle, which descends into a free-for-all between Raguelmon, Omegamon and the other Ultimate-level partner Digimon (fighting to save her), JESmon (fighting to destroy her), and Alphamon (fighting to capture and use her). All of the partner Digimon except Omegamon are knocked out of the fight when a clash between JESmon and Alphamon creates a huge explosion, reverting all of them back to the Baby II level.

Elsewhere, Himekawa's search for Bakumon takes her to Dagomon's ocean, where she holds off its approaching inhabitants with her gun. While lamenting that she can't find Bakumon, she wanders into the water and is dragged under. Back in the battle, Nishijima senses that something has happened to her and that he has failed to save her, and begins to question why any of them were chosen in the first place.

Witnessing the brutality and indiscrimination of the battle between the four Digimon, Meiko decides that she cannot stand to see any more of this and that the only way left - the only hope that she can give Raguelmon - is for the Chosen Children to kill her. Her decision shocks the rest of the Chosen Children, and none of them agree with each other on the matter; Taichi is determined to do it to end Raguelmon's pain and prevent Yggdrasill and Homeostasis from having their way, but Yamato and Jo strongly object to this.

Omegamon confronts Raguelmon, and Meiko - followed by Yamato, Taichi and Nishijima - runs out after it, calling to it. When Omegamon knocks Raguelmon into the sky, JESmon attempts to destroy her with Un Pour Tous, but Alphamon tackles him and redirects the blast, while Omegamon tackles Raguelmon out of its range. Un Pour Tous tears an enormous fissure in the ground that cracks open and collapses into a chasm, spreading and separating Taichi from Yamato and Meiko. As the three flee the collapsing ground, Taichi signals to Omegamon that he should save Yamato and Meiko, and not himself, but right after the ground completely collapses under Taichi, leaving him to fall into the chasm. Nishijima tries to reach in and save Taichi but also falls in. When the dust clears, only Taichi's goggles are left, Alphamon and JESmon are gone, Raguelmon has fainted, and Omegamon has reverted back to Koromon and Tunomon.

Hikari - who is already on edge and depressed from everything that has happened - is completely distraught at the loss of Taichi and is overcome with powerful negative feelings that corrupt Nyaromon, forcing it to Dark Evolve into Ofanimon: Falldown Mode, a turn of events that the Mysterious Man observes, pleased. Ofanimon creates a powerful dark distortion that awakens Raguelmon and triggers a fusion between the two, creating Ordinemon. The creation of Ordinemon triggers the beginning of the collapse of the harmony between the real and Digital Worlds and the destruction of everything, "switching" the Digimon scattered across the real world to start moving. Koshiro speculates that if this is what Yggdrasill has planned, the real world will be swallowed by the Digital World.

Though everyone is despondent about everything that has happened, Yamato reminds them that the only way to change anything is to keep going and mourn later, and reminds Koromon and Meiko that Taichi chose to sacrifice himself for the others. Yamato picks up Taichi's goggles and puts them on himself.

Main Events[edit]

Digimon Analyzer[edit]


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Seiyuu Kanji/Kana Character Voice Actor
Hanae Natsuki 花江 夏樹 Yagami Taichi Joshua Seth
Mimori Suzuko 三森 すずこ Takenouchi Sora Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Hosoya Yoshimasa 細谷 佳正 Ishida Yamato Vic Mignogna
Tamura Mutsumi 田村 睦心 Izumi Kōshirō Mona Marshall
Yoshida Hitomi 吉田 仁美 Tachikawa Mimi Philece Sampler
Ikeda Junya 池田 純矢 Kido Jo Robbie Daymond
Enoki Junya 榎木 淳弥 Takaishi Takeru Johnny Yong Bosch
M・A・O 市道 真央 Yagami Hikari Tara Sands
Arakawa Miho 荒川 美穂 Mochizuki Meiko Cristina Vee
Sakamoto Chika 坂本 千夏 Agumon Tom Fahn
Shigematsu Atori 重松 花鳥 Piyomon Cherami Leigh
Yamaguchi Mayumi 山口 眞弓 Gabumon Kirk Thornton
Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井 孝宏 Tentomon Jeff Nimoy
Yamada Kinoko 山田 きのこ Palmon Anna Garduno
Matsumoto Miwa 松本 美和 Patamon Laura Summer
Takeuchi Junko 竹内 順子 Gomamon R. Martin Klein
Tokumitsu Yuka 徳光 由禾 Tailmon Kate Higgins
Morishita Yukiko 森下 由樹子 Meicoomon Kate Higgins
Namikawa Daisuke 浪川 大輔 Nishijima Daigo Doug Erholtz
Kaida Yūko 甲斐田 裕子 Himekawa Maki Cherami Leigh
Hirata Hiroaki 平田 広明 Mysterious Man Jeff Nimoy
Takeuchi Shunsuke 竹内俊介 Hackmon Aaron LaPlante
Shigematsu Atori 重松 花鳥 Yuuko Yagami Dorothy Fahn
Aoyama Yutaka 青山豊 Professor Mochizuki Aaron LaPlante
Matsuzawa Chiaki 松澤 千晶 Announcer Mari Devon




  • Coexistence is the only instalment of any of the Digimon Adventure series in which all eight of the original Digimon Adventure partner Digimon appear evolved to the Perfect level together at once.


"You should never have been born... However, I had been waiting for you to be born." - Mysterious Man

"Don't close yourself off. When people become lonely, a thorn grows in their heart. I was also like that." - Takenouchi Sora

"Hikari was saying earlier that if it doesn't occur around us, we can't understand. In the end I wonder if it's even possible to share the same feelings. Since when did I start to worry so much? But I'm not able to do anything about it. If I could've just stayed as a kid... If I grew up staying that way. I could've..." - Yagami Taichi

"Homeostasis! We don't care if it's right or wrong. We will... protect our important friends! That's all!" - Yagami Taichi

"The more one is honest and delicate, the more fragile and easily broken they are." - Mysterious Man



Crunchyroll's subtitled distribution of Coexistence is split into four approximately twenty-minute episodes, presented by the site as the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st episodes of the Digimon Adventure tri. series.

  • Unlike the film release, all of the episodes have an opening credits sequence comprised of edited footage from "Reunion" and various pre-release teaser trailers; the first verse of "Butter-Fly ~tri.version~" plays in this sequence (the song is completely absent from the film release of Coexistence). An episode number is shown right after the opening credits.
  • The Digimon Adventure tri. logo appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen approximately ten to fifteen minutes into each episode, seemingly marking a point for a potential commercial break, though the episode carries on unedited and uninterrupted.
  • Thirty-three seconds of footage - the Chosen Children's realization that Homeostasis has turned its backs on them - is repeated between the 20th and 21st episodes (at the end of the former episode, and at the beginning of the latter before playing the opening credits).
  • All four episodes have ending credits, shortened from the cinematic version to use only the first verse of "Aikotoba".





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