Mysterious Man

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Mysterious Man
Mysterious ManMysterious Man
Kanji/Kana 謎の男
Dub Name Dark Gennai
Digimon Used Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode > Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Mugendramon, Metal Seadramon, Devimon
Master Yggdrasill
Voice Actor Japanese Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明)
English Jeff Nimoy/Todd Haberkorn (Digimon Emperor)

The Mysterious Man (謎の男, Nazo no Otoko) is a Digital Lifeform who acts as a servant of Yggdrasill in Digimon Adventure tri., taking the guises of Gennai and the Digimon Kaiser.


He is psychotic, cruel, always laughing hysterically and likes to do evil as a joke for his own entertainment. Similar to Yggdrasil, it wants a world where Digimon and Humans do not coexist. Has the form of Gennai who once helped the “Chosen Children” in the Digital World, but has no direct connection with Gennai himself. After Ordinemon was defeated, it disappeared into a “distortion”.



Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

The Mysterious Man is a villain who disguises himself to deceive the Chosen Children. He makes his first appearance in "Determination", disguised as Digimon Kaiser. He create Imperialdramon, kidnaps Meicoomon and scares her, causing her to become the Vicious Mode, killing Leomon, and running away. In "Confession", he appears briefly with Himekawa Maki on a mountain. In "Loss", he appears again terrorizing the Chosen Children (and licking Sora at a certain moment), but ends up being attacked by Jo, Gomamon, Patamon and Palmon. He flees to the ship where Meiko is, and suffocates her to make Meicoomon evolve into Meicrackmon Vicious Mode and get out of control. In "Coexistence", he seems happy with the evolution of Meicrackmon in Raguelmon, and after Yagami Taichi's supposed "death", he transforms Hikari's negative energy into viral data to make Nyaromon evolve into Ofanimon: Falldown Mode and then become Ordinemon with Raguelmon. He appears last in "Our Future" observing the destruction caused by Ordinemon. He is responsible for the death of Nishijima Daigo and creates a Devimon to attack Takeru and Hikari. In the end, after Ordinemon is defeated by Omegamon: Merciful Mode, he steals the Apocalymon fragment from Meicoomon's data and run away in a distortion, citing that "there's a child inside each one, and that child just wants to play", thinking of using Demon or Diablomon in the future...

Cosplaying as the Digimon Kaiser

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