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Kanji/Kana メイクーモン
Human Partner Mochizuki Meiko
Voice Actor Japanese Morishita Yukiko (森下 由樹子)
English Kate Higgins

Meicoomon is the partner Digimon of Mochizuki Meiko in Digimon Adventure tri.


Baby I ?
Baby II Meicoomon's Unnamed Baby Form[1]
Child Meicoomon's Unnamed Child Form[1]
Adult Meicoomon
Perfect Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode
Ultimate Raguelmon
Ordinemon (with Ofanimon: Falldown Mode)



Despite being an Adult Digimon, Meicoomon has a profoundly childish disposition. She is very naive, playful and easily distracted, sometimes to the point of causing trouble.[2] She cares deeply for Mochizuki Meiko, whom she calls "Mei" 「メイ」. She is very shy and easily frightened, is insecure and deeply dependent on Meiko to reassure her and make her feel safe, and feels lonely and miserable to the point of self-loathing if she cannot find Meiko.[3] Although she is not overly talkative and only speaks in short sentences when she does, when she does talk, she tends to be very loud, especially when excited.

Like Meiko, Meicoomon speaks with a Chūgoku accent. She also expresses some vocabulary traits from the Chūgoku dialect group: 「―だが -daga」 (dialect variant of the standard emphatic sentence ending 「―だよ -dayo」) as both a verbal tic with which she ends sentences, and as a sound she frequently shrieks by itself when she is in Saltation; and 「ダンダン dandan」 (translated as "ta much" in Crunchyroll's official English subtitles of tri.) as her expression of gratitude. The word "dandan" in particular has deep personal significance to the pair, as according to Meiko, it was the first word whose meaning she taught to Meicoomon.[4]


Meicoomon in her Saltation form.

Meicoomon is also known as the Libra: a Digimon who possesses an unknown and unstable destructive power[3] that is triggered by her fear and pain. When she is scared or provoked, she enters a Saltation state and becomes very wild and savage, acting out of an instinct to protect herself from everyone and everything. The more scared she is, the more powerful she becomes, to the point of causing her to undergo aberrant evolution-like transformations called mutations. Meiko was once able to calm her down from the Saltation state, but in the events of tri. Meicoomon never responds to Meiko's attempts to help her, although even at her lowest points, she still recognizes her and occasionally tries to protect her.[5]

According to Hackmon, Meicoomon's incredible power comes from possessing a shard of Apocalymon's data, which Hackmon describes as the "dark side of the Digital World."[5] Her presence causes digital data, expressed in binary (i.e., 0s and 1s), to be overwritten and converted into ternary (i.e., 0s, 1s, and 2s). Since this is not how Digimon, the Digital World, or the computing systems used by humans are meant to operate, this creates distortions, turns Digimon into Infected Digimon, and disrupts digital and electrical systems.[6] Meicoomon does not seem to be aware that she is doing any of this, though. Because of her power, Meicoomon is hunted by the servants of Yggdrasill, who wants to exploit her powers for its own purposes. The servants of Homeostasis try to prevent this.



Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

Hackmon claims that Meicoomon was once feared in the Digital World for its tremendous partner and was outcast. In the late 1990s,[N 1] Meicoomon and Meiko first met while the Mochizuki family was living in Tottori. The sound of a Digivice lured Meiko into the woods, where she found Meicoomon in the woods and received her Digivice. Meiko's father, who works as a researcher of Digimon, conducted tests on Meicoomon, but on one occasion accidentally provoked her into her feral state, which Meiko calmed her down from. Having Meiko as a partner to keep her calm also kept Meicoomon's power in check for a few years.[5]

In 2005, the Mochizuki family moves to Tokyo, but Meicoomon is separated from them early on. Meiko takes to searching Tokyo for her, oblivious to Hackmon following and watching her, and eventually accepts the help of Yagami Taichi's group of Chosen Children. When Alphamon emerges into Odaiba, looking to capture Meicoomon, Meiko finds her and the other Chosen Children engage Alphamon and drive it off. Afterward, Meiko and Meicoomon are welcomed into the group when Meiko introduces herself as a Chosen Child, and thanks them for their help. Meanwhile, Himekawa Maki has obtained surveillance of Meicoomon in action without anyone knowing.[7]

The other Chosen Children take Meiko and Meicoomon on a trip to the Ōedo Onsen as a welcome party. Meicoomon, being new to the Real World, ends up getting lost along with Piyomon in the men's bathroom. Later, Meicoomon attempts to aid Togemon in fighting off an infected Orgemon who invades the real world through a distortion, but fails to do much for him and is saved when Leomon appears and takes Orgemon back into the Digital World. Meicoomon, the other partner Digimon, and Leomon visit the festival at the Chosen Children's school, but while there Meicoomon is abducted by the Mysterious Man (disguised as the Digimon Kaiser). Leomon, Palmon and Gomamon rescue her from the Mysterious Man and the Imperialdramon that he commands, but after being rescued, Meicoomon is terrified by a brief fit of madness that Leomon has. She enters her Saltation form and kills him, then flees into a distortion.[2]

While she is on the run, Meicoomon accidentally causes instability in both worlds that threatens to provoke a Reboot. The Chosen Children track her down and attempt to stop her to save both worlds from the infection and the Reboot, but their Digimon attacking her provokes her fear even more and causes her to evolve into Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode. She evades the partner Digimon's capture, turns most of them into Infected Digimon who assist her in trying to escape, and triggers the Reboot countdown, but is stopped when Tentomon evolves into Herakle Kabuterimon, captures her, and forces both her and his infected friends back into a distortion so that the Reboot erases all traces of the infection she caused.[6]

After the Reboot, however, Meicoomon is the only Digimon who retains her memories of her pre-Reboot life, to the surprise of the Chosen Children when they briefly encounter her by herself. She continues to search for Meiko in the Digital World, but begins to grow resentful and bitter and feels as if Meiko hates her and has abandoned her. She even lashes out at Meiko when they meet again, but Meiko pushes through this and reconciles with her briefly before the Mysterious Man appears and tries to take Meicoomon away. When Meiko and Meicoomon are separated from the other Chosen Children, the Mysterious Man attacks Meiko and severely wounds her, provoking Meicoomon to evolve into Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode again and beginning another rampage.[3]

Meicrackmon flees into the real world and rapidly travels around it through distortions, causing electronic malfunctions all over the world, including taking down weather satellites and seismometers and triggering false disaster alarms. She also attacks a geothermal power plant and causes it to explode. Because of this, Homeostasis decides that Meicoomon has become too powerful and must be destroyed, and that the Chosen Children are not up to the task and must no longer interfere with Homeostasis's will. The Chosen Children corner Meicrackmon in Tokyo and attempt to calm her down, but her fear of the eight partner Digimon, all evolved to the Perfect level, makes her even more powerful, and when JESmon arrives to kill her, she is terrified even further to the point of evolving into Raguelmon: that is, exactly what Yggdrasill and the Mysterious Man wanted to happen.

Raguelmon fights a long battle against Omegamon and the other Ultimate-level partner Digimon (fighting to save her), JESmon (fighting to destroy her), and Alphamon (fighting to capture and use her), and is slowly worn down by all of them. Meanwhile, Meiko begs the Chosen Children to kill Raguelmon and put an end to her suffering, but after Alphamon's arrival and JESmon's failed attempt to destroy her with Un Pour Tous, both Raguelmon and the partner Digimon are worn out and left unable to do anything. When Hikari's grief at the outcome of the battle Dark Evolves Nyaromon into Ofanimon: Falldown Mode, Raguelmon awakens and absorbs Ofanimon,[8] fusing together into Ordinemon. The creation of Ordinemon triggers the beginning of the collapse of the harmony between the Real and Digital Worlds and the destruction of everything, "switching" the Digimon scattered across the real world to start moving.[9]

Ordinemon realizes in Tokyo Bay and rains dark energy that eats away at whatever it touches. Homeostasis concludes that it is an existential threat that must be stopped at any cost, and that since it is too powerful to be defeated, there is no other choice but to perform a Reboot of the Real World. Both the Chosen Children (still trying to save Meicoomon and Tailmon) and the Japanese Self-Defense Force attempt to engage it, but fail to do any damage whatsoever and are easily taken out. However, as Hackmon observes, it still has some level of consciousness left as it recognizes the partner Digimon, and even begins approaching Mochizuki Meiko when it notices her.

Following a tipoff from Hikari and Takaishi Takeru, Kōshirō performs an analysis that determines that Meicoomon's body contains the pre-Reboot memory data for all Digimon. He also observes a special, password-protected archive that contains all of her own positive memories of her life with Meiko; he speculates that the fact that these memories are sealed away is what has pushed Meicoomon into such a dark place, and that unsealing them may stabilize her and end Ordinemon's rampage. Meiko correctly guesses the password—"DANDAN"—and the unlocked memories return to the other Digimon and awaken Tailmon inside Ordinemon. However, this does not succeed in stabilizing Ordinemon, who begins to dissociate and attempts to flee to the Digital World. It is stopped by JESmon, who cleaves off one of its wings, freeing Tailmon from the Ordinemon form.

Yggdrasill uses the loss of Tailmon as an opportunity to fill in the remaining empty space in Ordinemon itself, and it continues to attack. In order to end Meicoomon's suffering and prevent Yggdrasill from using Ordinemon, the Chosen Children and their partner Digimon press the offensive against Ordinemon, culminating in the formation of Omegamon: Merciful Mode. Omegamon subdues Ordinemon by removing its wings, and Ordinemon submits to its fate and puts up no further resistance[10] as Omegamon cleaves it in half. As Ordinemon disappears and its effect on the Real World is reversed, Meiko has a brief vision in which Meicoomon reaches out and thanks her one last time before fading away.[4][N 2]

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

Mochizuki Meiko and Meicoomon are among the Chosen Children and partner Digimon whose consciousnesses had been taken by an Eosmon and imprisoned in Menoa Bellucci's Never-Land.

Meiko with Meicoomon LastEvoKizuna.png

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World -next 0rder- & Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Meicoomon is first encountered in the Nigh Plains, suffering from amnesia and unaware of how she managed to reach this world. She tasks Takuto/Shiki to defeat a scary looking Digimon, Growmon (Orange), that had chased her out of the forest; on learning that they are friends with Meicoomon, Growmon attacks the tamer's partners. After being defeated, Growmon explains that Meicoomon was lost, hungry and upset and that he had just been trying to help her out, only for Meicoomon to misunderstand and attack Growmon, knocking him out, stealing the food he had brought her and then fleeing in fear from the scary looking Digimon. Growmon then leaves the forest, not wanting the tamer to bring their friend to attack him again.

Once Meicoomon is informed that Growmon has left, several memories return to Meicoomon, who remembers it had been near a waterfall and a bridge, then tells the tamer to go find that vague location. Upon arriving to the Ohguino Wastelands, the tamer finds a scrap of paper, supposedly from Meicoomon's diary, which states that she has found herself in a new world and that she needs to get back before "they" find her. Immediately after reading it, three Pidmon arrive, surprised to see a human in the Digital World. When the Pidmon touch the diary page after inquiring as to what it is, it seems to affect trio, who then attack the tamer's partner Digimon. Upon being defeated, they state they must flee and report back to their master, then teleport away. The tamer relays back to Meicoomon that she is being targeted by the Pidmon, though before Meicoomon can react to this information, a Panjyamon, Sorcermon and Kyubimon (Silver) show up to confront Meicoomon. Meicmoomon proceeds to kill all three in one hit, then turns around and attacks the tamer's partner Digimon. After being defeated, Meicoomon regains her memories, apologizes to the tamer and rewards them with an evolution crystal, that allows any child level Digimon to evolve into a Meicoomon. She is then called back to her world and disappears.

Later, Jijimon tells Takuto/Shiki that something strange, likely a Digimon from another World, had been picked up in Mod Cape. They are sent to investigate, assuming that it is Meicoomon, as the tamer had dealt with her before. Upon arrival to Mod Cape, the Agumon (Black) that usually roam on the ship are all knocked out. The tamer is able to wake them up, though they have no memory as to why they had been knocked out, or even as to why they are on the ship, showing thy all have amnesia. Once an antivirus is used on them, they remember that they saw a strange looking Digimon, covered in a black aura and that upon seeing her, they all "started to feel fuzzy" and then blacked out. After helping the Agumons, the tamer is sent a message that the signal had now been picked at in the Infinite Cauldron. Once there, the tamer finds a Were Garurumon (Black), who had been defeated in less than 10 seconds. Once the tamer offers to help heal him, though, he suddenly is cloaked in a purple aura and attacks the tamer's partners. After defeating the Were Garurumon, the tamer uses an antivirus on him which causes him to regain control of himself, then explains that a strange looking orange fuzzy Digimon covered in a black aura appeared, which caused him to feel fuzzy, and he attacked it in self-defense, only to be quickly defeated. The tamer is sent to Server Desert next, where Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode is found, currently in the process of fighting and infecting Yukimura and Rikka. When Yukimura attacks Meicrackmon, Meicrackmon yells out that she will not forgive White Fang and teleports away. Luckily, though, Yukimura had managed to gain a small amount of the purple aura. When Luche touches it, the aura is destroyed, showing that Luche is immune to it and is able to neutralize it. They come up with a plan for Tsuzuki Shoma to distract her, whilst Luche applies an antivirus made out of her DNA and whilst the aura is being neutralized, Takuto/Shikis partners swoop in to defeat her. The group finds Meicrackmon in the same place that Meicoomon had originally been found. The plan works and after being defeated, Meicrackmon regains control and realizes she is back in this world and had caused trouble for everyone again.

She informs the group that Mochizuki Meiko was kidnapped by a group known as the "White Fang," who intended to use Meicoomon for evil. To stop this, Meiko intentionally fell into a trap intended to catch Meicoomon. When Meicoomon attempted to rescue Meiko, the White Fang used a machine that caused Meicoomon to evolve to Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode. They then used it to send her to an alternate universe, that being the universe of Digimon World: Next Order. Dimension hopping caused Meicrackmon to get amnesia, making her go berserk. She claims it was a coincidence that she ended up in the same dimension as before, though theorizes that she may have been subconsciously asking Takuto/Shiki for help as they had helped her in the past, leading her to this dimension. Meicrackmon manages to return to normal and then uses her powers, alongside her bond with Meiko, to return to her original world, then proceeded to defeat the White Fang, freeing Meiko. When the trio return to Floatia, Meicrackmon has reverted back to Meicoomon and is waiting for them. She states that her power is now mixed with Luche's DNA but that otherwise she isn't sure as to what is going on but that the dark aura no longer exists inside her. Shoma then shows her around the village, as she decides to stay around for a while. Meicoomon then rewards the tamer with a crystal that allows any Adult level Digimon to evolve into Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode.

Whilst in the City, Meicoomon requests to see a different Digimon every day. Should Takuto/Shiki show her the Digimon she requests to see, she will reward them.


Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. A flashback to Mochizuki Meiko's childhood with Meicoomon at the beginning of "Coexistence" is dated to the fall of 1999, so the two could not have met after that point.
  2. After the credits of "Our Future" finish rolling, the distinctive beeping of a Digivice is heard over a black screen. In an interview in the Digimon Adventure tri. Memorial Book, director Motonaga Keitarō calls attention to the beeping, vaguely describes it as a "Christmas present" to Meiko after all that she has gone through in the Digimon Adventure tri. films, and invites the audience to imagine what Meiko received as a result.[10]

    Given this emphasis and the stated positive impliciation for Meiko, and given Meicoomon's brief, unexplained reappearance in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, it is possible that the beeps were meant to represent Meicoomon being reborn somewhere, but this is unconfirmed.