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Kanji/Kana ネバーランド
Dub Name Never World
Debut Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna
Part of: Digital World (Adventure)
Not to be confused with Never-Ever Land.

Never-Land (ネバーランド Nebārando; Dub: Never World) is a space in the Digital World in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. It is where Menoa Bellucci and her Eosmons preserve the stolen consciousnesses of Chosen Children from around the world, as part of her plan to give them unending childhoods.



Never-Land is a series of bluish crystal structures that are suspended in a watery black void. At its center is a massive, circular crystal island with a lake; along its edge is a crystal simulacrum of the island in Dragon Eye Lake, complete with trolley car. There are two massive crystal mountain structures floating on either side of the center. The crystal is capable of changing to a pinkish-red hue.[1]

Many smaller crystal platforms float in orbit of the center. When an Eosmon brings a Chosen Child's consciousness to Never Land, it deposits the individual and their partner Digimon onto one of these platforms, which then expands and transforms to become a crystalline simulacrum of a scene from their memories.[1]

Never-Land's coordinates in the Digital World are variously presented as being 40 53'27.8 168 17'41.9 and E-02-025.454.325.945. It is charted on a map as being far to the east of a major landmass, in a location where there is nothing.[1]

Never land.jpg M18 13.jpg M18 12.jpg M18 Neverland Map.jpg


Eosmon are drawn to a Chosen Child's own desire not to grow up; even a purely offhanded comment appears to be sufficient to accomplish this. In order to fulfill this desire, they take the consciousness of the Chosen Child from the Real World (without ever revealing themselves there) and convert it into data, then bring that data to Never-Land, where they deposit both the Chosen Child (now appearing as they did in their childhood) and their partner Digimon on a crystal platform. While the Chosen Child's body remains in the Real World, where they are comatose but otherwise in perfect health, the partner Digimon totally disappears from the Real World until the Chosen Child is freed from Never-Land.[1]

Menoa promises that Never-Land is a "utopia" in which Chosen Children may enjoy eternal, unchanging childhood with their partner Digimon, and that this will totally prevent them from ever experiencing the countdown or the dissolution of their partnership. She claims that she is not manipulating or controlling the Chosen Children in Never-Land in any way, and that they are acting as they do because it is what they want. Nonetheless, the captive Chosen Children are depicted with glowing red eyes and act uncharacteristically (including being totally silent).[1]

Named captives:

Unnamed captives:

Among the many unnamed Chosen Children who are seen in Never-Land, the following partner Digimon are with them. It is common for multiple partner Digimon of the same Digimon species to be present with totally different Chosen Children.

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M18 Neverland Children 5.jpg M18 Neverland Children 6.jpg M18 Neverland Children 7.jpg M18 Neverland Children 8.jpg



Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

Menoa Bellucci's Never-Land plan began on the day that the aurora appeared and conferred the spark of life upon her attempts to recreate her lost partner Digimon, Morphomon. The resulting Digitama hatched into Eosmon, who was born with the ability to turn human consciousness into data. Menoa took this as a sign from Morphomon that she is destined to use this power of Eosmon's to save all Chosen Children from the inevitable trauma of losing their partner Digimon when their partnership expires, and Eosmon began using this power on Chosen Children who desired not to grow up, or that their childhood would never end. Her scheme came under the scrutiny of the FBI (for whom she had already been a person of interest for several years), which assigned Yamada Kyotaro to go undercover as her research assistant.

Yagami Taichi's team of Chosen Children are first alerted to the scheme when Taichi and Ishida Yamato witness Ayaka (a stranger to them) suddenly fall comatose in a restaurant after offhandedly remarking that she might not want to grow up. Menoa herself gets in touch with the group via Inoue Miyako, shares with them a half-truth story about Eosmon, and misdirects them into thinking of her as an ally in their efforts to stop Eosmon and end the wave of comas, including guiding them into an attempt to salvage the consciousness data that ultimately fails when Taichi and Yamato's countdowns begin and cause their Omegamon to be unable to maintain its form.

Yamato and Izumi Kōshirō, with the assistance of Motomiya Daisuke and his group of Chosen Children, begin investigations into Menoa and Kyotaro, as well as an analysis of a leg broken off Eosmon during the fight with Omegamon. During this time, Takaishi Takeru, Yagami Hikari, Tachikawa Mimi and Kido Jo are specifically targeted by Eosmon and taken to Never-Land; Taichi, Yamato, and Daisuke's group adopt countermeasures to reduce the chance of technological surveillance to protect themselves.

While he is overseeing the rescue operation for Takeru and Hikari, Kōshirō's DW_MAP_SYSTEM traces the location of Eosmon to Never-Land's coordinates, and he observes that its data size is far more massive than expected. As he does so, Menoa arrives and pretends to be excited that they can save the Chosen Children, but since he is already suspicious of her due to his research into Eosmon, Kōshirō secretly texts the coordinates to Taichi behind his back while he and Menoa talk, before she drops the pretense and sics an Eosmon on him as well. When Taichi, Yamato and Yamada Kyotaro arrive at Koshiro's office, Kyotaro and Agumon are initially skeptical of the coordinates since, on the DW_MAP_SYSTEM map, there is nothing at all where the coordinates are, but Taichi insists on trusting Kōshirō, so Kyotaro opens a Digital Gate to send Taichi and Yamato to the coordinates.

Upon their entrance to Never-Land, arriving at the trolley car simulacrum in the center island, Taichi and Yamato encounter Menoa, who reveals the nature of her plan to them. Greymon and Garurumon destroy her Eosmon (Perfect), but she simply summons many, many more from the lake and sends them into the Real World to forcibly retrieve Chosen Children from a list that she stole from Kōshirō. The Chosen Children who she has taken side with her. Taichi and Yamato temporarily retreat to the mountains, under the cover of a blast of water that Greymon kicks up.

After regrouping, Taichi and Yamato return to confront Menoa and form Omegamon, who wipes out all of her Eosmons. The two reject her plan as being enacted against the Chosen Children's will, and as totally denying them any future or any chance to move forward. The rejection of her good intentions and her grief at the thought of losing Never-Land causes all of the Eosmon remnants to form together into an Eosmon (Ultimate), with herself at its core. Eosmon destroys the trolley car simulacrum and easily dispatches Omegamon, and the Chosen Children and partner Digimon under Menoa's sway— including Kōshirō, Takeru, Hikari, Mimi and Jo, all of whom appear as they did in their first adventure in 1999—turn on Taichi and Yamato and attack them. During the struggle, many Perfect Eosmons start returning from the Real World and depositing more Chosen Children into Never-Land platforms.

Taichi forces his way through and blows Hikari's whistle to awaken all of the Chosen Children. Kōshirō, Takeru, Hikari, Mimi and Jo ally with Taichi and Yamato in fighting the Ultimate Eosmon, and Taichi and Yamato evolve Agumon and Gabumon into Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna-. When the two overpower and pin down Eosmon with a wave of suppressive fire, Eosmon wildly attempts to attack them, but succeeds only in tearing apart the terrain of Never-Land. Agumon and Gabumon themselves destroy Never-Land's central island when they punch Eosmon through it.

Menoa's memories of her childhood, and of the day that her partnership with Morphomon ended, begin to play to the Chosen Children and their Digimon on the shards of Never-Land, giving them insight into the nature of her trauma and actions. When Taichi and Yamato reach out to Menoa and use their Digivices to release her from Eosmon (Ultimate), Never-Land completely dissolves, and all of the remaining Perfect Eosmons in the Real World dissolve with it. The captured consciousnesses are all released, and the Chosen Children start to awaken in the Real World, and their partner Digimon reappear with them.

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