Dragon Eye Lake

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Dragon Eye Lake
Dragon Eye Lake
Kanji/Kana 竜の目の湖
Debut Digimon World
Part of: File Island

Dragon Eye Lake (竜の目の湖 Ryuu no Me no Mizuumi, also Dragon's Lake) is a lake on the southwestern portion of File Island.


Dragon Eye Lake is a lake in the Unwavering Forest of File Island. It is inhabited by a Seadramon. There is a small island off the shore that became disconnected when Seadramon pulled it away. Across from the island is rumored to be a land inhabited by insect Digimon, but the only way to get there is to ride across the lake.




Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in "The Blue Wolf! Garurumon", the Dragon Eye Lake makes an unnamed appearance as the lake where the Chosen Children spent their first night in the Digital World. When Agumon used his Baby Flame attack to start a fire the sparks from it burnt Seadramon's tail and he began to attack the children. Yamato jumped in the water to save his younger brother Takeru and he got captured by Seadramon in the process. At that moment his partner Digimon, Gabumon, evolved for the first time into Garurumon and he defeated Seadramon. Then the children found out that in order for their Digimon to evolve they need to eat and their human partner needs to be in danger.

When the Chosen Children defeated Apocalymon they returned to this part of File Island in their moments in the Digital World to say goodbye to their Digimon. They took a trolley car on the center of the island back to the Real World and the first season ended.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Dragon Eye Lake is a lake within the Unwavering Forest. At the northern beach connected to the Dragon Eye Lake is home to a variety of different fishes, and there is a vending machine selling DigiMushrooms and Meat as fishing bait. However, this vending machine is terribly overpriced... At a cape at the southern part of Dragon Eye Lake is said to be inhabited by a Seadramon. However, the only way anyone would get even a chance to see this Seadramon is by fishing it up with an Amazing Rod during Morning or Evening time. If one can fish up the Seadramon, it is said that it will give out a reward, including a ride on its back which takes a person to the distant land of Beetle Land across the lake.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Dragon's Lake is a lake within the Unwavering Forest. An Igamon has recently moved to this location from Gear Savannah to escape from Patamon's endless banter, and does not wish for its training to be disturbed here as well. However, Bakemon of Overdell Cemetery seems to have lost the key to Dark Mansion on its recent trip to the lake, so one will have to interrupt Igamon from its training in order to search for the key, much to its dismay.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in the episode "The Blue Wolf! Garurumon" (蒼き狼!ガルルモン Aoki Ōkami! Garurumon), the Dragon Eye Lake is referred to simply as Lake (湖 Mizuumi), and is the location where the Chosen Children spend their first night after gathering food from the nearby forest. They are attacked by a Seadramon here, and Gabumon first evolves into Garurumon to fight it.

The Chosen Children return to Dragon Eye Lake after descending from Infinity Mountain in Sub-Episode 5, "Dirty Harmonica". There, Ishida Yamato drops his harmonica into the lake. When Gomamon tried to get it back, he couldn't due to how polluted the lake was, which was caused by a Scumon and a Tyumon dropping trash on it. After the Chosen Children beat them up, the duo cleaned up the lake and Yamato got back his harmonica, although he refused to play it before cleaning it.

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]


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