Gear Savannah

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Gear Savannah
Gear Savannah
Kanji/Kana ギアサバンナ
Debut Digimon World
Part of: File Island
Factorial Town
Trash Mountain

Gear Savannah (ギアサバンナ Gia Sabanna) is a huge plain located on the western portion of File Island.


Gear Savannah is a huge plain with various trees, and at the northern tip of the Savannah is a huge factory constructing unknown mechanical objects.


  • Digimon World: Digital Card Battle
    • Card Shop (赤カードショップ Aka Kādo Shoppu, meaning Red Card Shop)
    • Casino (火事野 Kajino)
    • Woods (林野 Rinya, meaning Forestry)
    • Yattarude (やったるでー協会 Yattarudē Kyoukai, meaning Yattarude Association)




Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in "Red Hot! Birdramon", Gear Savannah is a hot savannah with gear markings on its sand. The Chosen Children walk through this savannah to get to the Pyocomon Village. It is full of broken telephone poles and the sand has metal pieces in it, as discovered by Koushiro.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Gear Savannah can be reached either through the roads on Mount Panorama, or through the Lava Cave in the Drill Tunnel. At the northern tip is the Factorial Town main gate, which cannot be opened from the outside. Elecmon walks around the gate, looking to discharge his electricity on someone. Patamon is just around the corner towards the east, where he brags about his battling skills and wishes to challenge others. South of Patamon's location is a timid Piyomon, who runs away from any strangers that tries to talk to it. There is also a Training Ground, where Leomon stands guard to watch over the Savannah and protect weak Digimon from bullies. Leomon is desperately trying to find any trace of his lineage, and will not leave the Savannah until he finds it.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Gear Savannah can be reached through the roads on Mount Panorama. One of the 7 Card Leaders, Panjyamon, resides in the center of the plains, but has ran across some troubles. Recently, a huge band of Agumon known as the Yattarude has gathered in the eastern plains. Panjyamon suspects that they may be responsible for the stealing of the toilet paper from the toilets around Gear Savannah, and is in need of 100 rolls of toilet paper if he is to part with his 7s Card. Patamon is itching to battle anyone who enters the plains, which has caused Igamon to move to Dragon's Lake to escape from Patamon's endless chattering. On the western cliffs is a card shop ran by Piyomon, who warns travelers about counterfeit cards that has been recently circling around, but guarantees that it only sells real cards at its shop.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in the episode "Red Hot! Birdramon" (灼熱!バードラモン Shakunetsu! Bādoramon), Gear Savannah is the hot savannah that the Chosen Children has to go through to reach Pyocomon Village.

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]