Lava Cave

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Lava Cave
Lava Cave
Kanji/Kana 溶岩洞
Part of: File Island: Unwavering Forest: Drill Tunnel

Lava Cave (溶岩洞 Yougandou) is the deepest part of Drill Tunnel, behind a wall at the Underground Lake.


The Lava Cave is the deepest part of Drill Tunnel, which can be reached by drilling through the wall in the Underground Lake. Recently, a sudden rise in temperature has caused the whole cave to be engulfed mostly in lava, as well as causing landslides which blocked the road from Unwavering Forest to Mount Panorama.


  • Digimon World: Digital Card Battle


Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

The cause of the landslides and sudden rise in temperature of Drill Tunnel is Meramon, who has gone berserk and is increasing the temperature of Lava Cave, affecting the entire Drill Tunnel. If one can reach it and defeat it, the temperature of the tunnel and the cave should drop back to normal, as well as clearing the landslide. One can then convince Meramon to join the city, where he will establish the city's Restaurant. The high temperature will then be converted into many docile Peti Meramon, and the lava will cool down, granting travelers safe access to the whole cave.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

The Lava Cave's temperature has dropped to an extremely low temperature, and is described as a fairly cold cave, with no lava in sight. Meramon can be found lying injured on the ground, and is in dire need of the Oil (油 Abura) to reignite its flames, which can be found in the Bottom Lake in Drill Tunnel. However, the tunnel to the lake has collapsed, and Meramon states that Unimon, who perches at Mount Panorama for its prey, must be the one to blame. Meramon will unseal the path that leads to Mount Panorama should someone be willing to bring the one responsible to justice.