Tailmon (Adventure)

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Kanji/Kana テイルモン
Dub Name Gatomon
Human Partner Yagami Hikari
Master Vamdemon (Adventure, ep. 27-34)
Voice Actor Japanese Tokumitsu Yuka (徳光 由禾/由香 徳光)
English Edie Mirman, Kate Higgins (tri.)

Tailmon is the Partner Digimon of Yagami Hikari in Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Adventure tri. and the Digimon Xros Wars manga.


Baby I Yukimi Botamon[1]
Baby II Nyaromon
Child Plotmon
Adult Tailmon
Armor Nefertimon (with Digimental of Light)
Butterflamon (with Digimental of Knowledge)[2]
Tylomon (with Digimental of Sincerity)[3]
Lynxmon (with Digimental of Courage)[4]
Bitmon (with Digimental of Friendship)[4]
Swanmon (with Digimental of Love)[4]
Kabukimon (with Digimental of Purity)[4]
Goatmon (with Digimental of Hope)[4]
Opossumon (with Digimental of Kindness)[4]
Maildramon (with Digimental of Miracles)[4]
Perfect Angewomon
Silphymon (with Hawkmon)
Ultimate Holydramon
Ofanimon: Falldown Mode
Ordinemon (with Raguelmon)
Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode (with EVERYTHING)[8]
Omegamon: Merciful Mode (with other Digimon Partner)


Tailmon is a good friend, but she can be sarcastic at times.



Digimon Adventure[edit]

Tailmon was a servant of Vamdemon, having been taken by him in her child form, Plotmon, while she was looking for her future partner Hikari. Vamdemon treated her abusively, and over time, she forgot that she was looking for someone, and became his loyal servant. When she saw Hikari in the human world, she felt strangely affectionate towards the girl, not hurting her or turning her in to Vamdemon even though she suspected Hikari to be the eighth Chosen Child. With the help of Wizarmon, she realized her place as the partner Digimon of the eighth Chosen Child, and became fiercely loyal to Hikari and the other children.

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game![edit]

Tailmon is the partner Digimon of Hikari, and appears briefly on the computer with the other partners.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Tailmon is Hikari's Digimon partner. At the beginning of the series, she loses her Holy Ring, and is weakened without it's power. At the end, Gennai returns it to her.

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals[edit]

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Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

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Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Drama CDs[edit]

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Digimon Adventure - Character Song - Mini Drama 3[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: Armor Evolution to the Unknown[edit]

Digimon Adventure 15th Blu-ray BOX Special Drama CD ~Before the World Ends~[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Before the events of the game, the Chosen Children and their Partner Digimon were kidnapped by Millenniumon.

After Akiyama Ryo defeated Vamdemon, Ishida Yamato, Kido Jo, Yagami Hikari, Gabumon, Gomamon and Tailmon were freed. The Chosen Children then returned to their world, while their Partner Digimon joined Ryo to rescue the others.

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]

Tailmon is Yagami Hikari's partner. She first appears in Sky City's Battle Cafe, where she cryptically says that the player can do something, but not explain what, before asking him if he's seen anything odd amongst the previous Cities. Once the player tells her that he beat the Digimon Kaiser who was causing it, but also heard about "Him" and the "Sealed Darkness", Tailmon reacts at the latter, then explains that her partner has had bad dreams lately and is easily affected by evil energy due to her unique ability. Since Hikari is currently suffering, she can't leave Sky City despite wanting to investigate it herself, then asks the player to do it himself should he beat her at her Arena.

Tailmon serves as the Battle Master of Sky City's Battle Arena. Before battling her, she'll ask the player once again to go to Sage Tower for Hikari's sake, but first he must defeat her. Tailmon uses the Cat Attack deck, a Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 2 defense and 3 evolution speed, that specializes in straight-forward attacks. Upon defeating her, she'll give the player the Passcode to Steep Road.

After clearing Pyramid City's Battle Arena, Tailmon's portrait in the Battle Cafe will change, with her battle portrait now showing her Holy Ring. Talking to her, she'll tell the player that she has learned from her experiences and opened an Extra Arena for her evolved levels. Said evolved levels are:

  • Tailmon serves as the first opponent in the first Extra Arena, and now plays the Fate's Guidance deck, a Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 4 defense and 3 evolution speed that's well-balanced, divine, and features Tailmon. Upon being defeated, she acknowledges she's still no match for the player and his incredible power, but remarks that their battle was just a warm-up, and that she'll now evolve into Nefertimon with her Digimental of Light for a much harder fight.
  • Nefertimon is the second opponent in the first Extra Arena and the second in the second. After evolving, she warns the player not to underestimate her power of light, as it is well beyond anything he could imagine. She also tells him to join her for the revolution of light is near. Nefertimon plays the God Beast deck, a Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 3 defense and 4 evolution speed that moves at its own pace and is well-balanced. After being defeated, she tells the player to use his power to establish the new era and follow his destiny, though first he must win the following battle, where she'll predict his future with the Digimental of Sincerity.
  • Tylomon is the last opponent of the first Extra Arena, the second from the second, and the first from the third. After evolving from Nefertimon for the first time, she tells the player that the Digimental of Sincerity does not lie, and everything and everyone shows their true form before her. As such, she'll have to accept the player's power as real if he wins, but if he doesn't, she'll blast him into darkness. Tylomon plays the Vortex of Light deck, a Blue/Water and Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 4 defense and 3 evolution speed focused on defense. After being defeated, Tylomon says she has seen the player's power, and that he still has more inside of him he has not yet discovered. From the second Arena onwards, she follows this by saying that his trials are not yet over, because she'll evolve to her Perfect form, Angewomon. In the second Extra Arena, she says it is to show him the light while in the third, it's instead to help him take his next step.
  • Angewomon is the last opponent of the second Extra Arena and the second of the third. Upon evolving, she vows to put an end to her battle with the player and give it everything she has. She then warns the player not to take her lightly because she's a woman, and that he must leave if he disagrees. Angewomon plays the Sparkling Holy Nymph deck, a Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 3 defense and 4 evolution speed, that's divine and full of cool cards. Upon being defeated, she acknowledges the player's seriousness. In the third Extra Arena, she adds that it's finally time for her to evolve into Holydramon, and that will be their last battle.
  • Holydramon is the last opponent of the third Extra Arena. Upon evolving, she tells the player she can't believe how far they've come, and that the final holy battle is about to begin and they should do their best in it. Holydramon plays the Holy Cloud-Riding Dragon deck, a Green/Nature deck with 3 attack, 5 defense and 4 evolution speed that has high Recovery power. Upon being defeated, she says she's satisfied with the outcome because they both did their best, then thanks the player as she could not have evolved to her current level without his help. She then assumes the player will continue his journey in search for more battles, and asks him to stop and see her whenever he can.

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Super Evolution Stage "Digimon Adventure tri. ~Adventure of August 1~"[edit]


Angewomon appears in the Super Digica Taisen card game.

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