Morphomon (Adventure)

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Kanji/Kana モルフォモン/エオスモン
Human Partner Menoa Bellucci
Voice Actor Japanese Taniguchi Yuna (谷口 夢奈)
English Cherami Leigh

Morphomon was the Partner Digimon of Menoa Bellucci in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Eosmon was born after Menoa modified Morphomon's data.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Morphomon
Adult Eosmon (Adult)
Perfect Eosmon (Perfect)
Ultimate Eosmon (Ultimate)



Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

Morphomon became Menoa Bellucci's Partner Digimon when Menoa was 9 years old. They spent the next five years together as the best of friends. One day, when Menoa happily told Morphomon that she had skipped enough grades to be allowed to start College and that she could finally live her own life, Morphomon disintegrated into data and ceased to exist in the tearful Menoa's arms.

At some point between Morphomon ceasing to exist and August 2010, Menoa managed to locate Morphomon's data, however any instances of her trying to edit and restore it would result in failure. When the aurora formed the data suddenly reconfigured into Morphomon's Digitama and Menoa claimed that Morphomon, from within her Digitama, telepathically told her to use her data to help save all the Chosen Children in the World from having to suffer the same fate they had suffered, and so Menoa reconfigured Morphomon's data, turning it into the artificial Digimon Eosmon. She then mass reproduces them to help in her goals of kidnapping the consciousness of every Chosen Child around the world so that they could live in Never-Land with their partners forever so that none of them had to be separated from their Digimon like Menoa was. The Chosen Children were de-aged and brainwashed into thinking this was what they wanted.

After all the Eosmon (Perfect) merge together into its Ultimate form it easily defeats Omegamon, however it is killed by Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna-. As it dies, it appears in front of Menoa in its Adult form and smiles at Menoa, and Menoa, remembering that it used to be Morphomon, smiles back and apologizes to Eosmon.

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