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Japanese Title Other Titles Airdate Title Screen Next Episode
"The One Who Inherits Courage " 『勇気を受け継ぐ者』 Usa.png Enter Flamedramon
Germany.png Tais Erbe
Spain.png El Que Hereda El Valor
Portugal.png O Herdeiro da Coragem
Jap.png April 2, 2000
Usa.png August 19, 2000
ZT01 title jp.jpg ZT02 prev jp.jpg
The One Who Inherits Courage
Yūki o Uketsugu Mono
"Digital Gate Open " 『デジタルゲートオープン』 Usa.png The Digiteam Complete
Germany.png Das Tor zur DigiWelt öffnet sich
Spain.png Se Abre La Puerta Digital
Portugal.png Abre-se a Porta Digital
Jap.png April 9, 2000
Usa.png August 19, 2000
ZT02 title jp.jpg ZT03 prev jp.jpg
Digital Gate Open
Dejitaru Gēto Ōpun
"Digimental Up " 『デジメンタルアップ』 Usa.png A New Digitude
Germany.png Hoffnung und Licht
Spain.png DigiHuevo Evolución
Portugal.png DigiOvo Evolução
Jap.png April 16, 2000
Usa.png August 26, 2000
ZT03 title jp.jpg ZT04 prev jp.jpg
Digimental Up
Dejimentaru Appu
"King of Darkness, The Digimon Kaiser " 『闇の王デジモンカイザー』 Usa.png Iron Vegiemon
Germany.png Die schwarzen Türme
Spain.png Digimon Emperador, El Rey De La Oscuridad
Portugal.png Imperador Digimon, o Rei das Trevas
Jap.png April 17, 2000
Usa.png August 26, 2000
ZT04 title jp.jpg ZT05 prev jp.jpg
King of Darkness, The Digimon Kaiser
Yami no Ou Dejimon Kaizā
"Destroy the Dark Tower " 『ダークタワーを倒せ』 Usa.png Old Reliable
Germany.png Der Kampf mit dem DigimonKaiser
Spain.png Destruid La Torre De Oscuridad
Portugal.png Destruição da Torre das Trevas
Jap.png April 30, 2000
Usa.png September 2, 2000
ZT05 title jp.jpg ZT06 prev jp.jpg
Destroy the Dark Tower
Dāku Tawā o Taose
"Dangerous Picnic " 『危険なピクニック』 Usa.png Family Picnic
Germany.png Gefährliches Picknick
Spain.png Un Picnic Peligroso
Portugal.png Um Picnic Perigoso
Jap.png May 7, 2000
Usa.png September 2, 2000
ZT06 title jp.jpg ZT07 prev jp.jpg
Dangerous Picnic
Kiken na Pikunikku
"Hikari's Memory " 『ヒカリノキオク』 Usa.png Guardian Angel
Germany.png Wiedersehen mit Andromon
Spain.png Los Recuerdos de Kari
Portugal.png As Recordações da Kari
Jap.png May 14, 2000
Usa.png September 9, 2000
ZT07 title jp.jpg ZT08 prev jp.jpg
Hikari's Memory
Hikari no Kioku
"The Digimon Kaiser's Loneliness " 『デジモンカイザーの孤独』 Usa.png Ken's Secret
Germany.png Kens Geheimnis
Spain.png La Soledad de Digimon Emperador
Portugal.png A Solidão do Imperador Digimon
Jap.png May 21, 2000
Usa.png September 16, 2000
ZT08 title jp.jpg ZT09 prev jp.jpg
The Digimon Kaiser's Loneliness
Dejimon Kaizā no Kodoku
"The Evil Ring's Magic Runs Wild " 『イービルリング魔力の暴走』 Usa.png The Emperor's New Home
Germany.png Experimente
Spain.png El Poder Desencadenado Del Anillo Maligno
Portugal.png O Poder Desencadeado Pelo Imperador Digimon
Jap.png May 28, 2000
Usa.png September 23, 2000
ZT09 title jp.jpg ZT10 prev jp.jpg
The Evil Ring's Magic Runs Wild
Ībiru Ringu Maryoku no Bousou
"The Enemy is Metal Greymon " 『敵はメタルグレイモン』 Usa.png The Captive Digimon
Germany.png Die Teufelsspirale
Spain.png El Enemigo Es Metal Greymon
Portugal.png Metal Greymon É o Inimigo
Jap.png June 4, 2000
Usa.png September 30, 2000
ZT10 title jp.jpg ZT11 prev jp.jpg
The Enemy is Metal Greymon
Teki wa Metarugureimon
"Blue Lightning, Lighdramon " 『青い稲妻ライドラモン』 Usa.png The Storm Of Friendship
Germany.png Raidramon, der blaue Donner
Spain.png Raidramon, El Trueno Azul
Portugal.png Raiddramon, o Trovão Azul
Jap.png June 11, 2000
Usa.png October 7, 2000
ZT11 title jp.jpg ZT12 prev jp.jpg
Blue Lightning, Lighdramon
Aoi Inazuma Raidoramon
"Duel on the Digimon Meadow " 『デジモン牧場の決闘』 Usa.png The Good, The Bad, and The Digi
Germany.png Hüter der Gerechtigkeit
Spain.png Duello En El Corral Digimon
Portugal.png Duelo no Deserto Digimon
Jap.png June 18, 2000
Usa.png October 14, 2000
ZT12 title jp.jpg ZT13 prev jp.jpg
Duel on the Digimon Meadow
Dejimon Bokujou no Kettou
"The Call of Dagomon " 『ダゴモンの呼び声』 Usa.png His Master's Voice
Germany.png Rufe aus einer anderen Welt
Spain.png La Llamada De Dragomon
Portugal.png A Chamada do Dragomon
Jap.png June 25, 2000
Usa.png October 21, 2000
ZT13 title jp.jpg ZT14 prev jp.jpg
The Call of Dagomon
Dagomon no Yobigoe
"Shurimon's Hurricane " 『疾風のシュリモン』 Usa.png The Samurai Of Sincerity
Germany.png Mimi und ihr amerikanischer Freund
Spain.png Shurimon, El Viento
Portugal.png Shurimon, o Vento
Jap.png July 2, 2000
Usa.png October 28, 2000
ZT14 title jp.jpg ZT15 prev jp.jpg
Shurimon's Hurricane
Shippū no Shurimon
"Shurimon's Martial Arts " 『シュリモン武芸帳』 Usa.png Big Trouble in Little Edo
Germany.png Shurimon, der flinke Kämpfer
Spain.png La Crónica De Las Artes Marciales De Shurimon
Portugal.png A Crónica das Artes Marciais de Shurimon
Jap.png July 16, 2000
Usa.png November 4, 2000
ZT15 title jp.jpg ZT16 prev jp.jpg
Shurimon's Martial Arts
Shurimon Bugeichou
"Submarimon's Escape from The Bottom of the Sea " 『サブマリモン海底からの脱出』 Usa.png 20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea
Germany.png Cody, der Retter
Spain.png Submarimon, Escape Del Fondo Del Mar
Portugal.png Submarimon, a Fuga das Profundezas do Mar
Jap.png July 23, 2000
Usa.png November 4, 2000
ZT16 title jp.jpg ZT17 prev jp.jpg
Submarimon's Escape from The Bottom of the Sea
Sabumarimon Kaitei kara no Dasshutsu
"Odaiba Memorial " 『お台場メモリアル』 Usa.png Ghost of a Chance
Germany.png Gespenstische Rufe
Spain.png Conmemoración En O-Daiba
Portugal.png Comemoração em O-Daiba
Jap.png July 30, 2000
Usa.png November 11, 2000
ZT17 title jp.jpg ZT18 prev jp.jpg
Odaiba Memorial
Odaiba Memoriaru
"Follow the Kaiser's Base! " 『カイザーの基地を追え!』 Usa.png Run, Yolei, Run
Germany.png DigimonKaisers Stützpunkt
Spain.png Perseguid La Base Del Emperador
Portugal.png Em Busca da Base do Imperador
Jap.png August 6, 2000
Usa.png November 11, 2000
ZT18 title jp.jpg ZT19 prev jp.jpg
Follow the Kaiser's Base!
Kaizā no Kichi o Oe!
"Chimairamon, the Combined Beast " 『合成魔獣キメラモン』 Usa.png An Old Enemy Returns
Germany.png T.K. gegen DigimonKaiser
Spain.png Kimeramon, El Digimon Compuesto
Portugal.png Kimeramon, o Digimon Composto
Jap.png August 13, 2000
Usa.png November 18, 2000
ZT19 title jp.jpg ZT20 prev jp.jpg
Chimairamon, the Combined Beast
Gousei Majū Kimeramon
"Supreme Evolution! Golden Magnamon " 『超絶進化! 黄金のマグナモン』 Usa.png The Darkness Before Dawn
Germany.png Das goldene Magnamon
Spain.png Una Digievolución Prodigiosa, El Dorado Magnamon
Portugal.png Uma Digievolução Prodigiosa, o Dourado Magnamon
Jap.png August 20, 2000
Usa.png November 18, 2000
ZT20 title jp.jpg ZT21 prev jp.jpg
Supreme Evolution! Golden Magnamon
Chouzetsu Shinka! Ougon no Magunamon
"Goodbye, Ken... " 『サヨナラ、賢ちゃん…』 Usa.png The Crest of Kindness
Germany.png DigimonKaisers Ende
Spain.png Adiós, Ken
Portugal.png Adeus, Ken
Jap.png August 27, 2000
Usa.png November 18, 2000
ZT21 title jp.jpg ZT22 prev jp.jpg
Goodbye, Ken...
Sayonara, Ken-chan…
"Brave Evolution! XV-mon " 『豪勇進化! エクスブイモン』 Usa.png Davis Cries Wolfmon
Germany.png Der Wiederaufbau
Jap.png September 3, 2000
Usa.png December 2, 2000
ZT22 title jp.jpg ZT23 prev jp.jpg
Brave Evolution! XV-mon
Gouyū Shinka! Ekusubuimon
"When a Digivice is Infected by Darkness " 『デジヴァイスが闇に染まる時』 Usa.png Genesis of Evil
Germany.png Kens Vergangenheit
Jap.png September 20, 2000
Usa.png December 2, 2000
ZT23 title jp.jpg ZT24 prev jp.jpg
When a Digivice is Infected by Darkness
Dejivaisu ga Yami ni Somaru Toki
"Armored Ankylomon of The Earth " 『大地の装甲アンキロモン』 Usa.png If I had a Tail Hammer
Germany.png Der neue Ken
Jap.png September 17, 2000
Usa.png December 9, 2000
ZT24 title jp.jpg ZT25 prev jp.jpg
Armored Ankylomon of The Earth
Daichi no Soukou Ankiromon
"Aquilamon, Knight of The Skies " 『大空の騎士アクィラモン』 Usa.png Spirit Needle
Germany.png Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Türme
Jap.png September 24, 2000
Usa.png December 9, 2000
ZT25 title jp.jpg ZT26 prev jp.jpg
Aquilamon, Knight of The Skies
Ōzora no Kishi Akuiramon
"Jogress Evolution, Two Hearts become One " 『ジョグレス進化 今、心をひとつに』 Usa.png United We Stand
Germany.png Paildramon - Die Verschmelzung
Jap.png October 1, 2000
Usa.png February 3, 2001
ZT26 title jp.jpg ZT27 prev jp.jpg
Jogress Evolution, Two Hearts become One
Joguresu Shinka Ima, Kokoro o Hitotsu ni
"The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon " 『無敵合体! パイルドラモン』 Usa.png Fusion Confusion
Germany.png Einzelgänger Ken
Jap.png October 8, 2000
Usa.png February 3, 2001
ZT27 title jp.jpg ZT28 prev jp.jpg
The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon
Muteki Gattai! Pairudoramon
"The Insect Master's Trap!! " 『昆虫使いの罠!!』 Usa.png The Insect Master's Trap
Germany.png Willkommen im Giga-Haus
Jap.png October 15, 2000
Usa.png February 3, 2001
ZT28 title jp.jpg ZT29 prev jp.jpg
The Insect Master's Trap!!
Konchū Tsukai no Wana!!
"Archnemon, the Spider Woman's Mistake " 『アルケニモン 蜘蛛女のミス』 Usa.png Arukenimon's Tangled Web
Germany.png Bezaubernde Flötenklänge
Jap.png October 22, 2000
Usa.png February 10, 2001
ZT29 title jp.jpg ZT30 prev jp.jpg
Archnemon, the Spider Woman's Mistake
Arukenimon Kumojo no Misu
"Dark Ultimate Black War Greymon " 『暗黒究極体ブラックウォーグレイモン』 Usa.png Ultimate Anti-Hero
Germany.png BlackWarGreymons Geburt
Jap.png October 29, 2000
Usa.png February 10, 2001
ZT30 title jp.jpg ZT31 prev jp.jpg
Dark Ultimate Black War Greymon
Ankoku Kyūkyokutai Burakkuuōgureimon
"Love Storm: Silphymon " 『愛の嵐シルフィーモン』 Usa.png Opposites Attract
Germany.png Mädchenpower
Jap.png November 5, 2000
Usa.png February 17, 2001
ZT31 title jp.jpg ZT32 prev jp.jpg
Love Storm: Silphymon
Ai no Arashi Shirufīmon
"Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone " 『謎の遺跡ホーリーストーン』 Usa.png If I Only Had A Heart
Germany.png Der geheimnisvolle Stein
Jap.png November 12, 2000
Usa.png February 17, 2001
ZT32 title jp.jpg ZT33 prev jp.jpg
Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone
Nazo no Iseki Hōrī Sutōn
"Today Miyako is in Kyoto " 『今日のミヤコは京の都』 Usa.png A Chance Encounter
Germany.png Yoleis Schulausflug
Jap.png November 19, 2000
Usa.png February 24, 2001
ZT33 title jp.jpg ZT34 prev jp.jpg
Today Miyako is in Kyoto
Kyō no Miyako wa Kyō no Miyako
"Defend The Holy Point " 『ホーリーポイントを守れ』 Usa.png Destiny In Doubt
Germany.png Auf verlorenem Posten
Jap.png November 26, 2000
Usa.png February 24, 2001
ZT34 title jp.jpg ZT35 prev jp.jpg
Defend The Holy Point
Hōrī Pointo o Mamore
"Assault on Black War Greymon " 『爆進! ブラックウォーグレイモン』 Usa.png Cody Takes A Stand
Germany.png Cody in Gefahr
Jap.png December 3, 2000
Usa.png March 3, 2001
ZT35 title jp.jpg ZT36 prev jp.jpg
Assault on Black War Greymon
Bakushin! Burakkuuōgureimon
"Steel Angel, Shakkoumon " 『鋼の天使シャッコウモン』 Usa.png Stone Soup
Germany.png Das Chinarestaurant
Jap.png December 10, 2000
Usa.png March 10, 2001
ZT36 title jp.jpg ZT37 prev jp.jpg
Steel Angel, Shakkoumon
Hagane no Tenshi Shakkoumon
"Gigantic Ultimate, Qinglongmon " 『巨大究極体チンロンモン』 Usa.png Kyoto Dragon
Germany.png Das weise Azulongmon
Jap.png December 17, 2000
Usa.png March 17, 2001
ZT37 title jp.jpg ZT38 prev jp.jpg
Gigantic Ultimate, Qinglongmon
Kyodai Kyūkyokutai Chinronmon
"Holy Night, All Digimon Gather Together! " 『ホーリーナイト デジモン大集合!』 Usa.png A Very Digi-Christmas
Germany.png Digimon-Party!
Jap.png December 24, 2000
Usa.png March 24, 2001
ZT38 title jp.jpg ZT39 prev jp.jpg
Holy Night, All Digimon Gather Together!
Hōrī Naito Dejimon Daishūgou!
"Imperialdramon, All Chosen Children Sally Out! " 『全員出動! インペリアルドラモン』 Usa.png Dramon Power
Germany.png Digimon-Invasion
Jap.png December 24, 2000
Usa.png March 31, 2001
ZT39 title jp.jpg ZT40 prev jp.jpg
Imperialdramon, All Chosen Children Sally Out!
Zenin Shutsudou! Inperiarudoramon
"New York and Hong Kong, The Battle Royal " 『ニューヨーク香港大混戦!』 Usa.png Digimon World Tour, Part 1
Germany.png Mit vereinten Kräften
Jap.png January 14, 2001
Usa.png April 7, 2001
ZT40 title jp.jpg ZT41 prev jp.jpg
New York and Hong Kong, The Battle Royal
Nyū Yōku Honkon Daikonsen!
"Coral and Versailles, The Rebel Fight! " 『サンゴとベルサイユ大乱戦!』 Usa.png Digimon World Tour, Part 2
Germany.png DigiChaos auf den Kontinenten
Jap.png January 21, 2001
Usa.png April 14, 2001
ZT41 title jp.jpg ZT42 prev jp.jpg
Coral and Versailles, The Rebel Fight!
Sango to Berusaiyu Dairansen!
"Love and Borscht, The Fierce Fight! " 『恋とボルシチ大激戦!』 Usa.png Digimon World Tour, Part 3
Germany.png Russisch für Anfänger
Jap.png January 28, 2001
Usa.png April 21, 2001
ZT42 title jp.jpg ZT43 prev jp.jpg
Love and Borscht, The Fierce Fight!
Koi to Borushichi Daigekisen!
"Attack of the Demon Corps " 『デーモン軍団の襲来』 Usa.png Invasion of the Daemon Corps
Germany.png Entführung der Kinder
Jap.png February 4, 2001
Usa.png April 28, 2001
ZT43 title jp.jpg ZT44 prev jp.jpg
Attack of the Demon Corps
Dēmon Gundan no Shūrai
"The Deadly Struggle with the Dark Digimon " 『暗黒デジモンとの死闘』 Usa.png Dark Sun, Dark Spore
Germany.png Eine Stadt wird verwüstet
Jap.png February 11, 2001
Usa.png April 28, 2001
ZT44 title jp.jpg ZT45 prev jp.jpg
The Deadly Struggle with the Dark Digimon
Ankoku Dejimon to no Shitou
"The Gate of Darkness " 『暗黒のゲート』 Usa.png The Dark Gate
Germany.png Das Tor zur Finsternis
Jap.png February 18, 2001
Usa.png May 5, 2001
ZT45 title jp.jpg ZT46 prev jp.jpg
The Gate of Darkness
Ankoku no Gēto
"Black War Greymon VS War Greymon " 『ブラックウォーグレイモンVSウォーグレイモン』 Usa.png Duel of the WarGreymon
Germany.png Kleine Genies
Jap.png February 25, 2001
Usa.png May 5, 2001
ZT46 title jp.jpg ZT47 prev jp.jpg
Black War Greymon VS War Greymon
Burakkuuōgureimon tai Uōgureimon
"The Seal of Black War Greymon " 『ブラックウォーグレイモンの封印』 Usa.png BlackWarGreymon's Destiny
Germany.png Die Saat des Bösen
Spain.png El Sello De BlackWarGreymon
Portugal.png O Selo de BlackWarGreymon
Jap.png March 4, 2001
Usa.png May 12, 2001
ZT47 title jp.jpg ZT48 prev jp.jpg
The Seal of Black War Greymon
Burakkuuōgureimon no Fūin
"Terror! Belial Vamdemon " 『恐怖! ベリアルヴァンデモン』 Usa.png Oikawa's Shame
Germany.png Neuer Terror für die DigiWelt
Spain.png El Terror De MaloMyotismon
Portugal.png O Terror de MaloMyotismon
Jap.png March 11, 2001
Usa.png May 12, 2001
ZT48 title jp.jpg ZT49 prev jp.jpg
Terror! Belial Vamdemon
Kyoufu! Beriaruvandemon
"The Last Armor Evolution " 『最後のアーマー進化』 Usa.png The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined
Germany.png Wundersame Waffe
Spain.png La Última Armodigievolución
Portugal.png A Última Armodigievolução
Jap.png March 18, 2001
Usa.png May 19, 2001
ZT49 title jp.jpg ZT50 prev jp.jpg
The Last Armor Evolution
Saigo no Āmā Shinka
"Our Digital World " 『ぼくらのデジタルワールド』 Usa.png A Million Points of Light
Germany.png Lebe deine Träume
Spain.png Nuestro Mundo Digimon
Portugal.png O Nosso Mundo Digimon
Jap.png March 25, 2001
Usa.png May 19, 2001
ZT50 title jp.jpg 100px
Our Digital World
Bokura no Dejitaru Wārudo