Archnemon (Adventure)

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Kanji/Kana アルケニモン
Dub Name Arukenimon
Master Oikawa Yukio / Vamdemon
Voice Actor Japanese Yamazaki Wakana (山崎 和佳奈)
English Mari Devon

Archnemon is a major antagonist and a servant of Oikawa Yukio in Digimon Adventure 02.


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Perfect Archnemon
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Archnemon is a hybrid composed of data and human DNA, created by Oikawa Yukio. She is capable of transforming from her Digimon form into a more humanoid form, that of an attractive young women with long, bluish-white hair who constantly wears large purple shades. However, it is unknown whether this is because she is a hybrid, or because of her species' innate ability to transform into a human form. She also possesses the ability of using the hair from her head on Dark Towers to create artificial Digimon.

Archnemon is a proud and arrogant individual. She enjoys being a villain, and gets a kick out of teasing the Chosen Children in a bullying manner. She is extremely impatient and short-tempered, and tends to throw tantrums when things don't go her way. Archnemon is very loyal to Oikawa, and rarely questions his commands. Her partner and fellow hybrid, Mummymon, is deeply in love with her, but she arrogantly rejects his advances and constantly insults him. And yet, after Mummymon joins her in the battle against the Chosen Children, they are rarely seen apart.



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Archnemon first appeared in Digimon Adventure 02 - Episode 24, taking over after Ichijouji Ken shed his Digimon Kaiser persona following the destruction of Chimeramon. She initially appeared in her human form, confusing the children as to why an adult is able to enter the Digital World. To fight them, she sent artificial Digimon she had created using Dark Towers to cause havoc and destruction in the Digital World. However, after the children started destroying the Dark Towers, she got fed up and called them over to the Giga House, where she used a flute to control the resident insect Digimon and turn them against the Chosen Children. When the Chosen managed to negate the flute's powers, Archnemon decided to take drastic measures and shifted to her Digimon form. She fought the children and proved to be a formidable foe, but was defeated by Paildramon. Fortunately Mummymon, her partner, came to her rescue. Following the failure at the Giga House, she worked exclusively alongside Mummymon.

To get back at the children, Archnemon created Black War Greymon using one hundred Dark Towers, but he didn't obey her due to the complexities of his creation. Following Mummymon's suggestion, Archnemon decided to try and destroy the Holy Stones, which were rumored to keep the Digital World's balance in check. While they found the first Holy Stone difficult to destroy, a Knightmon Archnemon had created managed to delete the Holy Ring surrounding the stone, which prompted Black War Greymon to destroy the stone. Pleased with the turn of events, Archnemon and Mummymon follows Black War Greymon around as he searched for the Holy Stones, fighting the Chosen Children off to prevent them from stopping their destruction. However, when only one Holy Stone was left, the Chosen Children used their Digivices to free Qinglongmon and the Holy Beasts from their imprisonment inside the Stones, and they used their power to reseed the Stones, foiling Archnemon and Mummymon's plan.

Archnemon is able to turn Dark Tower into artifical Digimon by using Spirit Needle by inserting plucked strands of her hair from her human into Dark Tower's to convert them into Dark Tower Digimon. The more strands of hair Archnemon uses the stronger the Digimon she will create; one for a Champion, ten for an Ultimate, and one hundred for a Mega.

Created Digimon[edit]

Dark Tower Digimon includes:

Digimon Ep
Thunderballmon.jpg Thunderballmon ZT24
Snimon.jpg Snimon ZT25
Golemon.jpg Golemon ZT25
Minotaurmon.jpg Minotaurmon ZT26
Okuwamon.jpg Okuwamon ZT26
Blackwargreymon.jpg Black War Greymon ZT30
Blossomon.jpg Blossomon ZT31
Mammon.jpg Mammon ZT32
Knightmon.jpg Knightmon ZT32

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley[edit]